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What Is Arenacross?

December 28, 2021

What Is Arenacross?

If you’re a fan of Motocross or any other dirt bike sports, you may have heard of Arenacross. In the US, Arenacross is a prerequisite for professional dirt bike riders to proceed to the Supercross. While both events are closely similar, they hold a crucial difference.

Arenacross, as the name suggests, is a dirt bike competition that resembles Motocross Racing and Supercross Racing. It has manufactured tracks filled with obstacles, jumps, turns, woops, table tops, step-ups and downs, and other design elements.

If you want to know more about Arenacross and how to set your dirt biking goals toward this event, stick around and find out.

Arenacross racing

What Is Arenacross?

Arenacross is a dirt bike racing event held in an arena with man-made tracks filled with obstacles, berms, jumps, woops, etc. 

More than the thrill of the sport itself, Arenacross boasts its entertainment value. The show that involves raw Motocross/Supercross racing! 

Unlike your average motocross competition, Arenacross is a combination of an adrenaline-inducing motorcycle race and top-notch entertainment that an entire family can enjoy.

The event is joined by professional motocross racers and amateurs alike. Competitors have the chance to win the handsome prize money on top of plenty of other opportunities.

As for the audience, just like in any other major sports event, people can go to autograph sessions of Motocross Mavericks and get the chance of getting freebies or signatures from the riders.


How Does Motocross Racing Work in Arenacross?

The rules of Arenacross follow the guidelines established by the American Motorcyclist Association.

The competition follows a point system like Motocross. The highest-ranking motorcycle racer garners the highest points for each moto. The ranks are determined by whoever finishes first. Twenty-five points are given to the first placer, and the score drops two points for the subsequent racers until it reaches zero.

In standard motocross racing, there are two classes with two motos each. The classes are identified as AMA Motocross 250 and the premier AMA 450 class.

For the first class (AMA Motocross 250), dirt bike racers can ride on either a 125cc two-stroke motorcycle or a 250cc four-stroke motorcycle. On the other hand, during the second class (AMA 450), the motorcycles can either be 250cc two-strokes or 450cc four-strokes.

With each moto, the race begins as the starting gate drops. It lasts for thirty minutes. Then, the scores from the motos are combined to determine the overall score of the rider.  

How Do You Qualify For Arenacross?

Major Arenacross sports like Motocross Racing set their qualifications toward professional dirt bike riders. 

These competitors have an impressive resume that includes a list of motocross competitions. As such, these events are not intended for amateurs and those who lack the required experience.

Nonetheless, some particular events and classes target beginners or novices. Therefore, they usually open the earlier shows.

For AMA-sanctioned competitions, you need to be an AMA member. Of course, the rider is responsible for their equipment, garments, and gear. 

Your motorcycle must pass the technical inspection before the competition. Also, your credentials will pretty much determine in which event and class you are qualified to join.

Once the riders enter the competition, it is expected that they abide by the rules and regulations of the sport. Moreover, the riders are also responsible for the behavior of their nearby family and pit crew.

Kicker Arena Cross

What’s the Difference Between Supercross and Arenacross?

The key difference between Supercross and Arenacross is the location. Supercross is held in stadiums with 12 to 17 races scored through a point system. The AMA Supercross Championship remains to be one of the most anticipated dirt-biking events in the country.

On the other hand, Arenacross takes place in a smaller arena. The Kicker AMA Arenacross is the most prominent racing series under the Arenacross dirt biking sports.

Arenacross events attract huge crowds. That is why professional dirt bike riders attend. Also, these events do not simply concentrate on the sports themselves.

With Arenacross, for example, this 3-hour live event has other elements of showmanship. Both Supercross and Arenacross have firework displays and laser shows during or towards the end of the event.

Arena cross

How Can I Watch Arenacross?

Kicker Arenacross Race schedules are posted on theirwebsite. However, if you wish to watch it online, you can catch the live broadcast on FloRacing.

Although live streaming is an excellent way to keep track of the Arenacross competitions, watching the event live is advantageous, especially for those who aim to become professional dirt bike racers.

Seeing the events with your own eyes allows you to study the strategies and techniques used by Motocross mavericks firsthand. You will also enjoy the enthusiasm of the cheering crowd and the thrill of seeing the maneuvers of each rider.

Motocross Events

When Can I Join an Arenacross Racing?

Although Arenacross racing features professional and well-known dirt bike racers, they also hold events for amateur riders. On a major event, entry-level classes compete prior to the start of the main event.

Joining Arenacross racing is not an overnight decision that happens the next day. You have to remember that this is a prestigious event which means that you need broad experience in dirt biking before you can qualify even for entry-level events.

Acquire basic and advanced skills in dirt biking. It helps to train under different types of terrain.

Always remember that with consistent practice, you can hone your skills and take it up to a new level in no time. Likewise, learning from professional riders would also benefit the process of achieving your goals.

Moreover, as part of the process of becoming a professional dirt bike rider, you have to choose the best dirt bike that will help you deliver the best performance during the race. 

With that, you need to have a keen knowledge of the right specs and qualities that match your personal and professional standards.

In the same way, securing accessories and other tools for practice will help you simulate the actual racing event during training. If you’re wondering where to find these tools and equipment, check out our products by clicking thislink.


Whether you are a dirt biking enthusiast or someone who loves Motocross sports, you will most definitely enjoy the Arenacross competitions.

If you are a beginner or working your way towards being an expert dirt bike rider, attending these types of events can broaden your knowledge about motorsports. 

It will open your eyes to the reality of the competition and allow you to identify mistakes you should avoid and techniques you must adopt.

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