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RISK Racing: Off-Road Innovation

April 27, 2021

RISK Racing: Off-Road Innovation - Risk Racing

Who Is Risk Racing and What Do They Do?

Perhaps one of the most rewarding qualities of our industry is that many brands were born from a true passion for the sport. Sure, someone off the street could do a little research and come up with something to market to the powersports world, but the lack of experience swinging a leg over a motorcycle can be spotted from a mile away.

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Now with over fifteen years under their belts, Risk Racing got its start in the garage of James Burry, whose combined passion for motocross and product design sparked a chain reaction of moto innovation. Today, Risk Racing offers a plethora of unique products designed to help riders get the most enjoyment out of their sport, both on and off the bike.

One of Risk Racing’s veteran innovations is the Lock-N-Load moto transport system. This system got rid of the need for tie-downs all together, offering a more secure hold while saving your fork seals and internals from potentially damaging pressure. With only two steps required to secure the bike and the reciprocal to release, your customers may never want to touch a tie down again.

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The Lock-N-Load PRO is the latest generation that boasts full adjustability, making them adaptable to a broader range of bike sizes and styles. All versions are available in full size and for mini machines, plus, can be quickly removed from their mounting location, leaving only a low-profile base plate.

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Now your customers have gotten their bikes to the track securely, how about practicing some starts? The Holeshot Race Gate from Risk Racing is an electronic, practice starting gate. A wireless remote mounts on the rider’s crossbar pad and activates a randomly timed gate drop when pressed. If riders are out with a trainer or some buddies, the gate also has an instant drop featured controlled by a second party and can be connected with other Holeshot gates.

Even with a dialed holeshot technique, a mud moto can throw a wrench in skill and focus. Risk Racing recognized that roll-offs are the preferred system for clear vision during mudders, but they also recognized it requires riders to take their hands off the bars in the worst conditions to do so. They developed the RIPPER auto film system, an automated roll-off system that attaches just about any traditional roll-off style goggle. With the simple push of a handlebar-mounted button, the RIPPER automatically pulls the roll-off tab for the rider so they can worry more about their ride than their vision.

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While those are just a few of Risk Racing’s leading innovations, their entire catalog is full of products that’ll make your customers say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” From the RR1 Ride-On Lift stand, to the versatile Factory Pit Mat, and even specialty tools, the Risk Racing team puts their off-road heart and soul into each of their products.

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