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What Are Motocross Pants and What Are They Made Of?

June 08, 2021

What Are Motocross Pants and What Are They Made Of?

Motocross pants are an essential piece of gear when it comes to motocross and dirt bike riding. They need to look great while being functional and fitting perfectly. Flexible material, durable fabric, and lightweight designs are important features to consider due to the constant and often aggressive motions of motocross racing.

Motocross pants are trousers designed specifically for riding dirt bikes. They are the greatest point of contact between you and the bike. Their primary goal is impact protection. Whether falling off your bike, protecting you from the bike’s hot surfaces, or the track, these pants are designed to soften the blows. Also known as MX pants, motocross pant material includes leather, nylon, condura, and kevlar.

Keep reading to learn the vital components of what makes a successful pair of motocross pants so you can optimize your performance, protect yourself and ensure you have more fun on the track. Find out how you can solve your challenges with innovative MX pants that will elevate your experience of dirt track racing. 

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How to Wear Motocross Pants

MX pants provide comfort and durability whilst on the track, so they need to fit you perfectly, especially around the legs and buttocks.

It is a common mistake to believe your MX pants should fit like standard pants. This is not the case though the waist should be the same size. 

The length of the MX pant is relatively short to ensure they don’t become uncomfortable in your boots. This may cause them to sit a little higher than usual pants but this is all good.

Be sure they are roomy around the knees as you may wish to wear knee braces at some point.

mx number 14 cornering in sand in full Risk Racing gear including jersey and pants

What Are Motocross Pants Made Of?

Motocross pants have come a long way since the early days of thick leather pants evolving into four-way stretch materials; lightweight and minimalist that withstand the elements. 

There are various motocross pant materials to choose from, all with their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and one that impacts your safety.





Great abrasion resistance, good grip, and heat resistance 

Gets very hot

Perforated Leather

Improved airflow from standard leather

Less durable 


Breathable and offers reliable abrasion resistance

Stiff and inflexible 


Tough, dries quickly, good wear and tear. It is the most common material on the market

Less strong than Kevlar 


As a plastic, it is the strongest, yet, most flexible option

Most expensive


Breathable and durable

Wears in the wash

mx num 3 Risk Racing sponsored rider jumping through the air only sky and mountains in BG

Do Motocross Pants Have Padding?

Tactical and technical padding make or break the MX pant; literally! Here is what to look out for:

Knee Padding: Adequate knee padding is non-negotiable. Gripping the bike with your knees exposes the knee area to vigorous wear. Inner knee reinforcements made from leather negate inconvenient tears. These give maximum protection and have been a personal must.

Pant Lining: Full lining from waist to ankle not only provides the rider with a premium feel but also allows extra protection. It is these small features that can be overlooked but make all the difference. 

Paneling: This is strengthened fabric incorporated to provide additional durability. More technical designs that include multi-paneling especially around the crotch and upper thigh are excellent additions to motocross pants. Look for 4-way stretch panels around flex areas for maximum support and flex. This protection will give you greater confidence in your biking ability making those risks ever more appealing. 

risk racing ventilate digital motocross pants

What To Look For When Buying Motocross Pants

Motocross bikers push themselves to their limits demanding physical and mental resilience from themselves. So naturally, this must be reflected in their gear. Handling heat, abrasions, dirt, sweat and general abuse from the track should come effortlessly.

Triple stitches On Seams: After investing in your MX pants, you want your pants to last! Triple stitched seams allow the pants greater durability to sustain damage without ripping. Knees and the rear encounter the heaviest strain and are vulnerable to tearing so be sure that you choose a durable fabric.

The Fit: The fit of your pants is a game-changer since your knees, hips, legs are constantly moving. Too tight and your movement will be restricted. Too lose and you lack the necessary protection risk uncomfortable rubbing. Also, you don’t want flapping material slowing you down! MX pants should be form-fitting and with good stretch capacity. 

Waist Adjustment: A comfortable and secure fit is critical and this can be assured by a three-point waist adjustment which enables a custom fit. Velcro belts that go all the way around the waistband keep your MX pants secure whilst providing unlimited adjustability. Some brands rely on elastic waistbands, though this is less effective.

Risk Racing Ventilate digital mx pants black poster displaying intake and exhaust venting

Ventilation: Proper ventilation is key. You definitely don’t want to overheat. Rider temperature control is taken to the next level with ventilation systems in MX pants without sacrificing safety. Large, zippered ‘intake’ vents at the front and back of the pant allow maximum airflow preventing any ‘ballooning’ of the pant. This temperature control makes all the difference giving you greater control and comfort.

Looking Good:  Having fun with your pants is just as important as how they feel. Be sure your color combinations suit the rest of your gear and bike, so you can ride in style and create an even greater impact. Keep reading to discover the accessories that will enhance your performance. 

Pockets:Though not a critical component, this added feature can be helpful and can guide you in your decision-making when it comes to finding the perfect MX pant for you.

extreme close up person wearing all blue and orange risk racing gear showing off vents in mx pants

How Much Do Motocross Pants Cost?

MX pants vary in price, usually between $50 to $350 but the greater the investment, the greater your safety. As a seasoned MX biker, I can assure you that good protection will only aid your performance.

No matter the pricing, always keep in mind comfort, ventilation, and protection. These critical features are what make motocross pants effective. 

You can easily find stylish and durable motocross pants for $100. A worthy investment that does not break the bank.


Accessories to Enhance Your Performance?

So now you have the pants but what about the rest of the gear?

risk racing's ventilate machine jersey studio picture

Jersey: You want your jersey to be lightweight and unrestrictive. Micro-perforated and moisture-wicking materials give you a breathable jersey that feels silky smooth to the skin. For an excellent cooling system choose a jersey with underarm vented panels that reach down the rider’s body and inner arm. 

Risk Racing Salute MX Gloves flip off poster of mx racer giving double birds

GlovesGet a good grip with the best gloves on the market. These are sown with fingers in pre-curved positions accompanied by knuckle reliefs which prevent the finger material from restricting movement when gripping at the bars. Well-made gloves are an art form ensuring you handle your bike like a professional. 

jac goggles by Risk Racing in 3/4 pose white studio pic

Goggles:If you want flawless vision then you’ll need ultra-wide lenses which are anti-fog and scratch-resistant. Be sure the strap is extra thick to keep the goggles fixed effectively to your helmet. To protect your face from sweat and track debris, especially dust, choose a triple layer foam. This will contour neatly to your face. 

sx number 500 Risk Racing pro rider in full RR gear whipping through the air indoor supercross track

Final Word

There is no question that motocross pants should make you look good and feel even better! The right pair of MX pants are a key component to riding your full potential. When it comes to comfort, durability, and protection, you deserve the best and at $100, that is invaluable. 

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