Is it Cheaper to Build or Buy a Dirt Bike? - Risk Racing

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Is it Cheaper to Build or Buy a Dirt Bike?

May 11, 2021

Is it Cheaper to Build or Buy a Dirt Bike? - Risk Racing

There is always an important (but confusing) question in your mind if you are a Motocross fan and want to own a dirt bike of your own. Is it cheaper for you to build a dirt bike from scratch, or just buy yourself one that’s already assembled for you? From my own experience as a Motocross rider and owner of a business dealing with motocross products and related gear, I am confident I can provide you with a clear answer to this question.

There are three options to own a motocross dirt bike. 1) You build it from scratch 2) You buy a pre-assembled bike that is ready to go, is pricey but very reliable, and 3) You buy a cheap or used bike that is ready to go, but will need parts to be replaced and that's when you select the aftermarket upgrades as replacements.

If you want a bike that will be less expensive and faster to own while simultaneously giving you some control over the parts that you replace as per your liking then let’s read on.

Building a dirt bike from scratch gives you the most control over the parts that go into your bike but this will be an expensive and time-consuming process. When you buy a pre-assembled bike, you do not know the quality of the individual components that have gone in the bike-assembly though this will definitely be the cheaper and faster option.

mx bike num 638 red honda sitting on a RR1 risk on lift stand and pit mat in a garage both by Risk Racing

Motocross. Your Own dirt bike Project

If you are an avid fan of dirt-bikes then it’s most probable, you know what Motocross is. This term can be loosely defined as “crossing” or “whizzing across the land” on a cycle contraption with a “motor” attached to it. 

When you take part in a motocross event, you are expected to mount your dirt bike and fly along a purpose-built dirt-track full of hurdles, raised land sections, steep slopes and bumps, ahead of other fellow-racers. The off-road event would normally include very rough tracks with sometimes large stone or rock formations for you to ride over. 

Challenging? Yes, it definitely is and that is what the adrenaline rush is all about! 

Of course, if you are put-off with these obstacles, then there are definite chances of you being found, in a horizontal position, on a dirt race-track. In that case, it is more advisable for you to stick to the boring, though mundane, bike-riding activity over the asphalt, on a normal highway. Agreed?

two dirt bikes locked n loaded into a Ford by Risk Racings MX transport system

Building your own dirt bike does have its advantages and privileges. 

  • Suits you if you are a person who loves to takes risks with dollar amounts, to invest, as you will probably buy all your parts or bike components upfront before you start on the assembly process 
  • Good for you if are unwilling to compromise on the design and quality of your dirt bike
  • You are very knowledgeable on the subject of the dirt bike DIY process
  • You have full control over the design of your bike, as per your requirements
  • It complements your love to build or assemble things which may be a natural talent as far as you are concerned

Disadvantages of building your own dirt bike

  • You may not like the end-product that you have built. It may not result in what you actually imagined before you started building it from scratch. In this case, you will have wasted so much money and time on something that you do not want to use.
  • You may not fix your components correctly and may have multiple phases of dis-assembly and re-assembly to eventually get it right. Maybe frustrating for you!
65 blue dirt bike in garage sitting on Risk Racings ATS stands and pit mat

    Buying your own dirt bike has its advantages

    • Suits you if you are a risk-averse person. You don’t want to take a risk on investing in bike parts or components to build your bike
    • You do not have any or much experience assembling dirt bikes
    • You are looking for a quick way to start riding and do not have the time to invest in building your bike.
    • You do need any experience or knowledge about building bikes or what components go into the assembly. Of course, in saying so, you do need to know how to ride and control a dirt bike
    • If you buy a reputable and tested brand of dirt bike, then you will enjoy good quality components and a durable bike you can use trouble-free for a longer time as compared to cheap quality brands.

    Buying your own dirt bike also has its disadvantages. 

    • You are not aware of the quality of source pricing of the individual components that the manufacturer or assembler has incorporated into the dirt bike you are buying.
    • There is not much you can do to specify any components you want to see on your bike as it is as per the manufacturer’s standards and component sourcing policies.
    mx num 804 red honda dirt bike sitting on an ATS stand by Risk Racing in a moto-garage

      Best Option – Buy and Incrementally Build

      A decision that you make on our topical question of whether you build or buy your own dirt bike fully depends on the following, among others:

      • your budget or the investment amount you are willing to put down
      • level of quality you expect in your bike
      • how durable you want your bike to be
      • how knowledgeable you are in DIY procedures to build your own dirt bike
      • how much control you want in selecting components for your bike
      • how much time you are willing to invest in this project

      If you are a serious DIY person who has the know-how and is well experienced in building dirt bikes then building from scratch is a possibility. I would say 99.9%of the population needs to go a different route. There are reasons why dirt bike manufacturers spend millions of dollars year after year perfecting their product line. To assume that you can produce the same quality of a product yourself is a pipe dream, to say the least.

      If you fit into the 99.9% of people looking for a bike but are not extremely experienced, then the sensible option for you would be to buy your dirt bike at a reputed brand store near you. 

      The big catch for this is that you need ready money to pay upfront or the ability to pay monthly installments with applicable interest. Of course, you need a good credit history and a means of income to finance your purchase.


      close up of dirt bike handle bars fitted with MX Fusion Grips by Risk Racing


      Let us consider the probable best option for most people. This is very simple to understand and implement.

      You buy a cheaper model with decent parts or components built into its assembly. All the better for you if the bike is discounted. Try ensuring the bike has a strong frame and attached fork. Certain components are bound to wear out and need replacement as you continue using it. When you do your replacements, buy better quality components for your bike. 

      In this way, you will save money on your initial investment and learn a few DIY processes along the way.

      gasgas dirt bike number 2 on stand posing in front of American flag background


      We have checked out three options to answer our topical question. To buy a bike or build your dirt bike? While both building or buying have their own pros and cons, we have come up with another option that is probably best. 

      • You can build your bike from scratch if you have the experience and know-how of the DIY process and time to invest, or 
      • you can buy your good brand quality dirt bike if you have the money to invest but not the time or DIY knowledge involved in building a dirt bike, or 
      • you can buy a decent bike and replace/upgrade worn-out components as wear and tear occur due to use, which could be the best option for most people.

      Maybe now is the right time to head to a dirt bike store near you and start weighing out the options. Don't forget to check Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, or your favorite app for used bikes as well.

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