How to Stop your Leaky Forks Now!! - Risk Racing

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How to Stop your Leaky Forks Now!!

June 03, 2020

How to Stop your Leaky Forks Now!! - Risk Racing

It’s a beautiful Saturday, you’ve just finished your second practice moto of the day while setting lap times that would make even Eli Tomac tuck his tail and head for the hills of Cortez, Colorado. So yeah, you’re feeling good today.Leaky Dirt Bike Fork Seal Bike Maintenance

While you are checking over your trusty steed before you head out for moto three, you notice the dreaded fork oil oozing down one of your front forks… Now, everyone else would have packed it up and spent the rest of the day researching suspension companies to have those forks sent off to, or better yet, mentally preparing to try and figure out the issue themselves. But not you!

Risk Racing Seal Doctor fixes leaky fork seals

As you head over to the toolbox, you know you will be back on the track in no time. How? Well, thanks to our Seal Doctor, you can fix those leaky fork seals in minutes! By simply lowering your dust cover, popping on the Seal Doctor, sliding it up to the leaky seal and twisting it around the fork, the Seal Doctor has pulled out any dirt that has been giving you problems. You didn’t even have to remove your fork guard!

You are now back on the track turning lap times that has even James Stewart getting off the couch!

Our friend over at Fit4Moto has created a great, quick two-minute video detailing exactly how easy and efficient this process is. Make sure you check out the video and subscribe to his YouTube channel as well!

To learn more about the product that has saved weekend warriors from all over, check out: Now here at Risk Racing, we don’t stop at the Seal Doctor with our innovative mindset, to check out our other products, visit us at:

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