Best Dirt Bike Tie Down System: Complete Buyer's Guide - Risk Racing

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Best Dirt Bike Tie Down System: Complete Buyer's Guide

July 27, 2020 5 Comments

Best Dirt Bike Tie Down System: Complete Buyer's Guide - Risk Racing

Transporting your dirt bike can be a hassle, with all the straps and gear. Luckily, there are transport systems designed to make your life a whole lot easier. 

The Lock-N-Load Transport System by Risk Racing is one of the best dirt bike tie-down systems on the market today. The system secures your bike without the use of straps or ties or wheel chocks. It is so simple to use and frees up a lot of room in your trailer or truck.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about the Lock-N-Load Moto Transport System, including how it compares to similar transport systems on the market.

Lock-N-Load Pro Overview

Your dirt bike is a precious investment, and it’s important to ensure its safety and security during travel. Transporting dirt bikes can make them prone to damage and theft, and so a secure tie-down system is instrumental for the safety of your bike

TheLock-N-Load Pro is a new, innovative, strapless transport system designed to protect and secure your bike during transport. The system is built from aluminum, sturdy enough to securely support your dirt bike. It uses a pair of locking jaws to secure your bike during transit.

The base of the Lock-N-Load Pro attaches to the bottom of your trailer, or to your truck bed itself. There are then jaws that secure around your bike, keeping it in place. This method of transport is quick and simple and will put no pressure on your bike.

The Lock-N-Load Pro is an innovative product that eliminates the need for straps. Using straps to tie-down your bike can be a hassle and takes up so much room in your trailer or truck. This system makes securing your bike a smooth and simple process, saves time, and frees up room in your truck or trailer.

What factors should I consider when shopping for dirt bike transport systems?

Choosing the best dirt bike transport system for you is an important task. You will want a system that is easy to use, safe, and secure. Between ratchet straps, wheel chocks, carrier hitches, and transport systems, there can be a lot to consider.

When shopping for a transport system, it is essential that you look for a durable system that will be able to withstand the weight and pressure of your bike. Some transport systems are not built sturdily enough, and cannot support the load of every bike built. Check the load ratings.

The best transport systems will be easy to use, without taking up too much time or effort. If you are going to invest in a dirt bike tie-down system, you will want one that makes your life easier, not more complicated. 

Tie-down straps are effective, but they can take up precious time and can take up extra space in your truck. A good transport system should free up room in your truck or trailer for other gear and equipment.

When searching for a dirt bike tie-down system, you will also want to keep safety in mind. You will want to invest in a piece of equipment that will keep your dirt bike secure, and prevent any potential accidents.

How does the Lock-N-Load Pro work?


The Lock-N-Load Pro system can be installed in a trailer, truck, or van. The system comes complete with all the parts needed to mount it, including all four bolts. You can also purchase additional mounting plates if needed.

The system is fully adjustable and will adapt to the width and height of your bike. It’s a really versatile system that will fit a large range of bikes and motorcycles.

To use the Lock-N-Load transport system, simply set the width that you need, and then roll your bike into the system. Once your bike is in place, press down on the ratcheting jaws until the bike is secure.

The Lock-N-Load Pro works by grabbing your bike by its footpegs, thus securing the front and rear of your dirt bike. The system distributes the load’s weight to the front and rear suspension. This will lead to less pressure being placed on your fork seals.

What is the Lock-N-Load Pro made out of?

The Lock-N-Load Pro transport system is built out of extruded aluminum. The material was chosen for its durability and will be able to bear the weight of your bike.

Extruded aluminum is not only durable, but it is also lightweight. This will make it easier for you to remove the Lock-N-Load jaws, should you need your truck bed or trailer for other things.

Who Makes the Lock-N-Load Pro?

The Lock-N-Load Pro is made by us right here at Risk Racing. Risk Racing is a motocross company founded by James Burry. Burry is a motocross racer and enthusiast himself. He attended Colorado State University, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also attended Purdue University and earned a BA in Industrial Design as well as several design awards including sweeping a Big Ten intercollegiate design competition.

After college Burry designed mountain bikes for Decathlon, a French sporting company.  He went on to design several popular and award winning products within several different industries including sporting good, hand tools, and even medical equipment.  Soon James' passion for motocross lead him to start Risk Racing right out of his own garage.

James Burry’s Risk Racing company focuses on designing and creating top-notch racing products. They are passionate about creating innovative sporting products, like the Lock-N-Load Pro transport system

The company is headquartered in North Carolina. They areMX Sponsors and are very invested in the racing community

The company has announced a partnership with the American Motorcyclist Association. They are extremely dedicated in their aim to make incredible products for motorcycle and dirt bike enthusiasts.

The Lock-N-Load is definitely Risk Racing’s most popular product, but the company sells all kinds of racing adjacent products. They sell everything from starting gates and grips to tanks and stands. The company even offers an EZ utility jug and storage mount to accompany your Lock-N-Load Pro.

All of their products are carefully engineered and tested for performance. They take their product design seriously. And the Lock-N-Load Pro’s popularity speaks for itself.

What comes with the Lock-N-Load Pro?

When you order the Lock-N-Load Pro, you will receive everything you need to install the system. This includes the floor plate mount, a pair of jaw arms, and the mounting hardware.

It actually comes with multiple types of mounting hardware depending on your installation needs, whether attaching to a wood floor or drilling through metal. The company does sellextra mounting plates, as well asrubber jaw replacements.

What sizes does the Lock-N-Load Pro come in?


The Lock-N-Load Pro transport system comes in two sizes: the Lock-N-Load mini, and the standard Lock-N-Load.

The mini size is intended for bikes in the range of 50cc Jr to 110cc Trail. The maximum weight that the Lock-N-Load mini can handle is 200 lbs. 

The width of the footpegs on your bike, if you’re looking to use the Lock-N-Load mini, should be 18-20 inches, with the footpegs themselves being 12.5 to 14.75 inches off the ground.

The Lock-N-Load Standard is designed for bikes between 85cc to 690cc Enduro. The maximum weight that the standard Lock-N-Load can take is 315 lbs.

The width of the footpegs on your bike, if you’re going to be purchasing the standard sized Lock-N-Load system, should measure from 10 to 20 inches. The pegs should be 15-17.5 inches off of the ground.

It is recommended that you carefully measure your bike to see which system will work best for you.

How do you install the Lock-N-Load Pro?

Installing the Lock-N-Load Pro is easiest if you have another set of hands to help you out. Here is a step by step set of instructions for how to install the Lock-N-Load Pro into your truck bed.

The Risk Racing YouTube Channel has a step by step video (see above) that shows you how to install the Lock-N-Load Pro system, in case you have any further concerns or questions.

  1. Bring your bike up onto your truck bed. Have a friend hold your bike where you want it positioned in your truck.
  2. While your friend holds the bike steady, slide the Lock-N-Load Pro into position against the footpegs.
  3. Using a pen or pencil, mark the location of the mounting plate. Mark the holes, too.
  4. Remove the bike from your truck bed, as well as the Lock-N-Load.
  5. Now it’s time to drill into your truck bed. Drill into the holes that you have marked. It’s a good idea to look under your truck bed before you start drilling.
  6. Use the supplied hardware for the truck bed mount. Take the 4 bolts and drop them through the holes that you have just drilled.
  7. Now go under the truck. You may need to lower the spare tire for this.
  8. Locate the 4 bolts, and place the provided washer and locknut on the 4 bolts.
  9. Have a friend sit in the truck bed and rotate the bolts from the top.
  10. While your friend is rotating the bolts, go underneath to access and secure the lock nuts onto bolts.
  11. Now you can install the jaw arms, slide them into the slots on the mounting plate.
  12. Raise the jaws
  13. You are now ready to load your bike!

How do you use the Lock-N-Load Pro?

To use the Lock-N-Load Pro moto transport system, wheel your bike into your truck bed, trailer, or motovan. Once your bike is where you want it, rotate the knobs on the Lock-N-Load into the lock position. The footpegs of your bike should hit the open jaws of the Lock-N-Load.

Making sure that the red ratchet switch is in the down position on both sides, you simply step on the upper jaws of the Lock-N-Load while sitting on your bike. You will hear them automatically lock into place. Now, take your weight off your bike and it will be stable and secure until you reach your destination.

Once you get to wherever you are going, releasing your bike is simple. Put both red switches in the up position, then hop on the bike and step on the jaws. This will cause the jaws to release, freeing your motorcycle.

If you are worried about the safety of your bike, you can insert locking pins before transport. The locking pins will help back up and stabilize your bike while it is being transported.

You could also replace the locking pins with padlocks if you are particularly worried about theft during transit.

Is the Lock-N-Load Pro heavy?

No, the Lock-N-Load Pro is not extremely heavy. It is made out of durable aluminum. However, it is rather lightweight. This makes it easy to move and store if you need to use your truck bed or trailer for other tasks.

Will I need to purchase any accessories, like wheel chocks, with the Lock-N-Load Pro?

No, the Lock-N-Load Pro stabilizes your bike, eliminating the need for wheel chocks. 

You may want to purchase an extra mounting plate or a replacement rubber jaw, but those accessories are optional. Everything you need to install the tie-down system will come when you purchase the Lock-N-Load Pro.

What alternatives are there to using the Lock-N-Load Pro?

There are a variety of ways to secure your dirt bike for transport. One of the most common ways to secure your dirt bike is through the use of tie-down straps. There are also a few other dirt bike transport systems on the market.

Another way in which you can transport your dirt bike is through the use of a hitch. A dirt bike hitch carrier will attach to the back of your car, van, or SUV. You can secure your dirt bike directly to the back of your vehicle and you are ready to go.

Dirt bike hitch carriers can be quick and simple to use, freeing up valuable time and allowing you to get going on the road in a matter of minutes. While hitch carriers may be ideal for some, they do pose some problems.

Why is using the Lock-N-Load Pro better than using a dirt bike hitch carrier?

Hitch carriers leave your dirt bike exposed to the weather and elements. Severe rain or winds could wind up scratching your bike or damaging it irreparably. In addition, having your bike exposed can make it a target for thieves

Also, purchasing a low-quality hitch carrier can lead to a poor product that may not be able to bear the weight of your dirt bike. Be careful when purchasing hitch carriers, and be sure to invest in a quality one that can support the load of your dirt bike.

Using the Lock-N-Load Pro in a trailer will keep your bike safe from the weather, and from potential theft. You also won’t have to worry about your dirt bike falling off of the back of your car.

Why is using the Lock-N-Load Pro better than using tie-down straps?

Every rider has their own preference when it comes to transporting their bikes. Using ratchet straps is a tried and true method of securing your bike, and is sure to keep your bike safe and secure. It is also a cheaper method. However, it does have some downfalls.

For example, straps can get tangled or lost. The complicated ritual of tying your bike down, ratcheting the straps, and checking the suspension every single time you want to transport your bike can become quite a hassle.

If you use your bike frequently and are transporting it often, you may want to invest in a system that makes the whole process quick and easy. A transport system like the Lock-N-Load Pro eliminates a lot of time and effort that would’ve been eaten up by all that tying and ratcheting.

TheLock-N-Load Pro makes the process of transporting your dirt bike so much easier. It frees up the space that would have been taken up by straps, which gives you more room to store your gear.

If you are transporting multiple bikes, straps can become tangled and cross-hatched, making the whole situation a complicated mess. TheLock-N-Load eliminates the need for straps and makes transporting multiple bikes a smooth and streamlined process.

The Lock-N-Load also takes a lot of pressure off the fork seals while you are transporting your bike. Transporting your bike using ratchet straps can wind up putting a lot of pressure on your fork seals, which is not good for your bike.

Can you remove the Lock-N-Load Pro from your truck bed?

Yes, the Lock-N-Load Pro can be removed from your transport vehicle's floor. You have a couple of options if you need more room in your transport vehicle. 

You could just remove the arms and leave the low profile mounting plate. Simply loosen the two screws that secure the jaws, and remove the arms.

Or if you absolutely needed to you could remove the whole thing but you would be left with four holes. That is the idea behind the mounting plate having such a low profile so that it can be left in the transport vehicle and not be in the way during other truck/trailer uses. 

Whenever you need to reinstall the Lock-N-Load Pro, simply slide the arms back in and thumb-screw them back into the mounting plate.

Will the Lock-N-Load put pressure on my fork seals?

No, the Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Transport system will not put pressure on your fork seals. The Lock-N-Load works through its innovative floor-mounted locking jaws. The jaws clamp around your motorcycle’s footpegs, securing your bike during transit.

As the footpegs are tightly secured, your bike will remain erect, upright, and secure. It will be stabilized during the entirety of transit. And because the bike is secured through the footpegs, there will be little to no pressure placed on your fork seals.

If I leave my bike in the Lock-N-Load Pro overnight, will it cause any damage?

No, leaving your dirt bike in the Lock-N-Load Pro overnight will not cause any damage to your bike.

You can feel free to leave your bike in the Lock-N-Load for extended periods of time. Because of the way the rubberized jaws secure your bike near the footpeg, leaving your bike in the Lock-N-Load will not cause any damage to your bike or the suspension.

While in the Lock-N-Load,your bike sits at less than the pre-load height. This means that the pressure is distributed to both the front and rear suspension. The equal distribution of pressure is better for your bike.

How does the Lock-N-Load Pro compare to other transport systems?

The Lock-N-Load Pro transport system is one of the most popular strapless transport systems on the market. While it is more expensive than the traditional ratchet straps, it eliminates a lot of the hassle.

Can I transport multiple bikes with the Lock-N-Load Pro?

Yes, you can transport multiple bikes with the Lock-N-Load Pro. You will simply have to install more systems into your truck bed or trailer.

Once the Lock-N-Loads are installed into your truck bed or trailer, you can mount all your bikes side by side. It is advised to stagger the handlebars in order to fit all your bikes. 

How does the switch release work?

The switch release on the Lock-N-Load Pro makes securing and releasing your bike a breeze. To use the switch release, just flip the red switch to lock or release the arm ratchet system.

Flipping the switch down will lock the bike down while flipping the switch up will cause the jaws to release.

This easy to use switch release system will save you time and energy that would’ve been spent fiddling with tie-down straps.

Will the Lock-N-Load Pro work for my 2-stroke?

Yes, the Lock-N-Load Pro will work for both 2-strokes and 4-strokes. Make sure to loosen the thumbscrews on the arms to adjust for width every time on a 2 stroke as not to damage the exhaust.

Does the Lock-N-Load Pro only work for trailers?

The Lock-N-Load Pro will work for a wide array of transportation vehicles including trucks, trailers, vans, motorhomes, factory trucks, airplanes, and helicopters!

There is even a step-by-step tutorial on the Risk Racing website demonstrating how to attach the Lock-N-Load Pro’s mounting plate onto a wooden floor. This product is extremely versatile, and will help you secure your dirt bike and safely transport it anywhere!

How do reviewers respond to the Lock-N-Load Pro?

The Lock-N-Load Pro has earned 5 stars out of 5 stars from14 reviews from customers right here. Many reviewers describe the product as amazing, easy to use, and easy to install

Many users describe the ease and simplicity of using the Lock-N-Load Pro. Some Amazon reviews have even referred to the product as “life-saving.” A common theme of reviews is that this product will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Will the Lock-N-Load scratch my motorcycle?

No, the Lock-N-Load will not scratch your motorcycle. It was designed to safely and carefully keep your bike secure during transit. The jaws that hold your motorcycle in place are rubberized, preventing any potential damage.

What else does Risk Racing sell?

Risk Racing sells a variety of racing equipment. They are committed to creating innovative, durable, and effective sporting equipment.

In addition to the Lock-N-Load transport system, Risk Racing sells durable starting gates that are electronically controlled by the rider.

The company sells gear and grips, goggles and gloves. Pretty much anything that is dirt bike or racing adjacent, you can find on the Risk Racing website.

Will the Lock-N-Load Pro work for transporting street motorcycles?

Generally, no, the Lock-N-Load Pro will not work for transporting street bikes. The Lock-N-Load transport system was designed and created with dirt bikes in mind. The answer to this question will depend on the size of your motorcycle.

It is hard to generalize, but most standard motorcycles like Harleys will be too wide to fit into the Lock-N-Load Pro.

How much does the Lock-N-Load Pro cost?

The cost of the Lock-N-Load Pro is $279.99 with the option of 4 interest-free payments of $70. Comparatively, you can order the original version of the Lock-N-Load for $179.99.

The price is on the premium side of this type of equipment. Especially when you are comparing it to cheap tie-down straps. But for a one time purchase and one-time installation, it can make your life a lot easier and safer too!

Do I need to use wheel chocks with the Lock-N-Load Transport system?

The Lock-N-Load Pro transport system will keep your bike extremely secure and stable as you transport it without the need for wheel chocks or any other accessories.

Pros of the Lock-N-Load Transport System

  • The system frees up valuable space in your truck bed or trailer
  • Eliminates the need for complicated tie-down straps and wheel chocks
  • Puts much less pressure on the fork seals
  • You can quickly release your bike from the jaws and get to riding
  • The Lock-N-Load Pro is fully adjustable, making it adaptable to any bike

  • Cons of the Lock-N-Load Transport System

  • More expensive than standard tie-down straps
  • Mounting plate will remain drilled into your truck bed floor (non-issue for many)

  • Summary of the Lock-N-Load Pro Moto Transport System

    • The Lock-N-Load Pro is a strapless dirt bike transport system that will save you time and energy when transporting your dirt bike
    • The standard Lock-N-Load can handle bike sizes from 85cc to 690 Enduro
    • The maximum weight that the Lock-N-Load can handle is 315 pounds
    • The mounting plate of the Lock-N-Load secures to the base of your truck or trailer bed
    • Rubberized jaws keep your bike secured during transit
    • The system allows you to adjust to the height and width of your dirt bike


    That is everything you need to know about the best dirt bike tie-down system on the market, the Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Pro.

    5 Responses

    Risk Racing
    Risk Racing

    April 05, 2022

    Hey Dan,

    We believe you’ll want to get the Lock-N-Load Mini Pro for that bike. However please refer to the sizing chart on the lock-n-load pro page on our website. And yes, we do sell the lock-n-load pro mounting plate separately, so you can remove the uprights from one mounting plate and put them in another.

    Lock-N-Load Mini Pro =
    Lock-N-Load Mounting Plate =


    April 05, 2022

    Can I assume this will work for a 2013 Yamaha TW 200? And is the bolt-on floor plate available for purchase separately as I have 2 trailers but don’t want to purchase 2 complete lock-n-load system’s. Just want to transfer the jaws trailer to trailer.

    Terry Sapsford
    Terry Sapsford

    March 24, 2021

    I am just wondering if you have a version of this for mountain bikes or road bikes. I think I could just bolt this to my tonneau cover

    Risk Racing
    Risk Racing

    February 09, 2021

    Hey Kenneth! Great question. Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for you at the moment when it comes to e-bikes. However, with the growth in their popularity, that is a market we are looking into and seeing if we would be able to offer a unique solution. Stay tuned!

    kenneth henson
    kenneth henson

    September 17, 2020

    The system sounds impressive!!! I own to ebikes with 4 inch wide tires- needlessly to say no pegs- got any possible solutions . I pull a large travel trailer so no hitch mount- the new ultra lite trailer bumper should never have any weight on bumper. Each bike is approximately 70 pounds.

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