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How to Create the Ultimate Moto-Garage -The Dirt Bike Man Cave

May 06, 2022

How to Create the Ultimate Moto-Garage -The Dirt Bike Man Cave

Is there any greater disgrace to the motocross culture than being forced to store and enjoy your passion in a dark and dank or even just plain old garage? Or worse, a garage that is three-quarters of the way full of junk? What’s a man to do to turn an available space into something worthy of gracing your dirt bike habit? 

I am so glad you asked! Below, I have the 7 things you’ve got to have to convert your garage into a moto man cave, making even a standard garage the greatest room in the house. 

two dirt bikes, one sitting on a risk racing a.t.s. stand the other resting on a risk racing ride-on lift. The garage has a great moto set up with race numbers on the wall $ organized tool drawers,

Add a Dirt Bike Stand

This feature is critical for the maintained health of your dirt bike. Anyone who has ever just leaned their bike against the wall knows that they are just asking for trouble. Not to mention the added stress of the weight of the bike on the suspension and tires over time. 

Why? Because the entire weight of your bike has to rest on something, which in this case would be the tires and the suspension connected to them. Having your bike’s full weight pushing down on your tires for extended periods of time will inevitably push out air over time orcreate flat spots and place unnecessary pressure on your suspension, effectively shortening their lifespan. 

The solution to this is a dirt bike stand, specifically the A.T.S. Magnetic stand. Hey, before you complain about us talking about our own stuff, there’s a better reason than vanity that makes us say it’s the best. All of you who have invested in a dirt bike stand only to find it doesn’t fit your chassis and still has at least one tire on the ground, will you please stand up?

As a veteran in the motocross community, I’ve definitely seen my fair share of stupidly designed products. I got sick of it, and so I and my team at Risk Racing created a stand that fits every make and model of chassis and has magnetic sides so that you can keep your bolts and tools in one convenient place. 

professional supercross/motocross racer ryan sypes aka the general posing behind his gas gas dirt bike resting on a risk racing ats stand.

Get Effective Lighting

There isn’t much point in working on your dirt bike for some important maintenance or amazing upgrades if you can’t see what you’re doing! I mean who thought it was a good idea to give the biggest room one pathetic lightbulb?! No wonder garages are always part of horror films!

It’s time to stop being the victim of your garage’s lighting that might as well be non-existent. Step out of the dark ages with the only light you’ll ever need: the Multi-Point Illumination Motion Garage Ceiling Light, which we’ve dubbed fondly as MPI.

dirt bike in a shop that is lit by risk racing/stkr's MPi system.

This light comes with critical features such as,

  • Motion activation
  • 7500 True Lumens of bright light
  • 360 degrees of adjustable sensitivity
  • USB port to power a security camera (not included)
  • And a 3-year warranty

You don’t even need an electrician because you set up the main light in the original socket and then stick the remaining lights in the four corners of the garage with easy installation. 

dirtbike on a risk racing pitmate and ride-on lift inside of a well lit garage courtesy of a trilight garage light. The shop has many well organized work benches and tool/part storage areas.

You could even get the Mobile Task Light to be the perfect spotlight for your favorite dirt bike, just to make it look even more amazing. Click here to check out all of our innovative garage lighting options.

Dedicate Space For Your Tools

It’s time to stop throwing all of your tools into unorganized drawers that just make it impossible to actually find that one ⅜” wrench you had. There are at least four means to organize your tools that have withstood the test of time and are just standard garage features we should all have.


A classic staple of garage organization, pegboards are a cheap solution for scattered tools like wrenches, pliers, wire cutters, tire levers, small chain breakers, and of course, the ever essential duct tape and cable ties. 

Pegboards are easy to install, requiring only a wall to put it on and screws with which to attach the board. Then you can place a series of hooks or install small buckets and shelves to organize all of the smaller tools you have that you need the most. 

Magnetic Tool Holder

The huge majority of your tools are going to be made of metal, which is why having a magnetic tool holder, or several, is such a practical thing to do. 

They are typically just long magnetic bars that you can install in several key locations in your garage such as

  • Your pegboard
  • In a panel wall
  • Your gigantic garage toolbox
  • Or drilled into the wall next to to your key maintenance areas

It’s always helpful to have a bar for each type of tool or for the tools that you always have out in specific areas, such as tire levers at your work table, or chain cutters closer to your bike. 

magnetic tool holder mounted on a wall with a variety of tools magnetically attached to it.

Utility Tool Cart With Drawers

Speaking of toolboxes, you should always have a toolbox with wheels, A.K.A. a tool cart, so that you can push around whole kits of tools without having to go back and forth in the garage to get them. While these carts often have drawers included to make the organization even easier, you can add tool trays to them to maximize their organizational capacity, especially for those really annoying and tiny bolts and screws.

Have Somewhere to Take Things Apart

When it comes time to tear apart the engine on your dirt bike you don’t want to just be setting small intricate things down on your garage floor. You’re likely to make a mess, stain the concrete, and potentially lose those small pieces like screws, nuts, and springs.

What you need is a workbench. Like a work table, but one that you can beat on. Somewhere to set parts on while you clean them or repair them.

A nice accessory to a workbench is a vise so that you can have an extra set of hands to hold something while you drill or grind on it.

 RISK Racing athletes bike on and ats motocross stand. they have a nice open place where they can get work done on the bike.

Add a Gear Cabinet

Now that you have all of your tools where they should be, you need a good place to put your motocross gear. 

A motocross gear cabinet is a fantastic way to store your helmet, gloves, jersey, and pants to keep them in one location and in peak condition so that they can be obliterated the way they were intended to be: out on the track. 

Most gear “cabinets” are more like a series of shelves so that they give you quick access to your equipment. If you ask me, the best ones are large ones so that you have space for more than one set of gear. I hate being unable to ride while waiting for new gear to come in. 

If you do have a large gear cabinet, we can definitely help you fill the room with our innovative gear

Enjoy breathable, vented, and moisture-wicking jerseys and pants with equal venting tech, 3-point adjustment, and leather inner knee panels, and finally, our gloves with knuckle relief technology and reinforced thumb. 

Risk Racing's three designs of the ventilate V2 mix-n-match series gear.

Make the Space Yours with Decorations

Decorations like stickers, decals, metal signs, and jerseys, are like the signature that an artist adds after finishing their masterpiece. Not only are they the finishing details your man cave needed, they really make the space yours, welcoming you every time you walk into the room.

We can help you portray your seriousness in all things motocross with our Risk Racing sticker packs. We’ve made a reputation for ourselves for motocross innovation and extreme love of the sport, which means by having these stickers, you can let everyone around you know that you’re the same way.

Include a Refrigerator

Let’s not forget that this is YOUR mancave! You should stock it with as many things as you love so that you can leave as few times as humanly possible on the weekends. Naturally, you’re going to need a refrigerator to store enough beer and sandwiches to make that dream of never having to leave your man cave during the weekend a reality. 

 Dirt bikes in a fully equipped mancave set up with a work out are washer machines refrigerator and all the tool cabinets and gear storage anyone could need.


Those were 7 additions to your garage that will take it from a dark and gloomy last resort to the most coveted room in the house. And it’s all yours! I hope that we’ve given you all the ideas you need to make your dream man cave a reality. I know we didn’t add a TV to this list, but when you have a bike that you can upgrade, who’s going to need one, right? Although, who doesn’t want to be sitting on their bike while watching Supercross live on TV?

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