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The best lighting for your motorcycle garage

June 09, 2020

The best lighting for your motorcycle garage - Risk Racing

Our friends at STKR Concepts just launched the funniest video about garage lighting that we have ever seen.  You have to check it out, and keep your dad, or other loved ones in mind.  Are they a victim of poor garage lighting?  ha ha ha.  Watch this video and see if there are any similarities between your garage and this video. 

Reminds us of holding the flashlight for our dad when he was working on his motorcycles growing up.  Honestly though, we can't think of a better Father's Day gift than the MPI Motion Activated Garage Ceiling light!  

LED Garage lighting that is easy to install

It has 5 points of light, yet requires no electrical wiring, or an electrician to wire up.  In fact, it is all powered from the basic light fixture on your garage ceiling!  

garage lighting compare MPI LED 5 point motion light compared to standard light bulb

You can buy this for your dad for Father's Day, Christmas, his birthday, or because you love him...or buy it for your own garage, shed, shop, barn!  

Check it out here: MPI Multi-Point Illumination Garage Light

STKR Concepts makes the best lighting for your garage, campsite, or next adventure.  Check them out at  

You can even find lighting by STKR Concepts on the Risk Racing site: Garage Lighting

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