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The RISK RACING® LIGHT MINE PROFESSIONAL A Powerful, Magnetic, Hands-Free Flashlight

August 19, 2019

Mangetic Light Mine Professional Flashlight by Risk Racing
TROUTMAN, NC – The popular and award winning Magnetic Light Mine Professional by Risk Racing just got a major technology upgrade.  Always a customer favorite among the Risk Racing product line, the Light Mine Professional has lit up dark corners for years.  Now, with advancements in technology, it does it even better. 
About the size of a baseball, and featuring twelve magnetic posts, the Light Mine Professional still has the incredibly cool appearance of an underwater naval mine.  Due to the spherical shape, and the twelve powerful neodymium magnets at the end of each post, this light can be used hands-free.  The user can attach it to any steel surface and aim the light accurately and securely in any direction.  The twelve posts also act as tripods on non-magnetic surfaces allowing the user to aim the light hands-free even if steel surfaces are not present.   
When it comes to lighting your project, the new Light Mine Professional packs an even bigger punch than its predecessor.  With an upgraded lens, four SMD LED’s, and updated circuitry, it now boasts an explosive 250 True Lumens of light.   Intended to be used in close working conditions, the new lens is designed to spread the light out, flooding the immediate space with a smooth and even light.  This feature reduces the small “hot spot” of light that a traditional flashlight will give when trying to light up a project. 
The Light Mine Professional also features a rear facing red lens with the power button now embedded into the middle of the lens.  Press that power button to toggle four different light modes including a solid red light and hazard light.  Use the red light when you want to light an area, but still preserve your night vision, and switch to hazard mode for safety on roadside repairs.  Keep one in your glovebox or motorcycle saddle bags to always be prepared.    
The Light Mine Professional will become your “go-to” flashlight.  Keep one stuck to the side of your refrigerator so it is easily accessed during a power outage.  Stick it to your fuse box to find that flipped breaker or use it to properly light home repair jobs or DIY projects.  Keep another one stuck to the side of the toolbox in your garage for quick access.  Stick it to your car’s hood for engine repairs or drop it under the sink for a quick plumbing fix.  The potential uses are endless. 
The Risk Racing Light Mine Professional is available now, MSRP $24.99.  For more information and to check out other innovative products visit or email/call Risk Racing at 704-508-1031,  
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