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Cool and Unique Gift Ideas for Dirt Bike Riders

November 03, 2020

Cool and Unique Gift Ideas for Dirt Bike Riders - Risk Racing

So you have that special someone in your life that pretty much lives and breaths dirt bikes? Perhaps they ask for something dirt bike related every Birthday or Christmas, but you have no clue where to start. Let’s face it, dirt bike accessories seem to be expensive. We’ll provide you with Gift ideas that are affordable, on the cutting edge of technology, yet are tough enough for dirt biking. 

The perfect Dirt Bike gift is designed for repetitive use, impact, exposure to mud/dirt, and is comfortable. It makes life easier, safer, avoids repairs costs, or helps them perform better. Look at reviews, make sure it’s long-lasting and pick a budget. Gift prices range from $10 to 100’s of dollars.   

We are here to guide you so that you can be confident in your purchase recommended by a team of people who absolutely love dirt bikes.

We’ll discuss the best dirt bike-specific products, what they are, and why they make a great gift. We will also give you a full price range to pick from so you’ll spend exactly what you were hoping for.

 Also, a lot of these gift ideas don’t depend on knowing exactly what bike they have just in case you don’t happen to have that information.

Here's the list. Click on each one to jump to it's section in the article.

Best Dirt Bike Gift Card: Price $10.00-$100.00

Best Dirt Bike Goggles $49.99

Best Goggle Roll Off Wireless Solution: $149.99

5 Best Dirt Bike Jersey, Pants, Gloves Combo: $144.67-$157.97

Best Dirt Bike Pants $99.99

Best Dirt Bike Jersey $32.99

Best Dirt Bike Gloves $24.99

Best Dirt Bike Palm Protector $7.99

Best Dirt Bike Handlebar Grips $19.99

Best Dirt Bike Handlebar Accessories for Mud/Wet Conditions $7.99

Best Dirt Bike Adjustable Stand $139.99

Ride-On Lift Dirt Bike Stand $149.99

Dirt Bike Strapless Transport System $179.99

Best Dirt Bike Strapless Adjustable Transport System $279.99

Best Dirt Bike Fork Seal Solution $24.99

Best Deformable Ceiling Light for Bike Maintenance $129.99

Best Adjustable Screw-In Garage Light for Dirt Bike Work $249.99

Dirt Bike Utility Jugs 3 gallon $34.99 and 5 gallon $49.99

Best Dirt Bike Gift Card: Price $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, $100.00

Risk Racing Gift Card

What makes these a great gift?

Want it quick and dirty? Get them a gift card from Risk Racing, a five-star leader in the dirt biking industry. Make it easy.

  • Interest-free financing available by spreading out your purchase into 4 easy payments.
  • Dirt Bike products price range: $ 2.99 - $100+ 
  • Product built, design, and tested by dirt bike riders 


Customer Testimonial:

Perfect Gift - “I know my nephew loves Risk Racing but had no idea what he needed, so this was a perfect gift! He loved it!” - T. Conner on Sep 15, 2017 





Best Dirt Bike Goggles $49.99 

Joy Ride and Conquer (J.A.C) Goggles 

Goggles need to be designed to comfortably seal and protect the dirt bikers’ eyes from dirt/debris, offer a wide optical view, and be used with any dirt bike helmet. These are ideal for riders who go on private property, mountain trails, or on motocross race tracks. 

What makes these a great gift?

They have a bonus tear-off system already included and pins are set up allowing the viewer to clear their vision without having to wash them while they ride in the dirt and debris splatter. 

Multi-layered foam not only absorbs dust and sweat but it also aids in your goggles in being anti-fog and reduces moisture within the lens. 


  • The clear lens has UVA, UVB & UVC filters as well as anti-fog, scratch-resistant, Lexan built-into the lens. 
  • The 45mm goggle oversized strap has silicone beads comfortably sealing and securing them around your helmet and face. 
  • Lightweight tear-off system with built-in pins also includes 20 Tear-Off layers 


Another Winner from Risk Racing!! - “Over the years I have purchased several products from Risk, so I figured I would give their goggles a try (they are new I think?). $40, why not? Man was I blown away! They fit my face so well and the comfort was great! I cannot believe the quality for this price, I'll be getting another pair soon!”- Larry Davis on Jun 19, 2020  


Best Goggle Roll Off Wireless Solution: $149.99

The RIPPER Auto Roll Off System

What makes these a great gift?

When your dirt bike pal already has a roll-off system you can help them become even safer. This system frees up their hands so they can keep their hands on the handlebars with this completely automatic system. There is NO other product like this on the market today! 

  • With a tap of the button, the RIPPER wirelessly engages it’s arm, pulling the Roll off Goggles cord in less than 1-second giving you more of a “Hands-Free” Automatic Roll off System.
  • You can Purchase additional Remotes allowing you to sync the RIPPER to multiple rides.
  • Auto-Burst/Continuous Modes- Press the Remote button and activate the RIPPER for approx. 1.5 seconds or hold and activate it for a continuous-time (up to 5 seconds).


Safety First!!“I have two boys (12 and 16 years old) who have been doing hare scrambles for a couple years. We heard about the ripper and wanted to try it out. The boys love it!! Very easy install and use. And-- the benefit for a "dirt bike mom" they are far more safe with their hands on the handlebars. Thanks Risk for such a cool and easy product. We will back for more, I am sure.”-Liz onApr 22, 2020

Confirmed Roll-Off Goggle Compatibility:

  • 100% Accuri Forecast
  • 100% Strata SVS
  • 100% Youth Accuri Forecast
  • 100% Youth Strata SVS
  • Fly Racing Goggle Roll-Off System
  • Fox Air Defence
  • Fox Vue
  • Leatt 5.5 Roll-Off System
  • Leatt 6.5 Roll-Off System
  • Rip N Roll Platinum
  • Rip N Roll Colossus
  • Rip N Roll Hybrid
  • Scott Fury
  • Scott Hustle X
  • Scott Split OTG WFS
  • Scott Youth Buzz Works
  • Smith Roll Offs Kit
  • THOR Sniper with Total Vision System



5 Best Dirt Bike Jersey, Pants, Gloves Combo: $144.67-$157.97

MX Jersey, Pants, and Gloves Combos 

  1. VENTilate Machine Pants ($99.99), Jersey ($32.99) and Gloves (24.99) -red, blue, black, and white
  2. VENTilate Digital Pants ($99.99), Jersey ($32.99) and Gloves ($24.99)-yellow, teal, black and white
  3. VENTilate Pants $99.99, Jersey ($32.99) and Gloves ($24.99)-white, black, red
  4. VENTilate Pants $99.99, Jersey ($32.99) and Gloves ($24.99)-blue, red, black
  5. Vector Pants $89.99, Jersey ($29.69) and Carbide Gloves ($24.99) -white, black, red

Let’s face it riding gear can really add up money-wise and finding long-lasting gear that protects the rider and is comfortable can be hard to come by. Riders really need to wear riding gear to protect themselves in a crash.

What makes these a great gift?

These Moto Combo sets make it easy to pick out the right sizes because you can buy them according to their normal clothing size. It’s so nice to be able to match dirt bikes top and bottom and yet still be able to buy them separately so you can adapt to your rider’s unique body. 

These moto riding gear sets protect from typical scratches and cuts during a wreck but then take it to another level and helps protect a rider when brushing up against the bike’s exhaust. These 5 different moto sets do just that and they come in a range of diverse colors, designs, and styles that will help your rider stand out from the crowd, at a fraction of the price. 


Gear Testimonial:

Great Gear - “I own more than one set of Risk Racing gear and totally love it, it is durable, comfortable and a great product that I would highly recommend to others.”-Darren K. on Nov 03, 2019


Best Dirt Bike Pants $99.99

VENTilate Machine Pants (4 Color Variations) 

What makes these a great gift?

They are one of the best-designed dirt bike pants on the market because of their uniquely zippered “intake and exhaust” ventilation system. In addition, you can buy a matching VENTilate jersey with complimentary built-in vents going from the armpit to the inner arm. 

These pants are unlike any motocross pants out there and are truly unique. They are reinforced in all of the areas that see the most wear and tear and yet they adjust in size, have adaptable venting, and are downright comfortable.    

  • The pant’s waistline is adjustable using micro-ratcheting allowing for a more tailored, yet secure fit.
  • Stretchable material that is made specifically for areas thatneed to be flexible.
  • The Digital and Machine are not only fully lined pant legs but they have built-in reinforced genuine leather panels including a perforated crotch and upper thighs reigns.



VENTILATE GEAR - “I love this combo! The pants are rugged, have elastic in all the right places, and the vents are really nice to have. They are on the top of my list of favorite racing pants!” - Anthony Ferro on Mar 25, 2018



Best Dirt Bike Jersey $32.99

VENTilate Machine Jersey (4 Color Variations)

What makes these a great gift?

Think of this Jersey like an extra layer of skin, it’s that important to have. It will help protect the rider during crashes and we'll still keep them cool riding in the hot sun.    

  • Material pulls moisture away from the skin and has tiny, built-in perforations.
  • The Risk VENTilate jersey features micro-perforations that pull moisture to the exterior of the silky material.This lightweight material also allows riders to easily navigate throughout tracks and trails.
  •  Large vented panels effectively cool the body while exerting tons of energy.


Jersey Testimonial:

great jersey - “Very durable, Doing hard enduro its built to last” -  Kevin W. on Jun 05, 2020



Best Dirt Biking Gloves $24.99

VENTilate Machine Gloves (4 Color Variations)

What makes these a great gift?

 The Ventilate gloves are designed specifically for dirt bike riders, giving them an optimal grip when tightening the handlebars. These gloves are sewn with the fingers already in a curved position. This reduces the restriction of the rider's hand so that they can get the best grip possible and don’t have to fight a “tight” glove. When ripping the dirt bike trails having theVENTilate gloves ensures a better grip which really is essential.  

  • Lycra knuckle reliefs provide extra stretch right where they need it
  • A layer of Silicone applied to each finger and palm increasing grip
  • Made from airprene fabric selected to allow venting for sweating palms  



These are the best! - “These gloves are the most comfortable and stylish pair that I own! I love the salute!”- Rick Montgomery on Jul 17, 2017


Best Dirt Bike Stocking Stuffer -Palm Protectors $7.99

Risk Racing’s Palm Protector

What makes these a great gift?

Two of the most annoyingly painful side effects common for dirt bike riders are “Arm Pump” and blisters. These are caused by the vibration absorbed by the arm from gripping constantly jerking handlebars. 

This is the nature of the beast and comes with the territory but getting palm protectors can greatly reduce arm pump and blisters and are very affordable. Riders use them inside their gloves to add more of an optimal grip and reduce injury.

  • Very-thin palm protection that acts as a second layer of skin
  • Full palm coverage and bridges the sensitive “Grip” area between the index finger and thumb.
  • They come in three convenient sizes Small/Medium, Large, Xtra Large


Palm protectors - "Actually the palm protectors are my son’s , he has a pair that he has wore out and needed Some new pairs so I purchased them for him for Christmas. He loves them , they work out great for him.” - Justin S. on Jan 01, 2019


Best Dirt Bike Handlebar Grips $19.99

Fusion Grips from Risk Racing 

What makes these a great gift?

When a dirt bike rider is out riding the trails, one of the annoying things that can happen is the plastic grip doesn’t grip the metal handlebar underneath and your grip slips. 

You need your grips to be reliable so that when you are maneuvering your bike on the trail in heavy woods you can handle your bike. A lot of dirt bikes weigh around 200 lbs so It's vital to have control over it. These Fusion Grips don’t require wire tying and are incredibly easy to put on making them superior to other grips on the market.

  • Double-walled compound grip reduces vibration and more durable during impacts
  • Fusion grip has an Ergonomic bend to reduce blisters on the thumb and flange areas
  • 3 Ribbed grip design enhances the rider’s control of the bike by having a better hold


Great product - “Easy to apply and never had a single problem or have never had grip move…”- Michael Salsman on Dec 30, 2019



Best Dirt Bike Handlebar Accessories for Wet/Muddy Conditions $7.99

Risk Racing’s Mud Grips 

What makes these a great gift?

In addition to the Fusion Grips for the handlebars, another inexpensive way to improve the dirt biker’s grip in extremely muddy conditions is to buy these Mud Grips. They just slip onto the handlebar grips and that unexpected mud on the trial is no match. They make getting dirty that much more fun! Mud happens!

  • Slide right on and work withany handlebars.
  • Material compresses making it very thin giving you an improved grip without hassle 
  • Reusable and Washable for a long-lasting helpful product


No Slip Grip! - “Mud grips have lasted a full 3 hrs in a downpour mudfest hare scramble for me. Were they trash after 3 hours of racing? Certainly. Were they worth $8 for only one race? Hell yes they were! These grips simply slide over the top of the rubber grips already installed on your handlebars. They're made of a lite foam that squeezes down to almost nothing. They add virtually zero width to your normal grips but the "traction" that they give your hands when they are wet/muddy is unreal. They don't slip/spin around and your hands don't slip ever. They're basically like cheating when it's muddy out. Don't run these when its dry out, you'll just ruin them for no reason. But if it's raining/muddy out, you'll never regret putting these on your bike, guaranteed.”-Matt Walsh onJan 29, 2018



Best Dirt Bike Adjustable Stand $139.99

A.T.S. Magnetic Stand 

What makes these a great gift?

This stand adjusts to the bike so you don’t need to know what bike they have in order to buy this for them. This stand allows both tires to be off the ground which is ideal for washing and maintenance. Dirt Bike riders really should clean their dirt bike after every ride and perform an oil change after 10 hours of hard riding. Plus since most dirt bikes don’t have kickstands it’s a safer way to store a dirt bike.  

  • Has two adjustable Turnbuckles and Locknuts that allows the bike to be leveled in place
  • Magnetic Side Panels making it incredibly convenient to stick tools and bolts to 
  • The top surface is Non-Marring Chemical Resistance Rubber that allows for easy oil changes 


Awesome stand! - “Got mine today and was initially impressed with the quality and it feels much sturdier than my last stand (which I am replacing because it is bent up due to normal use). My hunch is this stand will hold up better than my last. Plus, I have a KTM 450 and this made it sit perfectly level. Hated my front tire touching. I have only played with the magnets so far, but they feel very strong. I am sure they will work well for me. Smart design!” - Collin M on Mar 27, 2019



Ride On Lift Dirt Bike Stand$149.99

RR1 Lift/Stand by Risk Racing

What makes these a great gift?

Perfect for the rider who doesn’t want to lift their dirt bike on to the stand. It’s really easy to operate and lift a bigger bike. This stand is ideal for someone who rides often and is getting into riding at Motocross tracks. This is also very helpful for shorter riders that have a harder time lifting their bike onto a conventional stand.  

  • Lightweight 17 lbs. and is compatible with most bikes that are 85cc-450cc
  • Ride on, It does the lifting with an easy to use foot lever, and it can lock into place
  • A large riveted rubber top helps stabilize the bike and is designed for oil changes


Love this - “After a full day of practice, using this was so easy. My 10 yr old daughter could lift up my 250 with ease using this. Amazing product from an amazing company.” -John on Oct 09, 2020



Best Dirt Bike Strapless Transport System $179.99

Lock-N-Load Strapless Moto transport system

What makes these a great gift?

This system is a much easier and safer way to transport a dirt bike that doesn’t involve tie-down straps. The rider can simply install, ride their dirt bike to the system, press the jaws down on the bike's footpegs, locks into place, and doesn’t put extra pressure on the fork seals or suspension of the bike.

  • Incredibly easy to operate, easy to load, and secure dirt bike in no time
  • Has an easy quick release leaving a very low profile plate behind
  • Help utilize space allowing more room for bikes, gear, and equipment.


Bike lock“This has to be one of the coolest and most secured item I have ever bought. It's nice to know that after spending $8000 dollars on a new bike for my son it is a big piece of mind to know it is secured on the trailer. Thank you Risk racing, customer for life” - Chuck on Jul 10, 2020


Best Adjustable Dirt Bike Transport System$279.99

Lock-N-Load Moto Pro transport system

What makes these a great gift?

Go all out on an amazing gift for someone and spoil them and their dirt bike! This is the upgraded version of the  Lock-n-load system and it makes their dirt biking life much easier. This system offers a ratchet-like mechanism that accommodates a range of different size bikes. 

  • Rubberized jaws safely lock onto the dirt bikes footpegs for a secure fit
  • Comes in 2 sizes: Mini 50cc Jr to 110cc Trail (max weight: 200 lbs) and Pro 85cc to 690 Enduro (max weight: 315 lbs) 
  • Offers a quick release switch allowing for adjustable heights. 


Awesome! Made it possible“This product is fantastic. I am now able to fit 3 bikes securely in our Sprinter van. The bikes are two full size and a Supermini, all two strokes. Love the product. It makes everything so much easier. Buy it, it is worth it.” - Sam Campbell on Mar 26, 2020


Best Dirt Bike Fork Seal Solution $24.99

The Seal Doctor 

Fork seals on a dirt bike usually get a lot of abuse since the suspension of the dirt bike is constantly being exposed to the elements, debris, and dirt. These can rack up the repair cost of having to have specialty tools or hire a mechanic. 

Fork seals are just really finicky when it comes to little tiny particles getting into the seal. This can cause leakage and can lead to even more damage to other parts. Dirty bikes can easily hide and cause problems. 

What makes these a great gift?

The seal Doctor is a tiny thin oil seal that easily pops into the leaky seal and removes the dirt and so you can get right back out on the trails. Repairing these seals can happen a few times a year so it is so nice to have a quick solution that easily fits into a travel pack. Keep in mind that most of the time it’s a dirt issue but you’ll always want to inspect for seal damage and repair accordingly.

  • Seal Doctor comes with a convenient Cover keeping its sealed, clean, and easily stores
  • Comes in two different sizes: Large (45MM-55MM) and Small (35MM-45MM)
  • Is a really quick fix, takes seconds, and doesn’t require specialty tools to install


Works Every Time“I've had the Seal Doctor for years. Works great every time” - T83 on Jun 10, 2020

Dirt Bike Garage Lighting 

You could really spoil your dirt bike gift recipient with better garage lighting! It can be so frustrating working on your dirt bike under poor lighting conditions, especially if there is a potential issue. Dirt bikes get dirty, and constantly need cleaned, maintained, and fixed and you could truly be their hero hooking them up with some of the best garage lighting on the market   


Best Deformable Ceiling light for Dirt Bike Work $129.99

TRiLIGHT Ceiling Light 

What makes these a great gift?

This TRiLIGHT twists right into where a normal screw in a light bulb would go but provides 5 times the amount of light/lumens and only uses about a third the power. Aside from it’s efficiency benefits, it’s deformable and has three adjustable light heads that allows you to alter the light’s direction anytime you need it.

  • Responsive motion sensor with a 90-second timer, or can be light switch operated 
  • Offers 4000 lumens using 24 watts of power and lasts 50,000 hours 
  • Made by the original creator guaranteeing a quality light, not a knockoff poorly made replica.


I can see - “Mounted one of these in my garage. I can now actually work on my motorcycle without using a flashlight. This is a bright light and the motion sensor option is very sensitive. Overall, very happy with purchase. Wish I had two (Hint hint Risk Racing...send me one for Christmas LOL)” - Braaapin411 on Jan 30, 2018


Best Adjustable Screw-In Garage light for Dirt Bike Work $249.99

MPI Garage Ceiling Light

What makes these a great gift?

The MPI Garage lighting doesn't require any additional rewiring and literally just screws into the garage fixture making a really easy install. It has 5 light sources, it has an adjustable motion sensor, has LED lights that are energy-efficient, and can accommodate a security camera setup.

  • Allows the owner to set up the system based on specific areas in their garage 
  • Offers 7500 lumens from 60 watts of power and lasts 50,000 hours 
  • Easy Cable management system built in so you can tidy up each connected cord


Love it! - "Love our new light! My dad got it for us as a present and my husband and I are impressed by the way it is so much brighter than a normal light bulb! It is like day and night! Will totally recommend! Great Christmas present!" - Kathryn on Oct 30, 2019


Dirt Bike Utility jugs 3 gallon$34.99 and 5 gallon $49.99

EZ Pour Utility Jugs

Jugs come in handy and people use them for different types of automotive fluids. A lot of dirt bike riders find themselves out in the boonies riding on trails and need some way of transporting liquids like antifreeze, engine oil, gear oils, hydraulic fluid, and transmission fluid. Even if they already have something they could always use a better solution. 

What makes these a great gift?

   This Utility Jug is unlike any other gas can out there because the user’s ability to control it’s pouring angle due to it’s 3 handle design.  It allows you to change your hands and adapt your grip while pouring as the container changes fluid levels allowing less spilling and more control.  

  • 2 Different sizes: 3 gallon (12 liter) or 5 gallon (20 liter)  
  • Add EZ Floor Mount ($19.99) - Secure the Utility Jug in Transport
  • Add Hose bender ($19.99) - Unique stability hook ensures a continuous bend while pouring


Best Gas Cans I Own! - “These are now the best gas cans I own. I have the 3 gallon gas can and the 5 gallon gas can. Use them for my families racing addiction. VP race fuel is expensive and I hate spilling or wasting even a drop. These gas cans are the only thing I will put my race fuel in.” - Debbie D. on May 19, 2020

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