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What Are the Best Motocross Tracks in the World?

February 01, 2022

What Are the Best Motocross Tracks in the World?

Where are the best motocross dirt bike tracks in the world? A genuinely good question considering how many tracks there are worldwide. It’s an easy sport to get sucked into whether you’re riding or watching. Dangerous and thrilling, motocross is rated one of the most extreme and hardest sports in the world. 

The best motocross tracks in the world are found in the US, France, and the UK. Off-road trails are popular all over the world and man-made tracks are made in and around residential areas as well as people’s backyards. You’ll find the best motocross tracks are steep, twisting, and gnarly. 

With so many tracks available, you’re probably never too far away from an off-road trail near home. Keep in mind that opinions will differ from track to track on which are the best, the hardest, and the most gruesome motocross tracks. At Risk Racing, we’ve compiled a list from the best to the toughest tracks in the world. Read on below to find out more. 

Best Motocross Tracks

What is the Best Dirt Bike Track in the World?

The best dirt bike track in the world will be based on popular opinion. There is no such thing as the best track in the world as they all have something different to offer riders and spectators alike. 

You could ask which is the hardest, which is the straightest, which is the rockiest track in the world and the internet will never give you a definitive answer. 

So, we’ve come up with a general and well-researched list for you. It’s a hard call to make so here are three of the top dirt bike tracks in the world according to research, reviews, and hardcore thrilling tracks!

Spring Creek MX – Minnesota USA

Spring Creek has one of the best motocross tracks in the world. With its bumpy terrain, sharp corners, and steep jumps, Spring Creek never disappoints spectators and riders are kept well on their A-game with needing high concentration levels to make it through and around each turn. 

Spring Creek MX

Ernee MX - France

Built in a small valley just hours outside of Paris in France. Ernee MX has hosted numerous events for motocross championships. 

The track is based on a difficult circuit with 1548 meters (5078 ft) of never-ending sharp twists and steep drop-offs. 

Ernee MX

Loket Motocross Track – Czech Republic

1586 meters (5203 ft) of hard-packed twisty, slippery when wet and stony soil. With 14 turns, some of the sharpest you’ve seen on any motocross track, this dirt bike track is in Locket, Czech Republic, is one of the most diehard tracks in the world. 

Loket, Czech Republic MX Track

What is the Hardest Motocross Track in the World?

Ever heard of the Erzberg mine in central Austria? The Erzberg Rodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble is probably the toughest and one of the most famous tracks in the world. Although it's not a motocross event, rather an Enduro event. It's well worth the mention with the fame, or perhaps infamy its gained over the years.  Running every year in May or June, in Austria, since 1995. 

The competing athletes must suffer (or enjoy, who knows!?) through days of physical and mental extremities with the toughest riding conditions that push most to their limits and some to or past the breaking point. 

Also known as The Iron Giant, this intense dirt bike track is intimidating, to say the least. Spectators and support teams are allowed and able to assist the riders in some parts of this course due to its harsh terrain and unforgiving 1466-meter (4809 ft) summit. 

A series of events, tricks, rides, scrambles, death-defying steep slopes, gravel tracks, and muddy quarries see numerous contestants knocked out of each round. Until there are usually around 30 out of 1500 riders left to take their bike over the finish line. 

Erzberg Rodeo

What is the Most Famous Motocross Track in the World?

Hawkstone Park Motocross Circuit will probably be the first track that comes up when asking this question. Why? Because Hawkstone Park has hosted numerous Grand Prix and international motocross events since the 1950s. 

Racers’ skills are especially tested on the sandy surface of this 1.8 mile (2.9km) long track as the surface of the sand changes and becomes extremely bumpy each time the riders pass through. 

Featuring a series of man-made bumps on the sandy surface, a steep climb, and a questionable descent, riders are faced with a near-vertical drop from the top of the hill. Hawkstone is easily one of the toughest tracks in the United Kingdom and is not recommended for beginners or the faint of heart. 

Hawkstone MX

How Many Motocross Tracks are there in the World?

There are currently 445 motocross tracks listed across the United States. Need a track to practice on? Check out a list of all the listed tracks here. 

The Best Motocross Tracks US.

The USA has some of the best motocross tracks in the world. With hundreds, possibly thousands of motocross tracks all over the world and hundreds across the US, no matter which state you’re in, you’re never too far away from a dirt bike track. 

Here is a list of the USA’s best dirt bike tracks for leisure, beginners, and pro riding:

The Mojave Desert – Las Vegas. 

Famous for the Mint 400 and the Primm 300. 140 miles of open terrain for riders, beginner to advanced. There’s a vast network of trails that run through the Mojave Desert, just be warned, it’s hot. 

Riding in the Mojave Desert

Red River Motorcycle Trails – Texas. 

2500 acres for riders moderate to advance. Sand, rocks, clay, and dirt make up the terrain of the numerous tracks and trails you’ll find throughout the Red River Park. 

Red River Motorcycle Trails

Hatfield McCoy Trails – West Virginia. 

Unfortunately, you do need a permit to ride here. Boasting around 600 miles of managed terrain, Hatfield Haven offers beginners to intermediate and advanced riders twisting paths, spooky wood trails, and amazing mountain views. 

With all types of terrain to practice on, you might want to get yourself a permit to ride here.  

Hatfield McCoy Trails

Sawtooth National Forest – Idaho 

Sawtooth National Forest is only for advanced-level riders. 

Experienced riders can enjoy the thrills of some of the steepest and technical descents found on any track in the US. 

Sawtooth National Forest

Redbud MX – Buchanan Michigan 

Redbud MX attracts over 30,000 riders every year. With three tracks, Redbud is known to have the best dirt on earth and is one of the largest motocross tracks in the Midwest. 

The three tracks range in difficulty levels with a professional track, kids track, and a night track for the 4th of July AMA Motocross Championships held every year. 

Redbud MX

Honey Lake MX – California 

One of the most challenging tracks in the United States is Honey Lake MX. 

Only 1 mile in length, and with an elevation of 500 feet overall. One part of the track has a vertical rise of around 400 feet. Yes, you saw that right, a vertical rise of 400 feet. 

Honey Lake MX

Unadilla MX– New York

Rated as one of the best tracks in the United States and even in the World. Hosting numerous events including 250 United States Grand Prix (USGP) and the MX Des Nations. 

Unadilla is one of the longest-standing motocross tracks in the United States and has been running for 52 years. Its rural location outside New York offers riders short circuits, twists, turns, and hills not to be unprepared for. 

Unadilla has run 198 races and hosted 101,351 riders. 

Unadilla MX

The Best Motocross Tracks UK.

Considering motocross riding and racing was founded in the United Kingdom, it’s understandable why the UK has some of the world’s best and toughest tracks in the sport. 

We could probably list all of them as being the best, but here are three unforgettable tracks every motocross rider should dream of riding:

Hawkstone Park Motocross Circuit - Shropshire

Hawkstone, as listed above, is the most iconic and famous in the UK. Located in Shropshire, West of London, and almost on the border of Wales. The views are stunning, and the track is one to remember.

Hawkstone hosts the British Motocross Championship every year and has one of the steepest and longest hill climbs the motocross industry has ever seen. 

Hawkstone MX

Desertmartin – Northern Ireland. 

The Emerald Isle is a place of pure beauty. What makes it more so is the man-made Desertmartin motocross track. 

Built specifically for motocross, this harsh and difficult sand-based, wide and fast track is only for the best riders. The challenging track hosts British Championship events. 

Desert Martin MX

Fatcat Motopark - Doncaster

Located West of Manchester and South of Leeds, Fatcat Motopark is the toughest motocross track in the UK. Featuring deep sands, bumps, ruts, and sharp corners, this track is one of the most difficult in the world and it’s only a practice track!

Fatcat Motopark boasts three tracks, the practice track being the hardest. 

Fatcat MX Park


Every motocross track in dirt bike history has its tough spots. Not one track is the same and all offer something special. Whether it be the closeness of the spectators on the sidelines, the steepness of the downhill sandy dunes, or the sharpness of the turns. Motocross is exciting and you’ll want to see and ride as many motocross tracks as you can for some exhilarating experiences.

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