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Best Motocross Gear: 7 Essentials for Motocross Riding

July 20, 2020

Best Motocross Gear: 7 Essentials for Motocross Riding - Risk Racing

Whether you’re just starting out in motocross or you’re a seasoned rider, choosing the right motocross gear is crucial. You’ll want to get the best motocross gear you can find to cover all of the essentials for motocross riding and of course you’ll want it all at the right price.

The best motocross gear provides safety, comfort, and control so that you can perform at your best on the track. These essentials include clothing designed specifically to handle all off-road riding conditions. In addition, you’ll need to protect your hands without hindering your grip or lowering your risk of causing blisters. Goggles with a snug fit that don’t fog up are vital.

Although there’s a wide choice of gear available, you need to look for innovative products designed from experience. Below you’ll find details of 7 essentials for motocross riding that fit those criteria. So, let’s gear up.

1 The Best Motocross Jersey
2 The Best Motocross Pants
3 The Best Motocross Gloves
4 The Best Motocross Palm Protectors
5 The Best Motocross Goggles
6 The Best Motocross Goggle Auto Roll-Offs
7 The Best Motocross Grips

The Best Motocross Jersey

Risk Racing’s VENTilate Machine Motocross Jersey

What makes a great motocross jersey? Well, let’s run through some of the vital ingredients you’ll probably be looking at.

Great Design

When choosing a jersey, you have to admit that style is one of the primary considerations. After all, everyone wants to look good, especially when the crowd’s eyes are on you as you stand on the winners’ podium.

And you’ll have no trouble looking good with the eye-catching VENTilate Machine Jersey. It’s a stunning combination of red, white, and blue, with a black dash for good measure.

It’s dynamic and exciting, just like the sport itself. It’ll undoubtedly get you noticed for all the right reasons, and will make you easy to spot out on the track.

So, the VENTilate Machine Jersey ticks all the boxes on that front.

But, while looks matter, you’ll know that motocross is a rugged and demanding sport. So, you’ll need a jersey that will stand up to the rigors of the ride. 

Lightweight, Cooling, Comfortable, and Durable

That’s where you’ll find the VENTilate Machine Jersey excels. That’s because it’s made with a complete understanding of the challenges you’ll face in motocross.

One of those challenges is maintaining the right body temperatureduring the ride.  

So, the VENTilate Machine Jersey uses light micro-perforated stretch fabric. The fabric is fully breathable and wicks moisture away from your body.

The perforated armpits and sides act like air-conditioning. So, you stay comfortable for the duration. It all adds up to ensure you remain cool and dry even during the most demanding of rides.

Additionally, the jersey features stretch fabric with raglan sleeves. Together with the cuff and neck design, these features mean you’ll be able to move freely in whatever direction the ride demands. So, you stay in control of your bike at all times.

These features combine to provide fantastic body temperature control alongside unrestricted maneuverability. As you’ll know, when you feel comfortable, you’ll perform at your best.

But, just because this jersey is lightweight doesn’t mean it’s delicate. The VENTilate Machine Jersey’s construction stands up well to the rigors of motocross.

Although it feels smooth and silky against your body, the material is durable and made to last. So, it’ll stand up to the wear and tear of even the toughest tracks or trails.

Advanced manufacturing techniques play a role. But so does the use of the best available materials and stringent quality control. That’s why you can be confident that you’ll feel comfortable and look good in a jersey made to perform race after race.

Alternative Design

If red, white, and blue aren’t you, no worries. Take a look at the striking VENTilate Digital Jersey.

It boasts the same features as the VENTilate Machine Jersey. But the color scheme is black and yellow with a subtle element of green.

If you’re after something that’ll really make you stand out from the crowd while you look and feel good, this one’s for you.

Motocross Jersey Feature Summary

OK, you’ve read the details, now here’s the quick summary of the features:

  • Stunning, eye-catching designs
  • Lightweight and comfortable, but durable
  • Vented and breathable material to keep you cool and dry
  • Ergonomic design for unrestricted movement

So, if you want to look and feel like a pro, the VENTilate Machine or Digital Jersey will do the job.

The Best Motocross Pants

Risk Racing’s VENTilate Machine Motocross Pants

Of course, the jersey is only half the story when you’re kitting yourself out for motocross.

Coordinated Pant Designs to Match Your Jersey

The other half is your pants. And the great news is there are pants to match both the VENTilate Machine and Digital jerseys.

The VENTilate Machine and Digital Pants provide you with perfect coordination. They make it easy for you to complete your all-round professional look.

Even better, you can adjust the fit at the waist so you’ll feel secure and look good.

But, as you know, pants are also crucial to your comfort and ability to perform on the track and trail. They’ll take more abuse than your jersey from the thrills and spills that motocross entails. 

Durable Comfort

So, your pants need to be durableenough to cope when you hit the dirt. But they also need to be supremely comfortableand lightweight. After all, you’ll be sitting and twisting and turning in them in all conditions.

This was very much at the forefront in the design of the VENTilate ‘Machine’ and ‘Digital’ Pants by Risk Racing. As a result, they epitomize everything that defines excellence in motocross pants.

The pants offer a unique zippered ventilation system. You’ll find zipped intake and exhaust ventsthat produce a wind tunnel-like effect when open. If it gets too chilly, just zip them up.

It’s a simple but effective innovation. And it means you operate at whatever temperature is most comfortable, allowing you to perform at your best.

Additionally, the pants incorporate perforations at those crucial hotspots at the crotch and inner thighs. This gives even greater comfort, ensuring you stay cool all round.

Make no mistake, the VENTilate Machine and Digital Pants are premiumproducts. That’s because they’re designed with the motocross rider in mind.

The full-length perforated lining adds to the quality, but without adding a heat trap.

But that’s not all. There’s real leather reinforcement at the main stress points on the pants, at the inner knees.

This ensures maximum durability in that area where constant rubbing creates a high risk of wear and tear on the material. So, you get to push your performance to the max with the comfort of knowing that your pants won’t let you down.

MX Pants Feature Summary

So, here’s a quick summary of the wealth of features these pants have to offer:

  • Front intake and rear exhaust zipped ventilation, giving you unique temperature control
  • Ventilation at the crotch and upper thigh with layered perforated paneling
  • Perforated full-length comfort lining for a quality feel
  • Waist adjustment to ensure the best fit for you
  • Leather reinforced inner knees for increased durability and protection
  • Designed to match the jersey for a stunning and professional look

  • So, you have supreme comfort and durability, plus designs to match the jerseys. This makes the VENTilate Machine and Digital Pants the finishing touches when it comes to looking and feeling your best.

    The Best Motocross Gloves

    Risk Racing’s VENTilate Machine Salute Motocross Gloves

    One thing that it’s easy to underestimate when it comes to motocross gear is the gloves. Well, neglect them at your peril.

    Remember, your hands play a crucial role in controlling your bike, as they’re in constant contact with it. You need to make sure your hands are fully protected, but in a way that doesn’t compromise the control you need.

    That’s why the VENTilate Machine Salute Motocross Gloves are an essential addition to your motocross kit bag. And they coordinate with the rest of the VENTilate Machine range.

    Ergonomic Fit Designed for Motocross

    The design of these gloves gives an ergonomic fit. That’s because it takes full account of the dynamics of clutching bike handles.  

    Your grip will be tightening and loosening as you negotiate the tracks and trails. So, the design of these gloves aims to ensure comfort, no matter what.

    The gloves’ fingers are sewn into a partially curved position, mimicking your fingers’ position on the handles. The curvature means that it’s easier for you to grip and loosen as the need arises. With this feature and the stretch material, you can adjust your grip without feeling the gloves tighten or pinchas you do so.

    That leaves you free to flex and unflex your grip to whatever position the conditions demand. As a result, you have complete, unrestricted control.

    For good measure, to maximize finger flexibility further, the gloves have built-in reliefs over the knuckles. So, when you need to tighten your grip, you can do so without feeling resistance at your knuckle joints.

    Reinforced for Durability and Designed for Comfort

    Again, the design is the fruits of a full understanding of the demands of motocross. To take account of the main stress point for gloves when you ride, you’ll find reinforced panels at the thumbs.

    So, their lightness of weight and flexibility are deceptive. The VENTilate Machine Salute Motocross Gloves are ruggedly durable.

    But that’s not all. The last thing you need mid-race is for your hands to feel hot and sweaty. Not only is that uncomfortable, but it can also undermine your control and performance. 

    That’s why these gloves use airprene, a perforated breathable fabric. Its breathability means you get maximum air circulation through the glove. So, your hands continue to feel dry, keeping them comfortable so that you can concentrate on the race.

    Designed for Grip

    Given the rolethat your hands play in motocross, your ability to maintain your grip on the handles is vital.

    So, you’ll find these gloves incorporate a silicone-coated palm area and fingertips. With these, you’ll have the confidence you need to control your bike and push your performance.

    Motocross Gloves Feature Summary

  • Pre-curved fingers with stretch fabric to give supreme flexibility
  • Increased flexibility around the knuckles with strategically placed reliefs
  • Reinforced thumb area for excellent durability
  • Designed with breathable airprene for comfort
  • Superb grip with silicone-coated palm and fingertip layers

  • As you can tell, a lot of experience has gone into designing these gloves for the demands of motocross. At the end of the day, your comfort and control are paramount to your performance.

    The Best Motocross Palm Protectors

    Risk Racing’s Motocross Palm Protectors

    With all that flexing and unflexing of your grip as you ride, your hands inevitably take a beating.

    The Problem of Blisters

    One thing you’ll find you’re prone to in motocross is painful blisters. These are real problems as they affect your palms and the sensitive area between your thumb and forefinger. They’re precisely the areas that are crucial to maintaining a good grip.

    Even if you can get through a race with no or only minor discomfort from blisters, you’re likely to suffer later. And, blistered up hands don’t only affect your performance. They can prevent you from competing altogether.

    The Risk Racing Solution

    Risk Racing Palm Protectors overcome this issue. These protectors act as a barrier to the blister-provoking friction of your hands rubbing against your gloves.

    The palm protectors consist of thin, soft neoprene-like material. They sit up close to your palms, shielding them from rubbing against the inside of your gloves. So, they get closer to your palms than it’s practical for your gloves to do.

    They also protect the area between your thumb and your forefinger, which is constantly rubbing against your grip flanges. 

    Their fingerless, minimalist design is intentional. You don’t want to bulk up your fingers unnecessarily because that’ll just impact the fit of your gloves and reduce finger flexibility. Anything that diminishes your grip and affects your bike control is bad news.

    So, the palm protectors loop over your fingers and target only the areas prone to blisters. They don’t pretend to be anything more than that because why over complicate it?

    So, the palm protectors just hug the most sensitive blister-prone areas of your hands. As a result, you get the protection you need, where you need it, and your hands don’t have to keep taking the abuse. 

    Sometimes, just keeping things simple is best for achieving the desired result. And the best thing is, once you put your gloves on over them, you’ll hardly notice they’re there.

    Help Reduce Vibration

    But there’s more. These palm protectors help absorb the vibrations that run up your arms from the handles. Those vibrations combine with the constant twisting and turning of your wrist to cause pain and stiffness in your forearms.

    Well, welcome to arm pump, the bain of a motocross rider’s life. It results in your forearms feeling like they’re locking. That’s not just painful, but it’s also dangerousas it restricts your bike control. And, it can be debilitating and put you out of motocross for long stretches.

    So, don’t let the deceptive simplicity of these palm protectors fool you.

    This video provides a further explanation of how they can help with your motocross riding.

    MX Palm Protectors Feature Summary

    Let’s sum it up. In this simple package, this is what you’ll get:

  • Thin but durable protective blister shield for your palms 
  • Comfortable soft material that’s barely noticeable under your gloves
  • Reduced vibration transfer from your bike, helping reduce arm pump risks

  • The Best Motocross Goggles

    Risk Racing’s Joy Ride and Conquer (J.A.C) Goggles

    It’s the nature of motocross that you’re going to get dirt and debris thrown up from the track or trail. You should never leave your eyes unprotected, so goggles are an essential item in your motocross kit.

    Protection and Safety

    The J.A.C Goggles design has these motocross risks in mind, using high impact-resistant Lexan for the lens. Consider that as protective armor for your eyes, but without compromising visibility.

    But, these goggles don’t just provide you with the ultimate eye protection. They also give you the broadest possible field of vision, so you don’t lose sight of what’s happening around you. That’s crucial to your safety.

    And, the J.A.C. goggles have built-in tear-off pins and come with 20 tear-off layers. So, no need to worry about all that mud and dirt that’s kicked up on the track or trail, you can clear your view in an instant. Tear off the mud-laden layer using the pull-tab, to reveal a clean sheet.

    The nature of motocross means you will, from time to time, need to replace the goggle lens. No problem. You can choose from a clear or dark lens, whatever suits your style. 

    Even with all that, the goggles don’t sacrifice comfort.


    So, their lightweight polyurethane frame means they don’t add unnecessary weight. Yet, these goggles are durableenough to withstand the rigors of the track or trail.

    On the inside of the frame, there’s triple-layer foam protection. That layer cushions your face from the frame. So, you get not only a comfortable fit but also a good seal.

    And that’s crucial to preventing sweat from rolling down your forehead and into your eyes. Instead, the triple-layer absorbs the sweat into the inner layer. That allows it to evaporate away through the outer layers.


    Now, you may think that with a good seal to your face, there’ll be moisture and fog build-up inside the goggles. As you’ll probably know, fogged-up goggles that reduce your visibility aren’t your best friend when it comes to motocross. 

    Don’t worry, that’s taken care of because the frame design vents away moisture, keeping your view fog-free.

    And there’s more. The outrigger design means these goggles keep that all-important seal with many different helmets. So, that means one less thing for you to stress about.

    They’re also equipped with a 45mm (1.77”) silicone backed strap to make sure the goggles stay put through all the action.

    Motocross Goggle Feature Summary

    Your head’s probably spinning trying to take all that in, so let’s sum it up:

  • Tough high impact-resistant Lexan lens
  • Built-in tear-off pins, with 20 tear-off strips included
  • Lightweight but durable frame designed to vent away moisture
  • Triple-layer foam cushioning that seals against dust and dirt and allows sweat to evaporate away
  • Outriggers to provide maximum helmet compatibility to maintain a tight seal
  • 45mm (1.77”) silicone-backed strap to keep the goggles securely in place

  • The Best MX Auto Roll-Off System

    Risk Racing’s Ripper Auto Roll-off System for Roll Off Goggles

    Even if you’re unfamiliar with the hazards of motocross, you can imagine the amount of dirt and mud that lands on your goggles. There are various systems available to clear your view and keep you riding safely and at your best.

    Manual Tear-Off and Roll-Off Systems

    We’ve mentioned one of these above, namely, the tear-off system

    If you're all fingers and thumbs at the best of times, you might find it trickyusing tear-offs. When you’re wearing gloves, you’ll probably find yourself ripping off a whole stack of tear-offs at once. Not great if you’ve still got a race to complete.

    An alternative is a roll-off system that uses a cartridge containing a transparent film. You attach that to one side of your goggles and pull it across to an empty canister on the other side. When you need to clear your goggles, you pull a cord on the blank side. Roll-offs draw the clean film across your field of view from the full cartridge.

    Taking your hands off the handles can upset your balance or control during a race, losing you vital time.

    Automated Wireless Roll-Off System

    The innovative Ripper Automated Roll-off System is the perfect solution. It overcomes the shortcomings of both the above systems.

    No more fumbling, or riding one-handed. Just press a button on your handlebar with your thumb, and the Ripper roll-off system rolls off the muddied film for you. That’s right. This wireless electronic system pushes lens clearing into a higher gear.

    Because your hands remain on the handlebars, you don’t lose your rhythm. That’ll improve your concentration and help your performance.

    If you want to see how easy and convenient this system is, watch this video for an in-ridedemo.

    A useful featureof the Ripper is that you can use it in two modes. One-tap will roll for 1½ seconds, while press and hold will roll for up to 5 seconds. So, you get real control over the lens clearing process to suit the riding conditions.

    The Ripper can be easily re-charged using a micro-USB cable. Don’t worry, if you should run out of charge during a race, you can override the system and switch to pull cord mode.

    Although it’s light, the Ripper is durable and weatherproof, as it’s designed for typical motocross conditions.

    Suppose you’ve already gotten a manual roll-off system, no problem, as the Ripper is compatible with most existing roll-offs. Check the product link above for a full list. 

    You can see how easy it is to fit and use it with other systems in this video.

    Goggle Roll-Off Feature Summary

    That’s a lot of functionality, so here’s a quick rundown:

  • Hands-free roll-off goggle lens clearing 
  • Clears your lens in 1 second
  • Compatible with many roll-off systems
  • Single burst mode or continuous mode clearing to suit conditions 
  • Lightweight at 116g (4oz), but durable and weatherproof construction
  • Rechargeable using a micro-USB cable
  • Quick and easy setup and use

  • The Best Motocross Grips

    Risk Racing’s Fusion 2.0 Moto Grips

    If you dreadthe time when you have to replace your handlebar grips because it’s so hard and messy, the Fusion 2.0 Moto Grips are for you.

    No more gluing and wiring only to have the grips slip on you anyway. And let’s not mention the spiking your hands suffer from the ends of the safety wire.

    The Fusion 2.0 Grips use a bonding strip that wraps around and adheres to your handles. With the Fusion 2.0 spray to lubricate the top surface of the bonding strip, you can easily slide the grips onto the handles.

    And that’s it, no glue and no wiring required. How is that? Well, that spray lubricant has a dual role. Making it easy to slide your new grips onto the handles, and into the position you want is its first job. Then, with no further effort on your part, it performs job number two, by bonding the grips in place within minutes.

    If you don’t believe how easy the Fusion 2.0 process is, check out this video. It’s child’s play.

    And the grips themselves, once fitted, are durable and help to reduce vibration

    Extra ribs give your outer fingers more traction, making your grip more secure. Plus, an ergonomically designed flange means no more blistersfrom your thumb rubbing against it.

    As you can see, these grips cover all the bases, leaving you wanting for nothing.

    MX Grips Feature Summary

  • Glueless, wire-free grip installation
  • Quick, easy and clean, no mess, no-slip
  • Vibration-reducing high-grip ergonomic construction
  • Built for durability

  • Conclusion

    If you want the best motocross gear, it’s vital to look for products designed with the specific needs of motocross riding in mind.

    You’ll want comfort, safety, and flexibility, along with great designs that will give you a professional look. That’s what you’ll get from these seven essentials for motocross riding set out above. They’ll make you feel good, so you’ll perform better.

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