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How to Install the EZ Utility Jug from a customer in The Great White North!

June 19, 2020

Fit4Moto Motocross Utility Jug Risk Racing

Here at Risk Racing, we love our jugs, plain and simple. Our EZ Utility Jugs hold a special place in our hearts, so when we see a customer review like the one from Fit4Moto, we get stoked that our customers love them just as much!

In this video, Fit4Moto gives detailed reasoning behind why he decided to go with our EZ Utility Jug, along with how to use and install the entire system. He claims that the the EZ Utility jug, hose bender and floor mount, is by far the best utility jug setup on the market.  We tend to agree!

Mitch from Fit4Moto does an incredible job with all of his YouTube and social media content, not just this EZ Utility Jug video. Make sure to go subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram!

EZ Jug Utility jug with Hose Bender and Floor transport mount by risk racing

If you are interested in learning more about the EZ Utility Jugs, or purchasing one, follow this link and get yourself the best utility jug on the market!

DISCLAIMER:Although this customer refers to this product as a gas can, EZ Jugs are NOT portable fuel containers as described by ASTM, EPA, ARB and other official agencies. NOT SOLD FOR OR TO BE USED AS A PORTABLE FUEL CONTAINER.  Your use of utility jugs as fuel containers or gas cans may violate the law of your state.  Please check your own state law for the legal requirements pertaining to the use of these utility jugs and gas cans.  Intended uses include storage and transport of feed, water, attractants, fluids and other outdoor products.  Additional uses include transport, storage, and proper disposal of automotive and construction fluids such as antifreeze, engine oil, gear oils, hydraulic fluid, and transmission fluid.   NOT INTENDED FOR DRINKING WATER STORAGE.

This customer is based in Canada.  We don't know the laws in Canada for road use fuels and containers.  Be sure to check the rules in your country or region for how to store and transport gas and other fuels.  Some rules for racing, race fuels, and close course racing are often different.    

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