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Best Dirt Bike Gloves - Motocross and Trail Riding Hand Protection

March 30, 2022

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You may have known that dirt bike boots were a necessity, but did you know that dirt gloves are equally as important. A good pair of gloves are a necessary part of a great riding experience and something you don’t ever want to be caught without.

As a general rule, the best overall gloves for dirt biking are ones that allow you to ride safely and comfortably. This means that they need to have the right amount of padding, good gripping potential, and need to be made out of quality materials.

As a dirt bike rider, you want to make sure you’re wearing the best gear possible, and that includes the best gloves. Read on to learn more about how to find the best pair of MX gloves, and which characteristics to look for when you’re shopping.

Motocross rider jumping between two risk racing feather flags. Wearing risk racings ne ventilate v2 mix-n-match motocross gear

Important considerations when purchasing Dirt Bike Gloves

It's best to find a pair of gloves that will make sure you can ride to the best of your ability. That means you need a pair of gloves that allow you to ride safely and comfortably. Here are a few key things to consider when shopping:

  • Padding- You need padding in your gloves, even if it’s just a small amount. Gloves that are not reinforced with padding won’t help keep you safe. But too much padding can make the glove stiff and uncomfortable and possibly make your grip worse.
  • Gripping potential- Gloves need to have great gripping potential. This can be achieved through features like a silicone layer on the palms, or on the fingertips. Some MX gloves are even designed with a natural curve to them so that they can grip even better without material trying to bunch up in the gripping surface area.
  • Quality materials - A good pair of gloves are made out of material that allows for easy movement and maximum breathability. All of this comfort needs to be balanced with the durability of being able to take some abuse and keep your hands protected.

motocross glove with palm facing up. the glove has a layer of silicone on the palm for a grip as well as a reinforced palm to prevent blisters. risk is written vertically in bright green on one of the fingers of the glove.

Best Dirt Bike Gloves Brand

The best pair of gloves for dirt biking are the VENTilate V2 Mix-N-Match Series Gloves and here is why.

These gloves are made of quality material. The material of VENTilate V2 motocross gloves is 3D Stretch I-Span, an extremely lightweight material. This fabric allows for movement, breathability, and flexibility. They are also sewn with the fingers in a pre-curved position which prevents tightening of the gloves. They also include Lycra knuckle reliefs which give you even more flexibility.

The VENTilate V2 motocross gloves come with several padding and grip features that allow maximum comfort. The first of these is the Silicone Coated Single-Layer Palms and Fingertips, which give you the best gripping potential possible. The other feature is the reinforced thumb panels.  This extra padding makes the gloves more durable, and therefore safer.

red/white motocross glove curled with pre curved fingers to grip the throttle with ease. risk is written across the top of the glove. has reinforced thumb patch to prevent motocross glove with pre curved fingers to grip the throttle with ease. risk is written across the top of the glove. has reinforced thumb patch to prevent blistering.



Do You Need Gloves to Ride a Dirt Bike?

Yes! Just as you would protect your biggest asset with a helmet, the same goes for your hands.

These gloves are designed to be protective and keep you safe. They can help cut down on scrapes and blisters. Dirt bike gloves are padded with a secure grip to help ease the wear and tear on your hands while dirt biking. They can help cut down on scrapes and blisters. 

Dirt bike gloves are also designed to keep you comfortable. They’ll keep out moisture and dirt from the trails. These gloves can reduce fatigue by giving you a good grip on your bike. The small amount of padding can also lessen vibrations which means you’re a lot less likely to go numb while riding. Some gloves also include features like a touch screen fingertip!

Jumping a dirt bike over a table top wearing risk racing motocross gear.

What Is The Purpose of Dirt Bike Gloves?

What exactly do dirt bike gloves protect you from? What’s the point?

A good pair of gloves will prevent burns, blisters, and abrasions. Any fall off of a bike has the potential to be extremely dangerous. But it’s a lot less likely to be dangerous if you’re wearing a good pair of gloves.

Branches and stones can injure your hands as well. The most delicate areas of your hand are your knuckles and palms, but fingers can also get injured. Using the right pair of gloves helps to protect your hands and keep them out of harm's way.

What are the Features To Look For In a Glove?

Here are a few specific features to look for when you shop for gloves:

  1. Wrist fastening strap or buckle- some allow more tightness than others
  2. Padding on the palm and knuckles- some people prefer as much padding as possible and some prefer as little as possible. But you still want padding in these areas.
  3. Silicone grips on the clutch and brake fingers- this adds another level of control and safety as it gives you more precise control over the brake and clutch levers.

Palm of am otocross glove face up showing risk racing's finger tips with silicone to help with control of the brake and clutch levers.

How To Take Care Of Your Gloves

Many people go home with their new gloves and neglect them. For obvious reasons, this can end poorly (and stinky), so there are a few essential things to keep in mind once you bring them home.  

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind after you've purchased the right pair of gloves:

  • Do- regularly wash them. 
  • Don’t- Store your gloves in an area that is poorly ventilated. 
  • Do- read the instructions on how to wash them. Most gloves can be washed in the washing machine, but some need hand washed.
  • Don't- put your gloves away when they’re dirty and wet.
  • Do- Use soft detergents.
  • Don't- put them in the dryer. You don't want them to come out half the size they went in. 

What Other Gear Do I Need?

Gloves aren't the only things you need to keep safe when you're out riding. There are several other essential pieces of protective gear to put on your list. In a perfect world, you would be wearing all the protective gear that's offered. But these are pieces of gear on the very top of my list, the things you shouldn't ride without.

Most importantly, is a full-face helmet. A good helmet is essential to keeping you safe. Even a slow crash can be life-threatening if you don't wear a helmet.

Dirt bike boots are next on the list. Most of your injuries will happen from the knee down, so a good pair of boots can literally save the day. They protect you from burns, injuries, and crashes. They are an absolute necessity.

Dirt bike pants are essential. Unlike your jeans, these pants are designed to withstand all the snags and tears that go along with riding. They also allow a wider range of movement so that you can feel much more comfortable when riding.

person standing in risk racings red/black ventilate v2 mix-n-match series gear with the v2 white/red goggles in a white helmet and white boots. The person is standing with their hands on their hips.person standing in risk racings red/yellow ventilate v2 mix-n-match series gear with the v2 red/black goggles in a white helmet and white boots. The person is standing with their hands on their hips.person standing in risk racings red/teal ventilate v2 mix-n-match series gear with the v3 green goggles in a white helmet and white boots. The person is standing with their hands on their hips.

How Much Should I Expect to Spend On Gloves?

Gloves can cost anywhere from $20 to over $100. The price is typically dictated by the materials, features, and brand of the gloves. 

It’s hard to give an exact price range because (like anything else in the world) there are both cheap and expensive options available to choose from.

Our line-up motocross gloves here at Risk Racing are right in the $30 range.

Are Dirt Bike Gloves Unisex?

It just depends on the brand! Some are unisex and some are made specifically for women. Some brands even carry children’s lines.

Most manufacturers will have a size range from small to extra-large, and a size chart to accompany their sizes. Start with the chart- it’s always a good place to begin.

What To Avoid In Gloves?

You want to avoid a baggy glove at all costs. Baggy gloves can result in

  • Reduced grip
  • Potential crashes
  • discomfort
  • snags

The tighter fitting the glove is, the better. Protecting your hands is essential when you’re out on the trails on a dirt bike. Gloves help with that and are a necessary part of anyone’s ride. That being said, there are lots of gloves on the market for dirt biking, so make sure you get something that covers the features described above like ourVentilate series right here atRisk Racing. Good luck and happy riding!

Motocross rider sitting on his bike stationary looking at something to his side. Wearing risk racing's ventilate v2 series gear red/teal.

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