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Moto Life - The Line Between Man and Machine

July 09, 2020

Risk Racing Moto Life video motocross video

Only those willing to involve risk in their lives will truly know what it feels like to blend the line between man and machine.

Motocross is that blend of man and machine. The two can't exist apart, and they must operate as one to successfully navigate the challenges of a motocross track. When done properly, the feeling is like no other. Regardless of skill level, and how far you are willing to risk it, adding a little moto to your life will evoke an emotion that many walking the safe line will never experience.

This motocross video will conjure those feelings of excitement and adrenaline that one gets in the pit of your stomach in anticipation of riding. You might even feel that anxious bit of fear knowing that even a slight mistake could end a day early. You may also foresee a small taste of victory hitting a new jump, or railing a corner perfectly, making it all worth the risk.

Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned pro, this sport manages to summon an amazing feeling that keeps riders coming back to the dirt as if just to ensure they are still living.

If life has turned monotonous and numb, consider swinging a leg over a dirt bike to put the pulse back in your life. If this video got you excited about the sport you love, go share those feelings with the talent behind the making of it. Huge thanks to Mitchell Robinson of Fit4Moto for surprising us with this gem of a moto video!

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