Best Gifts for Motocross Riders: Dirt Bike Accessories Guide - Risk Racing

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Best Gifts for Motocross Riders: Dirt Bike Accessories Guide

November 18, 2020

Best Gifts for Motocross Riders: Dirt Bike Accessories Guide - Risk Racing

When plain dirt biking isn’t enough for someone and they start pursuing the motocross track, their dirt bike gear takes on a whole new meaning. It’s no longer just a way to stand out, but it becomes their passion, lifeline, and is even more essential. 

We’ll give you the ultimate motocross gift guide that suits your rider at any experience level and is within your budget! So what are the best gifts for motocross riders?

The best X-mas or birthday moto-gift should be based on if it’s in your budget and then whether it’s just for fun or if it really protects their body, improves their dirt bike, or helps their racing times. Gift ideas: safety & racing gear, MX merch, transport systems, track & maintenance equipment.  

We will dive into a variety of motocross items at different price points which will assure you get the perfect Holiday gift. We will also give you MX stocking stuffer ideas that everyMX racer will want.  

Best Motocross Stocking Stuffers:

Best Motocross Gloves with Knuckle Protection

These MX gloves were made with the fingers in a curved/bent position keeping the gloves from cinching down on your hands as you tighten your grip and they have built-in lycra knuckle reliefs. Motocross riders are constantly tightening their white knuckle grip to maneuver their bike in the mud/trenches and need a glove that flexes. These gloves are specifically designed for motocross riders so they are incredibly durable by having reinforced layers making them long-lasting in the toughest conditions.

  • Lightweight because every ounce matters when you’re racing
  • 3D Stretch I-Span allows optimal flexibility throughout the entire glove 
  • Airprene fabric relieves sweaty hands so they breathe and still grip
  • Silicone Coating layer on Palms and Fingertips enhances grip

Best Motocross Palm Protector

Motocross riders’ hands quite literally get “Broken in” with two types of injuries: blisters and “arm pump.” Since the bike handlebars are constantly vibrating it and jostling it causes surface tissue damage to the palms known as blisters. It also leads to “arm pump” which is due to the amount of extreme gripping and the rider’s forearm being constantly contracted reducing the blood flow and causing the forearm to harden up. Not fun, not fun at all. 

So, what is the solution to Motocross blisters and arm pump? You guessed it!

These Risk Racing Palm Protectors absorb the vibration as opposed to the rider’s hands and forearm. greatly reducing these types of injuries. Be your rider’s hero by giving them these stylish palm protectors.

  • Wear them like another layer of skin underneath your MX gloves
  • Extremely thin so that the rider can still feel their grip
  • Provide a superior grip for a safer riding experience
  • Full Palm coverage couples around the entire palm which is essential for gripping
  • Shields the sensitive skin in between the base of the thumb adjoining the palm
  • Choose between 3 sizes: S/M, L, XL
  • Made from Neoprene material they are water-resistant, flexible, and durable
  • Its logo design is made of silicone for a long lasting style

Easy Palm Protector Use: 

  1. Face Graphics towards you
  2. Push hand through the large hole
  3. Place each finger in the corresponding hole and thumb hole 
  4. Adjust material accordingly
  5. Then wear moto-glove right over the top

Customer Testimonial:

“They help arm pump a ton!” - “Best thing I have bought for arm pump” -Talon K. on Nov 02, 2018


Motocross Casual Wear

  • Best Casual Motocross T-Shirt 

Get that retro motocross look that’s heightened with some modern flair. Making it an all-time favorite for that fantastic classic look and style is still current and up to date. You do not have to sacrifice style with comfortability, know that this is above average quality of a typical T-shirt. 

  • Finely combed cotton removes unwanted impurities for smoother higher quality
  • Cotton is ring spun, a process that softens and straightens each fiber 
  • Comes in 5 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Xtra Large, Double Xtra Large

  • Best Motocross Military T-Shirt 

By Purchasing this shirt it’s a personal shout-out to Military personnel, and the proceeds from this MX shirt sale to those heroes who’ve returned home with the burden of P.T.S.D. They gave to us by securing our Freedom, Risk Racing gives back by supporting the soldiers who are re-living the hardships of their military past. Perfect gift for your moto-military fan! Give the gift that gives in multiple ways!

  • When buying this moto shirt proceeds to supportMISSION 22.
  • Superior crew neck backed by a durable lightweight cotton
  • T-shirt cotton is combed leaving only long-high quality fibers behind
  • Ring Spun process softens and straightens cotton for a more comfortable fit


Get that classic MX vintage look that compliments your lady’s strength riding day-in and day-out on that rugged rough track. Designed with a Distressed Daisy shedding through to its bold red coloring. Showing off that sweat-earned backside with tank top Racerback straps.   

  • Finely combed cotton fixes unwanted imperfections leaving a higher quality fabric
  • Cotton material has been Ring-Spun providing softens and straightens each fiber 
  • Comes in sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Xtra Large.

This high-quality trucker hat offers a soft color design that is easy on the eyes. The Risk logo has been 3d embroidered on for a long-lasting cap.  

  • Snapback allows for an adjusted fit
  • Truckers hat with white mesh allows the rider’s head to get some serious airflow
  • Covers up Dirt Bike Helmet hair for a quick pit solution
  • Give your MX rider the “Team look”  

Awesome for moto fans to keep warm on chilly race days. Give them a gift you don’t have to guess if it fits. These beanie hats are very comfortable and can be tossed in their gear bag. That mud and rain can make MX riders pretty cold in between races but not anymore with this MX beanie!  

  • Colors Red, Black & White
  • One size fits most
  • Very comfortable soft cotton 
  • Unisex design 

  • Best Motocross Themed Face Masks  

  • Reusable/Washable Cotton Face Mask 
  • One Size fits most -Adult and Youth 
  • Environmentally friendly design to handle multiple times getting washed 
  • reusable 100% cotton face covering.
  • Durable 2-ply cotton tough enough for your MX rider but still a breathable fabric
  • Specially designed with cotton rayon stretchable ear loops making them ideal for the heat  

*Under the Emergency Use Authorization (the “EUA”), our cloth face masks are to be used for source control only and are not personal protective equipment.**see more here

  • Best Motocross Shoulder Rucksack

  • Bag Size: 13.75in wide x 17.75in tall
  • Digitally printed with Striking Risk Racing Design
  • Design covers not only the front and back but is reversible.
  • Made out of durable 420D polyester for long lasting quality

Customer Testimonial:

My kid loves it! - Had to buy two - “ actually got one for free with an order, which was a really nice perk. Didn't expect much from a free bag, but it is nice for a string backpack. Only challenge, I have two kids! They both loved it and wanted it for I had to buy another. Thanks a lot Risk! ha ha ha Your freebie bag turned into another order :)” - Jenny C #231 on Aug 19, 2020

  • Moto Stickers

These stickers are an awesome gift for any moto rider because they can give their bike, motovan, truck, or trailer the extra edge they’re looking for. The trailer stickers are no joke either, they are a whopping 18” they won’t be disappointed. Especially if Santa hooks them up! HO HO HO!


2 x trailer stickers

5 x bike stickers

  • Motocross Dirt Bike Grip Donuts

These grip donuts slide on over the handlebar grips providing extra protection on the innermost part of a rider's hand. 

  • Easy slide-on grip donuts
  • Add an extra protection layer to the side of hands
  • Greatly reduce/eliminate side of hand blisters
  • Adding longer riding time and increases safety

  • Motocross Foam Mud Grips

These mud grips are worth every penny on race day and buying these for your someone means you will be their hero because it gives them the competitive edge on that muddy track. No one likes a grip that slips and really slippery mud it can make it almost impossible to grip the handlebars and stay on the bike which is also a huge safety concern. These grips are unbelievable in the mud!

  • Used on any MX, ATV, MTB, BMX grips, and even bark busters
  • Ultra-thin compressing ability allows the rider to still feel their grip
  • Amazing for a travel bag!
  • Rewashable -environmentally friendly
  • Allows better control increasing safety and reduces dreaded “arm pump”




  • Motocross Fork Seal Leak Quick Fix

For Motocross riders who race often one of the most frustrating repairs are a leaky fork seal. Repairs might be a few trips to the mechanics a year because of specialty tools and how finicky the fork seals are by getting itty bitty particles of sand and debris in them. They are a pain in the butt and can cost a rider their whole race weekend, but with the seal doctor, this doesn’t have to happen. 

Simply put, the Seal Doctor pulls and prevents the dirt from getting into the fork seal so the rider doesn't even have to experience leaky fork seals and costly repairs. Of Course, if there is a deeper problem the rider will still have to investigate their seals further. But for the most part, the seal doctor comes to the rescue and saves the day.  

  • Simply pull the dust seal down snap Seal Doctor in, twist and’s very easy
  • Comes with protective cover ideal for a travel pack
  • Comes in Large (45MM-55MM) and Small (35MM-45MM) Sizes

Customer Review:

“Works Everytime” - “I've had the Seal Doctor for years. Works great every time “-T83 on Jun 10, 2020




  • Best Motocross Handlebar Grips:

During motocross races a slipping grip is bound to happen, get them a competitive advantage with these superior grips. Aside from an easy install, these grips reduce vibration resulting in less blisters and arm pump issues.

  • Comes in 5 color options: Red, Green, Blue, Orange and Yellow
  • Fusion bonding system for a fast easy install, no wire mess
  • Dual compound thickness absorbs vibrations
  • Xtra layer thick ensuring these grips durable enough to handle bike tip-overs
  • Rubber ribs providing a more optimal grip
  • Double-walled less blisters on flange area



  • Motocross Streaming Membership

Give your moto homie on demand Moto-watching fun!  Anytime they want they can experience watching the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at it’s finest. This is an awesome gift especially in those winter months they may not be able to get out as much. 

  • Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship
  • Qualifying Coverage
  • Past Seasons

Best Gifts for MX Racers 

  • Most Affordable Quality Tear Off Goggles: 

They come with built-in tear-off pins already installed. These are ideal for your typical track roost (dirt/debris waterfall created from riding behind other dirt bike tires). They have the most comfortable seal because the foam around the eyes is three-layers deep.


  • Durable Polyurethane Lightweight Frame since every extra oz matters for race times
  • Anti-fog scratch-resistant Lexan Lens deflects flung rocks that can play havoc on lenses 
  • Thick 45mm goggle strap lined in silicone ensuring a tight grip around the helmet
  • 3 layered foam around eyes captures sweat and dirt away from the eyes
  • UVA, UVB & UVC Filters with 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays
  • The nose guard is removable and is an extra piece of protection if desired
  • Includes 20x Tear-Off Layers and microfiber carrying bag
    • Additional clear or mirror lenses for $12.99
    • Additional 20 individual Tear-Off layers for $12.99


  • Best “Hands-Free” System for Goggle Roll Offs 

This system assists the rider’s goggle roll-off system by pulling its cord remotely so that the rider doesn’t have to manually do it with their hands. Moto tracks are going to be really wet and muddy either from weather or being “groomed” (they do this so the dirt impact isn’t as hard and the bikes don’t slip with the different consistencies of dirt).



In extreme terrain conditions where the mud is thick, the last thing an MX rider wants to do is take their hands off the handlebars and manually clear their vision. Giving them this device makes the rider that much safer so they can keep their hands on the handlebars. This allows them to just focus on winning the race.

The Rippers Quick Install: 

  1. Mount & Strap to Canister
  2. Hook to Pull Cord
  3. Sync & Set Mode
  4. Mount Remote to Handlebar -It’s that easy


Ripper Google Roll Off System Features:

  • Quickly works in less than a second to clear your vision 
  • Easy-access handlebar-mounted button that wirelessly activates the Roll off system
  • Pull Cord is still manually operational even when the Ripper is installed
  • RF wireless transmission allows Ripper to Sync up to multiple bikes 
    • Add more wireless buttons for$19.99
    • Allows for quick bike changes when needed in a pinch at the race track

  • Recharged by an included micro-USB port for convenient charging
  • 3 LED light battery indicator -visually allowing you to see battery life
  • CR2032 Lithium Battery which is replaceable 
  • Can get 50 clearing sessions v.s tear-offs only have 21 layers
  • Ripper’s battery life lasts 10 rolls of roll offs -enough for a race weekend
  • 2 Mode Settings: 
    • Auto burst -button activates Ripper for 1.5 seconds
    • Momentary/Continuous -Hold the button for desired time up to 5 seconds 

  • 1 Year Warranty             
  • Universal goggle strap mount works with Goggles straps that are 2 inches tall.


      *Confirmed Compatible Roll-Off Goggles:

  • 100% Accuri Forecast
  • 100% Strata SVS
  • 100% Youth Accuri Forecast
  • 100% Youth Strata SVS
  • Fly Racing Goggle Roll-Off System
  • Fox Air Defence
  • Fox Vue
  • Leatt 5.5 Roll-Off System
  • Leatt 6.5 Roll-Off System
  • Rip N Roll Platinum
  • Rip N Roll Colossus
  • Rip N Roll Hybrid
  • Scott Fury
  • Scott Hustle X
  • Scott Split OTG WFS
  • Scott Youth Buzz Works
  • Smith Roll Offs Kit
  • THOR Sniper with Total Vision System



  • Motocross Riding Gear Gift Ideas

The Risk Racing VENTilate MX Sets are unlike any other moto riding gear due to their uniquely designed ventilation system themed throughout the pants, jerseys, and gloves. Specifically, the rider has control over the zippered pant vents allowing them to adjust the airflow they desire. 

These vents are located on both sides of the pants allowing the front vents to let air flow in and the rear vents allow the air out or not at all.  The Jerseys also have built-in vents in all the necessary places spanning from the forearm, armpit, to the torso.  

The gloves are top-notch and put the icing on the moto-cake! NOVIK and Risk Racing teamed up and designed the motocross racers dream glove that is perfect for their constantly gripping hands. 




RR VENTilate Jersey Features

  • Built-in side vents provide essential airflow 
  • 4-way stretchable light fabric ideal for turns and quick movements during MX racing 
  • Micro-perf, the material is breathable and is moisture-wicking 
  • Raglan-style one-piece sleeve to the collar 
  • Unhindered cuff and collar design
  • Sublimated, no-fade UV ink graphics
  • Styled for victory!


RR VENTilate Pants Features

  • Zippered front intake and back exhaust vents adapt to rider’s temperature needs 
  • Zippered vents prevent ballooning effect when are gets trapped riding
  • Added durability and protection with full-length, perforated inner lining
  • Additional Multi-panel Perforated crotch and upper thigh panels
  • Adjustable waist with micro-ratcheting
  • 4-way stretch panels for areas that need to bend
  • Inner knees are reinforced with leather panels accommodates for braces if desired

RR VENTilate Gloves Features

  • Fingers constructed in a bent posture for superior flexibility 
  • Made of 3D Stretch I-Span, which provides more of an unrestricted movement
  • Airprene fabric allows more airflow around those sweaty gripped hands
  • Silicone Layer for a superior grip 
  • Built-in Lycra knuckle reliefs ideal for MX riders that are constantly squeezing their handlebars


  • Best Motocross Starting Gate



One of the biggest factors of a Motocross race is in the first seconds the race starts. Getting the lead right out of the gate consequently means the MX rider is exponentially closer to winning not just this “holeshot,” but more importantly the race. Practice really does make perfect when it comes to every second counting when launching off the start gate. Get your racer the head start they need by investing in their practice. 

  • Wired trainer mode for an instant drop
  • Wireless remote for randomized dropping sequence
  • Can be paired with multiple other Holeshot Gates




  • Motocross Pit Canopy Tent



 A motocross pit should be a place a rider can take a breather, get out of the elements, and work on their ride as needed. Having a durable enough canopy that is specifically moto-designed is essential because it needs to withstand the weather and all of the chaos at the pits! This pop-up pit tent would be an awesome gift for any serious motocross racer. It has a superior quick latch release system compared to the hard traditional push-pin pop-up canopies. 

  • Aluminum constructed hexagonal legs anchored with large steel feet
  • Easy latch release mechanism is especially nice after a hard day at the track 
  • Long Lasting UV ink designed fabric Canopy 
  • Comes in 2 size options: 10x10 and 10x20 
  • Travel Bag included 
  • 1-year warranty

Customer Testimonial:

Best Canopy Ever - “This canopy is extremely well made and extremely sturdy. I set it up for a race weekend and it withstands high-winds and heavy rain. All of my friends want to buy one for themselves. Stop wasting money on cheap/flimsy canopies and go with RISK! It's worth every penny…” - Kevin W. on Jul 03, 2018

  • Dirt Bike Garage Floor or Pit Mat

This mat is so nice not only for their shop and garage, but also in their pit area on race day. It not only jazzes up an MX racers pit space and makes them look more professional but it really can come in handy when they are working on their bike. A lot of Mx pits can see a lot of weather stirring up the mud and dirt, and from time to time your rider will need to check their bike and perform maintenance. This mat will provide them a sturdier surface than sinking in the mud at the pits.   

  • Size: 72" x 28" and rolled up size: 29" x 5.5" x 5.5" 
  • Includes Zippered Transportation Tote -5.5 inch diameter roll
  • Weighs only 13lb throw it over your shoulder and go!
  • Made from tough high quality and chemical resistant materials
  • 1-year warranty


  • Motocross Racing Pit Umbrella

Riders and their crew go to the track come rain or shine and having an umbrella for both weather extremes is a must! MX Riders really do soak up a lot of sun and play all day in the rain. Help them defy the elements, and be shielded in style.

  • Included fabric sheath with shoulder strap
  • 46-inch nylon umbrella canopy
  • Carbon shaft
  • Quick release button takes only a second to open the umbrella
  • Comfortable foam grip

Customer Testimonial:

Kept me dry - “Good sturdy umbrella!” -Bran on Feb 27, 2019




  • Dirt Bike Transport System for Trailer, Truck, or Motovan

Say goodbye to tie-down straps, floor anchors, and wheel chocks by having a lock-load system. No more extra wear and tear on the dirt bikes fork seals by ratcheting down its suspension using tie-downs. The Lock-N-Load’s non-marring jaws clamp down on the bike's footpegs ensuring it doesn’t flop around during transit. The system also is easily removable, only leaving a low-profile plate behind so you can still utilize the space for other stuff or projects. 

  • 2 different Sizes: 
    • Standard -FULL-Size MX bikes 
    • Junior -85cc MX bikes  
  • Extra trailer plates are available$29.99
  • Truck bed adaptor plates available for purchasehere $29.99 
  • Use pins to lock in place or replace with padlocks for extra security
  • Frees up space for more bikes or off-road toys and gear
  • 1-year warranty

Customer Testimonial: 

“Must have” - “I transport four bikes in my trailer and by the time I am done loading up there are so many straps it is impossible to get to the back of the trailer. the Lock-N-Load system eliminates this problem! Not to mention my fork seals have remained perfect since buying this product. If you have OCD like myself you will love how organized your trailer looks without a web of straps!” -Roger Jones on Jan 18, 2019


This upgraded transport system is fully adjustable and caters to different size bikes easily, This is perfect for gift giving especially if they have multiple sizes of bikes or if they are still growing. Just flip the switch to engage it’s size ratcheting system, it’s that easy. 

  • Two sizes: 
    • Mini 50cc Jr to 110cc Trail (max weight: 200 lbs)
    • Pro 85cc to Enduro (max weight: 315 lbs) 
  • Lightweight Aluminum Durable Construction 
  • Rubberized Jaws stabilize and protect the bikes footpegs
  • Loading Plate has a very low profile but is wide enough for a large range of bikes 

  • Best MX Stand

Most Motocross stands don’t even get both tires off the ground let alone let you level the bike, but this stand does! There are so many different bikes out there it’s rare to find a stand that accommodates them all, which is also awesome for gift giving! Especially if you don’t know the exact bike they have or if they have multiple. You might not realize how nice it is to be able to get both tires off the ground but it is freaking amazing when considering washing and maintenance could happen after every race.

  • 2 anodized, CNC, aluminum turnbuckles set the angle of the stand
  • Locknuts secure desired top angle of the stand
  • Magnetic bolt panel awesome for organization of parts and tools
  • The stand top is oversized made of thick chemical resistant non-slip rubber 
  • Durable steel construction that has been powder coated for a top-notch finish

Customer Testimonial:

“Awesome stand!” - “Got mine today and was initially impressed with the quality and it feels much sturdier than my last stand (which I am replacing because it is bent up due to normal use). My hunch is this stand will hold up better than my last. Plus, I have a KTM 450 and this made it sit perfectly level. Hated my front tire touching. I have only played with the magnets so far, but they feel very strong. I am sure they will work well for me. Smart design!” -Collin M on Mar 27, 2019




  • Dirt Bike Ride-On Stand and Lift

This stand is so nice after a long day of racing motocross. Not only because it makes your bike look like it’s mounted as a trophy but after a brutal day out on the track it is so nice not to have to manually pick your bike up and put it on a stand. This stand is great for kids, shorter individuals, people who don’t want to lift 200 lbs, or simply want their bike to look good perched up instead of sinking in the mud. 

Moto racers ideally need to wash their bike off after every race to ensure it’s not leaking and check out what their latest wreck did. Using this stand is almost effortless how easy it is to ride on, once the front tire engages the lift, you just step on the level and secure it with a locking pin. 

  • Designed riveted rubber surface helps grip the bike with built-in oil drain hole
  • Works with MX-specific bikes 85cc-450cc
  • Lockable in the both up or down positions
  • Lightweight sturdy steel Construction
  • Weight: 17lb (7.7kg) (weighs a lot less than a 200lb bike)
  • Size (flat): 36" x 17" x 9" 
  • Weight: 17lb (7.7kg)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Works well with the Factory Pit Mat mentioned above




  • Motocross Mud Scraper

Whether it’s a rainy day on the motocross track or they overwatered it, it’s guaranteed if your rider is out riding their bike is going to get roosted in mud. Mud directly impacts the bikes performance, handling, suspension, weight and it’s essential the rider gets that mud off which sounds easier said than done. Between races, water to wash your bike can be very limited, that is where this Mud Axe does it’s magic, scraping, picking, and scooping mud out of every nick and cranny on the bike. It saves the rider time and effort and gets rid of the extra weight, which is a must on race day.

  • Heat resistant glass-reinforced plastic composite- exhaust friendly, non-marring
  • The over-molded rubber handle ensures user can really get in there
  • Optimal ergonomic design
  • Size: 19” x 3” x 5” 
  • Weight: 0.5lb 
  • 1-year warranty



  • Motocross Racing Jug

Motocross racers burn through different types of bike fluids and need some type of container to get maintenance liquids to the track. This EZ Utility Jug pours perfectly for dirt bikes since it offers three different handles to leverage the jug adapting to the level of fluid you have left to pour.

  • Comes in 3 or 5 gallons jugs
  • Optional $19.99Mounting plate 
  • Optional $19.99Hose Bender Spout
  • Durable thick-walled HDPE plastic
  • Unique 3 ergonomic handle
  • Adjustable breather valve
  • Center of jug is flat for custom graphics

  • Best Lighting for Working on a Dirt Bike:

Read the backstory to how the product line of lights got started and you'll know it was low lit lighting specifically on dirt bikes. They cover a huge range of flashlights & headlamps to flexible hands-free lights and overhead screw-in lighting systems that offer multiple LED's to name a few. 

  • Innovative technology that is incredibly efficient
  • Lighting options for indoor and outdoor scenarios
  • Tough enough for mechanics 
  • Ideal lumen and brightness levels

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