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Are Dirt Bike Pants Worth It?

July 19, 2020

Are Dirt Bike Pants Worth It? - Risk Racing

If you regularly ride a dirt bike, you want to make sure that you have the right gear. There are some obvious things that you need to wear, like a helmet. However, you might also wonder whether dirt bike pants are worth it.

Dirt bike pants are worth it because of their ability to enhance your experience while dirt biking. They come with features that offer extra protection and comfort to you compared with other types of pants. The best dirt bike pants will be lightweight, stretchable, flexible, breathable, and durable.

If you want to know more about what makes dirt bike pants worth buying and the features you should look for, read on. You might just change your dirt biking experience forever.

Why Wear Dirt Bike Pants?

You don't actually have to wear dirt bike pants when you are riding. You can even get away with wearing jeans, as long as they are loose. However, dirt bike pants give you a level of comfort and protection that is arguably superior. When you wear clothes specifically made for dirt bike riding, they are designed to handle obstacles that you might encounter.

For example, they are stretchable, and they are manufactured with materials that have specific purposes. It’s also good to note that these pants are made to help protect your legs from being burnt by the pipe of your bike and can help you sustain minimal damageif you are in a crash.

Qualities to Look for in Dirt Bike Pants

When you're wearing dirt bike gear, you should keep in mind that it has a shorter life than the gear that you would wear on a street motorcycle. This is because you are moving around on the bike much more, and you are more likely to end up falling down and hitting the dirtsomewhat frequently. This can tear holes or create scuffs on your pants.

Dirt bike pants are in constant contact with the seat of your bike, and they will tend to erode over time due to contact with rocks and dirt. There are a few qualities that you should keep in mind when you are looking for dirt bike pants to make sure that your purchase is worth it.


Pro tip: Certain products exhibit all of these features, such as the VENTilate Digital Motocross Pant.


Lightweight Design

If you wear pants that are too heavy, this can weigh you down and take away your ability to move as freely as you like. Heavier pants can add ounces to your overall weight, which will require more effort from you to move around and they are typically thicker and hotter materials which will cause you to overheat and ultimately slow you down.

Lightweight pants will also be more comfortable for you as you are riding. In many cases, pants designed for dirt bike riding will have light, breathable panels so that you can feel freer while riding. Typically, these will be located in areas of the pants that will be unlikely to come into contact with the bike or the ground while riding.


Flexibility is also very important in a pair of dirt bike pants. When you are biking, you will constantly be bending and extending your knees. You're also going to be moving your waist around whenever you change directions and shift your weight.

If the pants are made of a flexible and stretchy material, you will be much more comfortable while making these maneuvers.  Properly designed dirt bike pants will be constructed with durable fabrics and include stretch panels in the proper places including high wear, heat, and impact areas.


Durability is another very important quality in a pair of dirt bike pants because of all the contact the pants are going to have with the surroundings. The pants are going to be constantly sliding up against the seat and motorcycle frame during vigorous riding, for example. They will also have plenty of contact with the dirt ‘n rocks and mud during heavy riding, especially if you tend to fall a lot. Riders never plan on falling, but dress for the fall!

A good pair of dirt bike pants will have very durable material in locations where riders tend to rub up against the surroundings. For example, they will typically have a very strong material in areas such as the inner knees, which will be coming in frequent contact with the bike.

You have likely experienced pairs of pants becoming threadbarein areas of frequent contact. If a pair of pants are made from the right material, this process can be slowed down quite a bit. This will help the dirt bike pants last for a longer time and keep you comfortable during your riding adventures.

In addition to making the pants last longer, stronger and more durable material will more effectively protect you against impacts and burns from the engine and or exhaust as well. There are no pants that will guarantee you no damage to your legs, but there are well-made pants that can help minimize this possibility.

Specific Features That Can Make Dirt Bike Pants Worthwhile

There are many different types of dirt bike pants out there. They all come with their own sets of features, which you might find more useful than others. Since every dirt bike rider has a different riding style, you may be more likely to prioritizecertain features over those that would be important to others.

One thing that you should keep in mind is cost-effectiveness. Particularly if you are on a tight budget, you want to make sure that you can purchase a high-quality pair of dirt bike pants at an affordable price. You will want to make sure that the pair of pants you choose has all of the important features while still being affordable.


The following are some features that can enhance your riding experience:

  • Tapered legs. The tapered legs allow for room under the pants for protective gear, such as leg braces, and knee pads, but taper down as the leg enters the boot. This tapering effect prevents excess material from bunching in your boot. 
  • Protective rubber elements. These rubber pieces do not cover the entire length of the pair of pants, but they are in locations that tend to rub up against the surroundings or get pounded with roost. These help to make the pants last longer and protect your legs.
  • Leather panels. These allow you to have a better grip on your bike with your legs. They help ensure that you don't slide, which can make you feel uneasy while you're out on the trail. They also protect against the heat of the engine and exhaust.
  • Removable EVA hip protectors. These are great because you can remove them if you choose, and they provide great protection to your hips.
  • Adjustment features. These allow you to adjust the pants so that they fit your body perfectly. Entry-level pants may offer less adjustability, even in the waste, but premium pants may offer multiple points of adjustment.
  • Mesh liners. These are very helpful for riders who want to stay comfortable since they will wick off sweat and help keep you cool and dry while you're riding. The liners are also more comfortable against the skin compared to some of the thicker nylons that are used for impact and tear resistance. 
  • Many higher-end pants offer vented or perforated materials.  These are great in hotter conditions as the vigors of motocross will push anybody to their limits and you need to prevent overheating.  However, vented pants are unwanted on cooler riding days.  The best pants offer convertible venting so the rider can adjust according to the environment.  The only pants we know with convertible venting is the Ventilate Line by Risk Racing.


If you are the type who likes to save money, you might not think that dirt bike pants are worth it. However, if you try pants that are specifically made for this purpose, you will likely see that they make your riding experience much better because of their specific features.

It's also important to look for a pair of pants that are actually high-quality. You want to make sure that for what you are paying, you get a pair of pants with all the features you desire so that they are truly worth the money that you are spending.

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