The Risk Racing® A.T.S. Adjustable Top / Magnetic Moto Stand

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The Risk Racing® A.T.S. Adjustable Top / Magnetic Moto Stand

March 26, 2019

The Risk Racing® A.T.S. Adjustable Top / Magnetic Moto Stand - Risk Racing

The stand that can level any bike, and securely hold your nuts and bolts!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – TROUTMAN, NC – The chassis for every dirt bike brand, year, and model are designed a little differently, and as a result, not all bikes sit level on a traditional dirt bike stand. Subsequently the front or back tire often touches the ground when placed on a stand. Aftermarket skid plates can also affect this angle leaving the bike dangling low on one side or the other. Risk Racing is fed up with low hanging tires dragging on the ground, so they came up with a universal solution. Introducing the A.T.S. Magnetic Moto Stand.


The Risk Racing A.T.S. Stand solves this issue with a fully adjustable top which ensures that each bike sits level on the stand. It features two anodized, CNC, aluminum turnbuckles with locknuts, that allow the user to set the angle of the top of the stand, and then lock it in place. This enables the user to match the exact angle of their bike chassis, bringing both tires level into the air. With both tires lifted, simple tasks like cleaning and servicing are much easier. In addition, it gives the bike a proper stance in the pits or garage.


Ensuring the bike sat level was only the beginning. RISK Racing knows that owning a bike goes hand in hand with fixing a bike. Bike repairs means loose nuts and bolts everywhere. There is nothing worse than kicking one across the shop and losing it in the deepest, darkest corner forever. To eliminate this frustration, Risk Racing embedded magnets into both side plates of the A.T.S. Stand. Now, users can remove bike parts and simply stick bolts and tools directly to the A.T.S. Stand. Utilizing magnets on both side plates allows bolts from each side of the bike to be kept isolated, and on the correct side of the bike.


The A.T.S Stand chassis is constructed of powder coated steel and built to endure the abusive life of a dirt bike stand. The adjustable top features a large oil drain hole and an oversized, non-slip rubber pad that is chemical resistant, thick, and hard-wearing. This combination of rugged design and innovative features can magnetically hold nuts & bolts just as well as it holds any bike, from 50cc to the largest dirt bike, perfectly level.


The A.T.S. Magnetic Moto Stand retails for $139.99. Ask for them at your local dealer or find them at For more information call 704-508-1031 or visit


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