How to Lift a Dirt Bike Onto a Stand? MX Stand Options - Risk Racing

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How to Lift a Dirt Bike Onto a Stand? MX Stand Options

December 23, 2020

How to Lift a Dirt Bike Onto a Stand? MX Stand Options - Risk Racing

In Motocross, you need to take care of your equipment. Especially your dirt bike. To do this, you’ll need to get a good stand. It will let you see all the components and make all the necessary changes. But lifting a 200-pound dirt bike can be a big challenge. So, how do you get the bike onto the stand?

If you have a lift stand, you need to roll the bike into position. Then, use the levers to pump up the stand to the desired height. If not, you can lean the bike on its side, then grip and lift it into place. You can also park the dirt bike next to the stand. Then lift the back tire and place the bike onto the stand. 

If you plan to enjoy Motocross, you’ll need to make sure that you have got a good bike stand and you know how to use it. Let’s look at some of the things you need to know about dirt bike stands. 



How to Get a Dirt Bike on a Stand?

The way that you put the dirt bike onto your stand will depend on the type of stand you have. If you have a lift stand, you’ll need to get the bike into position, then allow the stand to do the rest. If you don’t, you’ll need to lift the bike yourself. 

If you’re new to the sport, trying to lift your bike onto the stand can be confusing and frustrating. With most machines weighing over 200 pounds, sheer strength isn’t a good option. Trying to lift the whole thing can give you a hernia. 

There are two types of stands that you might be using. You can use either a stationary stand or a lift stand. Each one will require a slightly different procedure. Let’s look at both in more depth. 


How do you Use a Dirt Bike Lift Stand?

This is one of the easiest stands to use. In this case, you’ll need to roll the bike over the stand. Make sure that it’s in the right place. Then, use the lift contraption to raise the bike off the ground. 

If you don’t want to lift your dirt bike onto the stand, you’ll need to use a lift stand. This is similar to a jack on a car. All you need to do is put the bike in place. When positioning, you want to put the stand under the engine, in the middle of the bike. This will ensure that the lift will be able to take the weight, stopping the bike from coming unbalanced when you’re working on it. 

Once the bike’s in the right place, you’ll need to lift it. There are a few ways that you’ll be able to do this, depending on the type of device that you have. Most will have a pedal that you stand on. This will raise the lift platform. Other stands will require you to turn a crank, like the jack on your car.  When you use a lift stand, it will often take just a few seconds before the bike is up and you can start working on it. 

Once you’ve finished working on the bike, you can release the pressure on the stand. This will allow the bike to sink back to the ground. 


How do you Lift a Bike on a Stand?

If you need to lift a dirt bike onto the stand, there are a few techniques that you can use. For example, you’ll be able to use the side panel or rear tire lift. These will allow you to lift the bike without needing to shoulder all the weight. 

If you’re staring at a 200-pound dirt bike wondering how do I lift that?  Don’t despair. There are a few options that you can explore. First, you can use the side panel lift. This is the most common method. It’s also one of the fastest techniques, taking just a few seconds to get the bike onto the stand. If you need to repair something during a race, this is a valuable advantage. 

To use theside panel lift, you’ll need to lean the bike on its side. Then, get a grip on the base of the bike and lift it. Move it into position and put it on the stand. While this can be quick, it will also require some arm strength. 

The other method that you might want to try is theback tire lift. As the name suggests, you’ll need to hold the bike by the back tire. The rest of the weight should be on the front tire, so you don’t need as much arm strength to get it into place. For the back tire lift to work, you’ll need to park the bike next to the stand. 

While these are the most common, and practical ways of lifting the bike, there are a few other ways that you’ll be able to get the bike onto the stand. If you want to impress your friends, you can do a wheelie, lifting one end of the ground so the bike lands on the stand. This can take a lot of practice to make sure that you don’t hurt yourself, or damage the bike. But, if you can pull it off, you’ll have earned their respect.



What are the Types of Dirt Bike Stands? 

There are four main types of dirt bike stands for you to choose from. They are; fixed, lift, roll-up, and triangle. Each of these has different pros and cons.

Picking the right stand for your dirt bike is essential. It will make the job a lot easier. While there are plenty of stands available, there are only four main types. Each one will suit a different type of situation. 

First, you have a fixed stand. In some cases, the top of the stand can be adjusted to match the chassis of the dirt bike. However, the rest of the stand will be in place. This means that you’ll need to lift the bike onto the stand. But it also provides a stable place for it to rest. These types of stands are the most common and will be the least expensive. 

Next, you can use a lift stand. This is one of the most convenient ways of getting the bike onto the stand, where you’ll be able to work on it. You’ll be able to determine how high you want the stand to be. However, these mechanisms can drive up the price. Also, if they use a hydraulic system, you might need to replace the hydraulic fluid, to keep it working properly. 

Third, you can consider using a roll-up system. This is a good mix of the lift and fixed stand. In this case, there will be a ramp. You roll your bike onto this ramp. Then, you stand on a lever. This lifts the bike into the air, forming a fixed stand where you can do your repairs.This video goes into more depth about how these stands work.

This is one of the newest innovations, so there isn’t as much to choose from. But, because it’s so convenient and fast, it could herald the future of dirt bike stands. 

Finally, you might want to use a triangle stand. This is one of the cheapest and easiest stands for you to explore. In this case, you’ll need to attach it to the nut on a tire. You can then lean the bike against this, like a kickstand. 

While this is very simple, it does have a few potential drawbacks that need to be addressed. It won’t lift the bike off the ground. This can make it hard for you to do some maintenance activities, like change the tires. It also means that the stand won’t be suitable for a long-term storage solution.


Why do Dirt Bikes not Have Kickstands?

The main reason why dirt bikes don’t use kickstands is that they might come open during a race. When this happens, it can cause an accident. They also add extra weight, which slows the bike down. 

At this point, you’re probably wondering why there isn’t a kickstand. Wouldn’t it make maintenance easier? After all, you wouldn’t need to worry about a bike stand. But there are plenty of reasons why you don’t want to get a dirt bike that has a kickstand. 

First, the kickstand might open during a race. When riding a bicycle, this is an inconvenience. When dirt biking, this is a major problem. The kickstand can throw you off balance. Or, worse, it can dig into the track. If this happens, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up in the dirt. 

Another benefit is weight savings. Though it seems like a small piece of metal, it can make a big difference. When you’re racing, you don’t want anything to be able to slow you down. Especially not something that can be easily removed. In most cases, kickstands can weigh between one to two pounds. This is a huge weight saving. 

Also, by removing the kickstand, the manufacturer will be able to save some money. This can be passed on to you as a cheaper dirt bike. Finally, there’s no guarantee that the kickstand will work. It can be very difficult to balance a large, heavy bike on a thin spike of metal. Because of this, it can still topple over, even when using a kickstand. 

If you want to use a kickstand, it’s best to get a triangular support. It works in the same way as a kickstand. However, it comes with a wider base. This will better support the weight of the dirt bike, ensuring that it doesn’t fall over. 



How can you Find a Good Dirt Bike Stand? 

There are a few things that you’ll need to look for in a good dirt bike stand. First, you’ll need to find something durable. You’ll want something compatible with your bike that you can easily adjust. It’s also a good idea to get a lightweight stand. 

There are a lot of dirt bike stands available for you to choose from. Because of this, it can often be hard for you to find the right one. Before we take a close look at some of the models that we recommend, let’s look at what you should be looking for in a good stand. 

The most important thing to look for will be how durable the stand is. You want to get something that will be able to last for a long time. You also want to find something that will be tough enough to hold the weight of a dirt bike for an extended period. 

The best way to check how durable the stand will be is by looking at the parts that are being used. They will need to be made of strong materials, like steel or aluminum. All the screws will need to be firmly attached. It’s also a good idea to purchase from a trusted brand, like Risk Racing. 

The next thing that you’ll need to look for is whether the stand will be compatible with your dirt bike. You’ll need to get something that will be able to work with your dirt bike. This often won’t be an issue, but it’s always a good idea to double-check, making sure that you don’t run into any problems. 

Next, you’ll want to get a dirt bike stand that is adjustable. You’ll want to be able to control how high it is. You might also be able to control the way it tilts. This will make the stand a lot easier to use, making maintenance simpler.  

Finally, you’ll want to find something that you can take to a Motocross event. This means getting something light. You don’t want to be lugging a heavy piece of gear into the pitlane. It will tire you out before the race. Plus, it will make you look amateurish in front of the other riders.


What is the Best Dirt Bike Stand?

We recommend the dirt bike stands produced by Risk Racing. First, the RR1 Ride-On Lift. This is a new approach to dirt bike stands, making the process lifting your bike easier than ever for riders. We also recommend the ATS magnetic stand as its adjustable top fits a variety of dirt bikes.

There are hundreds of dirt bike stands to choose from. Often, this can make it harder for you to find the right one. Let’s look at some of the best stands on the market.

First, you might want to consider theRR1 Ride-On Lift. This is a relatively new type of stand. In this case, you’ll need to ride your bike onto it in a collapsed position. Then, as you dismount your bike, you step  down onto a lever that utilizes your weight and inertia to lift the bike. Once in the fully upright "stand" position, you can securely lock it into place to secure the bike. This ensures that you don’t need to lift your bike and force it into position. This type of stand can be great for shorter individuals or even children and you're not forced to deadlift your entire motorcycle.

This bike stand is built from light gauge steel and has a solid and a large stable footprint which ensures that it will be able to cope with the heavy weight of the bike. It’s also highly functional. There is a hole to drain away any excess oil during maintenance. At 17 pounds, you’ll be able to take it to competitions without any issues.

Another type of stand that you might want to try is theATS magnetic stand. In this case, you’ll be able to change the way the top of the stand sits. This will let you customize it to better suit your bike and keep both tires off the ground. Then, you can lock the configuration into place. 

Another cool feature of this stand is the magnetic sides. So, when you’re changing a clutch on your bike and have just undone the nuts and bolts, you can stick them to the stand. This lets you keep track of what goes where. No more searching around frantically in the dirt trying to find missing parts and pieces.

No matter what stand you go with, you might want to consider getting thefactory pit mat. This is what the dirt bike stand will sit on. It can help you create a flat environment, which will make it easier for you to maintain the bike. When you’re done, you just need to put the mat into the tote bag, making it easier to transport. 

Final Thoughts

If you have a dirt bike, you’ll need to know how to put it onto a stand. The way that you do this depends on the type of stand you have. If you have a lift or roll-on stand, you’ll just need to hit a lever. If you don’t, you’ll need to lift and position the bike yourself. Thankfully, as long as you use the right technique, you won’t need to manhandle the whole 200-pounds into place. So, use these tips to find the right dirt bike stand and put it to good use. 

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