How to Have the Most Eye-Catching Moto Van in the Pits - Risk Racing

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How to Have the Most Eye-Catching Moto Van in the Pits

November 23, 2021

How to Have the Most Eye-Catching Moto Van in the Pits - Risk Racing

Every time I pull into the pits at the local track, I always check for two things: Who is out there ripping and who has the best setup? No, I am not talking about suspension setup, I’m talking about their pit setup! Anyone can throw up a pop-up tent and be good to go, but who took the time to make their entire pit the best?

For people that go down the moto van avenue, you have to have it dialed, inside and out, to be in consideration for the best set up. Yes, adding some nice rims and stickers on the outside is a good start, but that does not make race day any more convenient for you. Inside the van is where you can make passing riders jaws drop! I believe there are three key factors when it comes to creating the perfect interior setup to a moto van.

Moto Tie Downs Motocross dirt bikes

  1. Organization

When someone walks by your moto van and sees tools, gear and who knows what else thrown who knows where, you are catching their attention for the wrong reasons! Your equipment deserves some love, designate specific spots for all of it! Tools? Add a section to have a toolbox neatly placed in there. Gear? Build in a closet or gear rack to always have your kit ready to go! Hard parts, oils, chemicals, and gas? Shelves and mounts can go basically anywhere you can fit them, make it happen!

Motocross gear Dirt bikes

  1. Usefulness

Everyone says looking cool is half the battle, and that is true in many areas, but there is a fine line with that when it comes to moto vans. Luckily, we all know how cool the motocross industry is, so finding cool things to throw in the van is not a challenge. Going along with that, think about struggles you have while you are at the track. What could you incorporate into your van that would ease those struggles? Do you need some lights to use around your pit inside the van or while working on your bike? They are out there! Do you need a place to sleep to save some money during those weekend trips? Make part of the van a camper! Just adding an air mattress into the back of the van would help! Are you tired of gas spilling every time you have a take a tight turn? Get a jug with a transport mount to stop that issue!

Light Mine Flashlight Work Light STKR Concepts

  1. Uniqueness

Performing the two factors listed above will get your van into the conversation of nice moto vans, but that is not what you are shooting for. Just like on the track, you want to be the best! Uniqueness is what will push you over the top. The main thing to keep in mind while searching for unique products is to think outside of the box! You do not have to be mainstream. In fact, I encourage you to NOT be mainstream! Who said you have to use straps and wheel chocks for your bike? We sure didn’t! On top of it being extremely unique, it also is useful when taking care of your bike over it’s lifespan. See what I did there? It is useful AND unique… Two birds, one stone!

Utility Jug Motocross Gas Can

Above all else, be yourself. Have your moto van represent you as a person and a rider. No matter how bitchin’ you make it, you are the one using it, and if you don’t like it yourself, what’s the point?

The YouTube channel, Fit4Moto, has this down to a tee. The passion Mitch has, along with some Canadian dollars, has his new moto van ready to challenge anyone in the pits on a given ride day. Click the link and check out Part 1 of his Moto Van build with his new 2020 Ford Transit van.

You have been told all year who and what are essential, but now it is your turn! What are some of your essential items when it comes to create your dream moto van? Did I miss the boat on an item? Let me know in the comments below! Do you believe your moto van setup is superior? Let’s see it!

To find out if Risk Racing has an item that would be included in your moto van, check out our website! Also, our sister company, STKR Concepts, can spruce up a setup as well, so do not miss out on what all they have to offer!

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