Best Motocross Holeshot Training Device: Complete Buyer's Guide - Risk Racing

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Best Motocross Holeshot Training Device: Complete Buyer's Guide

September 16, 2020

Best Motocross Holeshot Training Device: Complete Buyer's Guide - Risk Racing

Perhaps the most important part of a motocross race is right when the gate drops. Those who get the jump right away are often the same riders found first at the finish line. A good holeshot training tool will allow you to practice and improve your time, ensuring that you get the best finish possible.

The best motocross holeshot training device is the Holeshot Race Gate by Risk Racing. It closely resembles an actual track gate and features random timers, an instant drop setting, and a remote starting device that allow you to customize the take-off training experience. You can also pair multiple gates together to train against multiple riders.

Throughout this article, you’ll also learn the following information about the best holeshot training device for motocross:

  • Details about the Holeshot Race Gate
  • What you should look for when buying a holeshot training device
  • How important it is to use the right gate for practice

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The Holeshot Race Gate

The Holeshot Race Gate is a top-of-the-line holeshot training tool that ensures excellent practice and quick starting times. As mentioned in the intro, the start of your race is often the best way to know who’s going to win. With the old saying, “Practice makes perfect” in mind, this device is exactly what you need to get going.

Aside from a good tool for practice, a holeshot device also allows you to get the feel of a true motocross race setting. Whether you’re dealing with a beginner who’s never raced or an expert who’s experienced hundreds of gate drops, the starting gate by Risk Racing allows riders to be comfortable in all settings.

Using the Holeshot Race Gate will give you the ability to test the waters for race day and/or just for fun. You don’t need to be preparing for a supercross main event to reap the benefits of this high-quality, budget-friendly holeshot device. This device is for all ages, all skill levels, and isn’t bike specific. You can even hook two together if you want to practice with an ATV.

Perks of this Race Gate

  • Remote release systems put control in your hands. If you’re looking for a training device that allows you to control every aspect of the gate drop, then look no further. The Holeshot Race Gate is a top choice because it comes with a wireless remote that you mount on your handlebars for extremely easy operation.
  • You can set a random start for better training purposes. With the remote, there’s a random start option that gives you the best edge possible. This feature will have the gate drop randomly between 1-5 seconds after pushing the button, setting the gate. You never know when the gate will drop during a real race, so why not test yourself on the practice course? Keep an eye on the gate and get the jump right when it drops.
  • Quickly reset the gate without dismounting the bike. You can step on the back of the hoop rather than having to get off the bike to start over again. When you’re spending hours trying to perfect your performance, this feature can save you loads of time. It’s convenient and ideal, putting even more control in your hands.

  • Optional plug-in features allow an instant gate drop. If you want an even quicker drop in a timely manner, then plug the remote into the gate with the provided cable. This connection allows for an immediate drop the second you click the button. If you’re practicing with a partner, this might be your favorite addition.
  • It’s possible to link multiple gates together. While using a holeshot device is practical and useful, you might need to have several hooked together. Race teams often practice together, so spending time with one device could take too much time. Luckily, these holeshot gates link together for usage with one remote.
  • These holeshot gates also work for quads. Speaking of pairing two gates together, you can set them up side-by-side to use them with four-wheel vehicles. Place the gates by each other, sync them together, and use the remote for a precise or random drop whenever you want.
  • They’re used by professional motocross teams. If you want the highest quality tools that your favorite motocross pros use, then you’re in the right place. The Holeshot Race Gate is used by professional motocross teams like Pro Circuit, Troy Lee Designs, and JGR-MX, while riders such as Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen and Adam Cianciarulo perfect their starts with them as well! It’s easy to see why it is an excellent pick for people of all experience levels.

As you can see, the Holeshot Race Gate really is more than meets the eye. From the various gate drop controls to the quick reset, it’s the best tool that you’ll find for practicing your gate take-offs.

If you still have more questions then check out these frequently asked questions:


Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions that potential customers have about the Holeshot Race Gate.

Why is a holeshot device so important?

A holeshot device like Risk Racing’s Holeshot Race Gate gives you the upper hand with your motocross training routine. With your own race gate at home, you can train one of the most important aspects of motocross racing, the gate drop.

You are essentially training your reaction to a starting signal. At the track, that starting signal comes in the form of a starting gate. Those familiar rectangular frames angled up at the racers in a 45ish degree angle one after another down the starting row.

The racers are given a signal and everyone twists the throttle as the pretty sign girls scurry off the track. This next moment is THE most crucial part of the race. In the next few seconds that gate in front of you is going to drop. 

Your timing has to be at an elite level, I’m talking crazy scary fast. When that gate even twitches into a fall your tire needs to be leaving the start so that your gate and the tire just miss each other. 

In addition to your reaction time, you will also want to work on your body posture and positioning, throttle control, and clutch control. The take-off area and the dirt, concrete, or other materials also play a part in your ability to beat the pack out of the start.

To be able to practice all of these different aspects of the take-off you ideally need to have your own starting gate. Like most anything you want to get good at, you have to put the time in.  So go pick up a Holeshot Race Gate and start putting in the practice

Check out this video below to see what needs practiced:

How does the remote connect to the gate?

There are two ways that you can connect the provided remote to the gate:

  1. Use a cable that comes with the kit. If you connect the remote to the gate via a cable, you’ll ensure the quickest drop possible. Right when you hit the button, the gate will drop.
  2. Connect the gate to the remote via a wireless signal. You’ll be able to use random drops from several feet away, ensuring that you’re always training yourself for the real deal. The cable’s long enough to prevent it from getting in the way when you’re riding.

How does the random timing feature work?

If you’re considering using the random timing feature, then you’ll enjoy how simple it is to get going. All you have to do is sync the gate with the remote and check for the green  LED light on the gate. Once you start it, you’ll have between one to five seconds until the gate drops. Keep your eyes on the gate to start accelerating right when it drops.

What kind of batteries does the Holeshot Race Gate use?

The Holeshot Race Gate device uses eight AA batteries. They go through the bottom of the device, sealing to prevent dirt from getting inside. It also has a wireless remote start button that comes included with the package.

Since the only energized functions are the LED lights and the remote responses, you’ll be able to enjoy long-lasting batteries.


Getting a good holeshot device will improve your start times and get you fully prepared for race day. Even if you’re not racing competitively, the Holeshot Race Gate is a great way to improve your acceleration and reaction times. From the LED lights to the remote system, it’s as good as the real deal at the track if not better.

Here’s a quick recap of the post:

  • Holeshot devices should be an integral part of your motocross setup.
  • Make sure you have a holeshot practice gate with a remote starting system.
  • Training your holeshot start time can drastically increase your chances of winning.
  • The Holeshot Race Gate has a remote that can be connected wirelessly or wired.
  • Roll by the gate and push back the hoop to reset the gate without getting off your bike.


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