20 Best Motocross Documentaries and Movies (2020) - Risk Racing

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20 Best Motocross Documentaries and Movies (2020)

July 30, 2020

20 Best Motocross Documentaries and Movies (2020) - Risk Racing

Great motocross documentaries and movies have been capturing the fantasies and realities of dirt bike racing for decades. They offer an amazing viewpoint second only to actual racing. For bike enthusiasts, almost everyone you ask has some motocross or dirt bike movies that had a big impact on them. 

The best motocross documentaries/movies include On Any Sunday, Dust To Glory, Unchained, among others. These offer some of the most thrilling demonstrations of high-risk bike stunts, up-close peeks into the lives of renowned riders, and some strategic showcasing of high-performance bikes in the sport. 

Join us on this journey as we ride through the best of the most recent motocross documentaries. We can guarantee you’ll find a good number of jaw-dropping bike racing films here to indulge in. Let’s go.

On Any Sunday



Year: 1971

Directed by Bruce Brown, this is one of the legendary motocross documentaries. It even got nominated for a1972 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. It’s coverage of classic motocross events and some of the renowned riders will make you appreciate this exciting sport. And even though it was shot so long ago, On any Sunday appears to transcend time and remain both relevant and inspiring to racers to date.

Brown highlights the unique talents ideal for different forms of racing. For example, the free-spirited racers were mostly motocross riders, while desert racers were often loners. All this happens while the stars of the film,Mert Lawwill,Steve McQueen, andMalcolm Smith, showcase their breath-taking motocross stunts and dare-devil speeds.

And the best part is that after you’re done with this golden oldie, you can also watch its equally amazing sequel,On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter, done by Bruce Brown’s son, Dana Brown. You will not be disappointed.

Winners Take All


Year: 1987

If you’re looking for an action-packed dirt bike film, then look no further. Winners Take All is one of the best motocross documentaries ever filmed. Its detailed capture of the rough racing terrains, passionate bikers, and their daring stunts will hook you from start to the end of these 102 minutes.

This film features more than just racing. It tells the story of two young racers and their experiences on and off the tracks. Rick Melon and "Bad" Billy Robinson are great friends who enjoy motocross and are pretty good at it. But Rick never gets a chance to enjoy a win. Billy, on the other hand, manages to secure for himself a personal manager, a sponsor, and Rick’s girlfriend.

The rivalry between these two motocrossers builds up and creates an exciting drama. In the end, Rick meets a skilled rider, Judy, who coaches him for the ultimate showdown with Billy.

Fresno Smooth


Year: 1999

Frenzo Smooth is a must-watch for motocross lovers who love chaos and have a good sense of humor.  It encompasses the moto lifestyle of the ’90s, which was essentially a party.  As one would expect, this movie is also a party filled with freestyle riders, pro supercross riders, and even porn stars (naturally, ha ha).

Here is a story of a corrupt judge and one of the legends of motocross,Seth Enslow. When the judge bans Seth from participating in an upcoming freestyle contest, the ripple effects of the unfair judgment are felt all through the community. Frezno is filled with riots and all manner of crazy demonstrations. It’s as if the people are demanding justice for Seth. 

You also get to see a few assorted celebrities likeTony Hawk, Ron Jeremy, Ice-T, Jeremy Albrecht and Lemmy. This movie will definitely be worth your time.

Crusty Demons of Dirt Series


Year: 1995-2015

Crusty Demons is a collection of one show-stopping dirt bike episode after another. Featuring some of the most daring jumps over mountains, sand dunes, houses, and buses, this docuseries is a true definition of freestyle motocross. And judging from how it boosted the popularity of this sport, you can bet it’s nothing less than intriguing. 

With almost 20 videos in the collection, this series features a group of daredevil motorcyclists from Australia, the United States, Europe, and New Zealand. The first release shows behind-the-scenes footage of the motocross lifestyle, offering great insight into what goes on before the bikers and their bikes hit the ramps, jumps, and freeriding spots.

Crusty Demons has a unique production style that sets the stage for a new genre of Action Sports Films.


Year: 2001

This is one interesting moto film from Disney Channel for all young racers and the young at heart. It’s a story of a girl’s great love for riding and the lengths to which she goes to be able to race. 

Andrea Carson is passionate about motocross, but her father won’t hear any of it. He sees her as “just a girl” and, therefore, not cut out to take part in such a sport. But her desire to race soon becomes a reality in the most unexpected ways. Andrew (Andrea’s twin brother) dislocates his knee right before a big race. While their father leaves to look for a replacement rider in Europe, Andrea poses as her brother in the race.

At first, this remains a secret between the twins, but their mother soon finds out and reluctantly agrees to support the masquerade. The drama that ensues in the film when the father comes back home is one towatch to the end.

Supercross the Movie

Year: 2005

Supercross is the story of two brothers who are into Supercross but with very different outlooks on the sport. 

K.C. (Steve Howey) is the daring brother who’s always out to push his boundaries and often seems to be tempting death with his daredevil riding. While Trip (Mike Vogel), is the orderly brother, always focused and methodical in how he takes on the racetracks. But little do these two know that a day is coming when they’ll have to put aside their differences and work together.

Trip gets in an accident and is disabled hence cannot ride. He decides to coach his brother to help him win the supercross championship. The story is an exciting demonstration of enthusiasm, youthful relationships, and action-packed professional Supercross. 

Bennett’s War

Year: 2019

Bennett’s War is not just about motocross, it’s a movie about family, love, and a wounded soldier’s struggle to recover and provide for his family. Marshall Bennett (Michael Roark), the main actor, is a young soldier and former professional motocross racer. His unfortunate injury following an IED explosion during combat brings him back home to his family with a broken back and leg.

On arriving home at his family farm, Bennett soon learns of the financial challenge his dad, Cal Bennett (Trace Adkins), is facing. He is behind on the mortgage, and the chances of losing their farm are high. So Bennett decides to save the family farm in the only way he knows how: as a motocross racer.

His wife, Sophie Bennett (Allison Paige), fears he’ll aggravate his injuries even further and even endanger his life. Their marriage is on the verge of collapsing as Sophia packs to leave, saying she can’t stand being hurt again.

Can Bennett save his marriage and his family? Will he safely win the motocross competition and secure the family farm? Enjoy this emotionally charged movie dotted with exciting motocross scenes.

Dust to Glory

Year: 2005

Dust to Glory is a motor-related documentary for all motocross enthusiasts out there. This film is about the infamousBaja 1000, the world’s longest non-stop off-road race held annually in Baja, Mexico. Featuring over a dozen categories of vehicles, the race is as dangerous as it is intriguing, and it attracts stars as well as thousands of fans who come to witness the madness. 

This particular film was directed by Dana Brown, son of Bruce ("The Endless Summer") Brown. It specifically captures the 2003 race in all its glory. There are not only scenes of dirt bikes, but also other racing vehicles like the huge race trucks and cars. But all in all, the clips are so exciting and worth watching.

Hundreds of racers and their machines are determined to gain the glory of this race and hope to survive the elements, rough terrains, and all the unexpected obstacles they are likely to face along the way. It’s not just about winning the race, but even just getting to the finish line. Watching Dust to Glory will keep you at the edge of your seat. So get ready to be wowed!

This Is MOTO

Year: 2019

Coming from the directors of the Moto the Movie franchise, this production is a must-watch. Whether you’re a devout rider, a novice in motocross, or know nothing about this sport, you’ll appreciate this documentary. The storytelling is captivating and well done for everyone to understand not only the stories of the riders portrayed but also the sport itself.

This is MOTO showcases the lives of 8 top riders in the world. Their journey towards success is revealed, including the challenges and struggles they had to go through on their way to the top. This is a story of resilience, determination, and passion for the sport.

From how riders survived life-threatening injuries, to their stories of toil and triumph, This is MOTO has all it takes to keep you glued to your screen. And, be warned, this movie has a way of triggering an urge to ride.

Unchained: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross

Year: 2016

Unchained won the Emmy Award for the Best Sports Documentary Film of the year. You’ll understand why once you watch this adrenaline-packed documentary that unearths the genesis of Freestyle Motocross (FMX). 

To date, FMX is arguably the world’s most extreme sport, and this documentary does a great job of showcasing that. You’ll get to see how the pioneers of this sport dared to let go of traditional racing and forge a new bike culture.

The narration is by Academy Award-nominated Josh Brolin, while actors included are the big names in extreme sports likeBrian Deegan,Travis Pastrana,Tony Hawk, andMike Metzger. Prepare to be blown away by some of the most incredible bike-riding you’ve ever seen.

Blood Line: The Life and Times of Brian Deegan

Year: 2018

Here’s another thrilling motocross documentary from the creators of the Emmy-winning film “UNCHAINED: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross.”Blood Line is an exceptionally personal and moving story of Brian Deegan, a freestyle motocross biker whose passion was purely to excel in all things biking.

Brain Deegan left Nebraska's cornfields, broke but determined to make it in motocross and become a star. His main dream was to emerge an icon in MX, action sports, and X Games. This biker gave his all. 

Unfortunately, a near-fatal accident forced him to leave the racing tracks, but his passion for motorsports could not be stopped. He passed on his knowledge to his children, who continued his legacy.

Blood Line documents how Brian Deegan transformed himself from a biker to a husband and father of the next generation of motorsports stars. 

Hailie Deegan, Brian’s daughter, became the first woman to win a NASCAR race in her class. And Haiden Deegan, the son, scooped the national motocross champion title and became the youngest person to backflip a dirt bike. Talk about greatness running in the family.

MX Nation

Year: 2016-2020

MX Nation is a docuseries that highlights the journey of racers both behind the scenes and on the tracks. This film reveals the hard work, struggles, and sacrifices that racers go through before they get a taste of the coveted trophies and racing glory.

Now in its fifth season, this series offers a front-row seat into the backstage happenings of famous motocross events like theMotocross of Nations event. You get to hear from the likes ofJeremy Martin andKen Roczen plus other key players in the sport.

For great insights on what goes into creating the exhilarating motocross sports events, this is one series you can’t afford to miss. It’s definitely a must-watch.

Moto Spy

Want to know how pros likeCooper Webb prepare for huge races like theAmerican Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Supercross Championship? Then this is the film to watch. With four seasons worth of episodes, you have one of the best dirt bike series to binge on.

You’ll get a unique perspective of the top riders based on their backstage behavior and practices. And what is more, a detailed glimpse into the lives of these racers during the weeks in between races.

Documentaries like this are proof that racing is not only about the hype during races. There’s more that happens behind the scenes before the magic on the tracks.

Drop the Gate: Inside the Supercross World Finals

Year: 2019

Supercross World Finals is a big deal, so you can imagine what it means to win a championship bonus worth more than $1 million at this event. In this documentaryDrop The Gate: Inside The Supercross World Finals, a French racing star has just 20 minutes to triumph and collect this prize. But there’s a rival racer who’s also out to get the same bonus. Check out the link above to watch it free on Amazon.

Between the French rider or the rival who’s out for revenge, who will walk away with the big win? Find out how the events unfold in this film as you enjoy an exciting view of this world-renown bike racing event.

Road of Giants

Year: 2017

This is the story of a 23-year-old Tom Weeden from Kent, England, together with his dad, Steve, who’s also a race mechanic.  

It’s exciting to watch this motorbike racer take on the Isle of Man TT off-trails with just one goal in mind: winning. This documentary spotlights details of just how rough and ragged the countryside tracks can be, especially when passed at such high speeds known in motocross racing.

Coming to My Senses


Year: 2017

Coming to My Senses is based on the real-life story of a young motocross rider who broke his neck in the year 1999 in a motocross accident. The 20-year-old racer’s life seemed to have been suddenly cut short way too early as the doctors told him he had one in a million chance of ever being able to feed himself, let alone walk. He was completely paralyzed from the neck down. 

ButAaron Baker, the resilient young rider, spent the next 16 years trying to change fate. He worked tirelessly with painstaking effort to regain as much mobility as possible.

This inspirational documentary begins with Baker in the middle of his 20-mile hike across Death Valley in California. Dominic Gill, the film director, takes us back and forth between the days after Aaron Baker’s accidents, and now his final journey across Death Valley.

This is not your usual adrenaline-packed dirt bike documentary aimed at highlighting incredible stunts and amazing speed. It’s a sober film focused on revealing the power of determination and a positive attitude. 

It, however, does not paint a perfect picture of courage each day. Nope. Filmmaker Gill is keen on making the documentary as real as possible so viewers can relate and deeply feel for Aaron Baker, and the people who stood by him through this tough journey: his parents, his sister, his girlfriend, and his trainer. Their ups and downs, high moments and low ones, hope, and doubt are shown honestly. 

Baker went from a total quadriplegic in depression to experiencing the joy of road tripping via tandem bicycle with his mother and friends. He goes on to finally open a socially conscious low-cost gym to help disabled guys increase mobility. 

Coming To My Senses shows his final journey on foot across Death Valley to mark his recovery. But will he make it?Watch the film to find out.  

Roland Sands: New Blood

Roland Sands is an American motorcycle racer and designer of custom high-performance motorcycles. This is a biker that has been in the industry since childhood. Having been exposed to bikes from birth and being around bike people, he knows a lot about motorcycles. In fact, Roland built his first custom bike when he was only 16 years old. 

Roland decided to create this documentary to enlighten others about building a conceptual custom bike. This film inspires other bikers and builders to focus not only on what has already been done or made but also on thinking outside the box and brainstorming new possibilities.

Kenny Roberts Sr. (a 5-time world champion) and his team, provide Roland a MotoGP KRV5 engine, the only MotoGP engine to ever leave their paddocks. Roland gets the privilege of working with this highly-engineered engine to create a one of a kind custom motorcycle.

New Blood takes the time to showcase the creative mind of Roland Sands as he builds this first-ever custom bike with a KRV5 engine. You get the chance to also learn the background stories of these two passionate bikers from different generations. There are also interviews from MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden, legendary builder Arlen Ness, Charley Boorman, and Perry Sands.

This 82-minute long inspirational film is worth every minute. You can rent or buy it online onAmazon

Ride: United

Year: 2016

This documentary is a collection of all the disciplines in moto sports. It features the stars in each discipline, including Freestyle Motocross, off-road enduro, and general Motocross. All this is in a bid to celebrate the community of the competitive moto world.Ride: United shows that even with different styles and rules, all these disciplines have one important thing in common: the passion for riding.

Watch how offroad superstars Jeffrey Herlings and Antonio Cairoli train in the Netherlands for the MXGP. Ryan Dungey is also a featured rider who’s battling with Marvin Musquin in Florida USA after heading to the hills in California with Cody Webb. In Freestyle Motocross, you get to see Tom Pages in France, learning a new FMX trick.

Other amazing racers featured here include Joelene Van Vugt of MX, the Van Vliet brothers of ATV riding, and Jarryd McNeil of X Games. All these people share the love to ride, and that is why they are all United.

On the Pipe 7: The Last Hit

Year: 2017


This film focuses on freestyle motocross and spotlights the mind-blowing feats and jumps taken in this adrenaline-packed sport. Jay Schweitzer, the director, goes on a historic journey across the globe, documenting the most progressive dirt bike riding of all time. 

There’s also a look into the lives of riders who lost their lives due to FMX crashes and injuries, while others continue pushing the death-defying stunts' limits.

On The Pipe 7, unlike other films, exposes the real dangers that riders in FMX face. They explore the reasons why bikers take those risks and the unfortunate consequences they encounter. Though the hype of performing unimaginable stunts seems to be the order of the day, there is an untold story behind these jumps and why riders go to such great lengths in risking their lives.

Jay sheds light on the struggles behind drawing enough attention by riders to garner sponsorships. But interestingly, there is a group of bikers who have no interest in risking their lives for those reasons.  

Few people realize or even know of the huge sacrifices riders make to realize their dreams. When it comes to performing in FMX, the stakes are high, yet the riders have to continue pushing harder to grow in their careers. 

To wrap up this film is a world record attempt for the longest backflip and highest quarterpipe air. You just have to watch this yourself to see how it goes down. 

Motocross Kids


Year: 2004


We thought we would add one more moto movie to the list just for kids.  After all, kids are the future of our sport, and what do they like better than dirt bikes?...monkeys!

Former students rally to help a motocross coach (Lorenzo Lamas) in danger of losing his hometown racetrack to an outlaw biker gang. Alana Austin, Josh Hutcherson. Directed by Richard Gabai, who costars as Jonathan.


Motocross is a really popular sport that’s gripping for the fans and even more spine-tingling for the racers. From the traditional motocross to freestyle motocross and supercross, you’re never short of excitement in this moto world. And when it comes to watching real-life films on this sport, the feeling is just as electrifying. 

Numerous documentaries and movies on motocross have been produced to give a glimpse into the lives of racers and the sport in general. Some of the best documentaries and docuseries that we’ve listed above will keep you glued to your screen or make you want to pick up a bike and start riding. Either way, you’ll enjoy the show. So find some of these gems and enjoy.

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