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What Is Enduro Cross Racing?

December 27, 2021

What Is Enduro Cross Racing?

Ever wonder if Motocross can get wilder than it already is?

They do. Yes, there is a more intense dirt biking sport that every enthusiast must check out. Of course, we are talking about Enduro Cross.

Enduro Cross racing is an off-road motorcycle event that evaluates speed, skills, and endurance. What makes it wild is the track design that riders need to surpass. It contains extensive and almost dangerous obstacles simulating the typical off-road track for Enduro dirt biking.

The sport screams adrenaline rush from start to beginning.


What Is Enduro Cross Racing?

EnduroCross racing is an extreme form of dirt biking that combines trials, Supercross, and enduro racing inside a confined indoor space.

Organizers often make use of small arenas intended for sports games like hockey and basketball. Within this indoor area, tracks are designed similar to that of trial tracks.

The sections contain off-road elements similar to enduro tracks like logs, boulders, rocks, sand, mud, and other challenging obstacles like massive tires.

Unlike other motorcycle competitions, EnduroCross is a hybrid event because it contains features borrowed from other motorcycle events.

For example, it adopts the racing element of Supercross and the skill evaluation present in Trials. 

As the name suggests, it simulates the condition in Enduro, making it a modified version of the said dirt biking sport. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as indoor Enduro.


History of EnduroCross Racing

EnduroCross was introduced in 2000 during the Barcelona Trial Indoor as a supporting event. Since then, the sport expanded in Europe and across the globe, reaching the US in the following years.

Today, the race has been an anticipated event in the country, especially the AMA EnduroCross National Championship Series.

However, in Europe, the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship was halted, with its last season held between 2013 and 2014. 

Nonetheless, EnduroCross remains a beloved dirt biking event among motorcycle enthusiasts. It also goes on the top ranks of motorcycle disciplines, especially among veterans who are looking for challenging rides.

endurocross racing

How Does EnduroCross Work?

EnduroCross is exceptionally challenging as it mixes the race, skills, time, and endurance elements in one sport. It is often described as wild or unpredictable, which elevates the entertainment factor.

Dirt bike racers need to earn their ranking by finishing the race first. However, unlike a typical motocross, they will have to go through more obstacles that are even more difficult to traverse. We’re talking rock beds, an unstable pile of logs, tractor tires, crushed boulders, and tons of dirt.

Each round provides an opportunity for racers to gain points. The racer with the most points at the end of the series is declared the EnduroCross champion.

Is EnduroCross a Sport?

Yes, EnduroCross is a type of sport that falls under dirt biking. It is closely related to Motocross but with the added elements of trail riding Enduro qualities. 

For most of its part, EnduroCross measures endurance and strength along with speed. In addition, the presence of natural and manufactured obstacles increased its challenging nature up a notch.

Since EnduroCross is a sport, there are specific qualifications that competitors need to meet. This includes technical specifications for the dirt bike they would use, helmet and gears that pass the standards of AMA, relevant credentials, etc. 

The competition follows a rule book that all riders should abide by.

Some of the past champions of the AMA Enduro Cross National Championship Series were Colton Haakar, David Knight, Cody Webb, and Taddy Blazusiak.

EnduroCross Vs Supercross

EnduroCross is different from Supercross in the sense that it is a hybrid motorcycle sport instead of a standard race. It combines the speed required in a Motocross, the skills focused by Trials, and the endurance measured in Enduro.

On the other hand, Supercross primarily measures the speed of the riders. Therefore, points are given to competitors that place above the others in each moto.

Moreover, EnduroCross is held in smaller indoor spaces while Supercross takes place in a large stadium that houses audiences to the thousands. Supercross is considered a major event complete with sponsorship, extravagant show elements, and professional riders treated as celebrities.

Nevertheless, even though EnduroCross is held in small arenas, the space is still fan-friendly.

EnduroCross Vs Arenacross

Both EnduroCross and Arenacross are held in arenas, but they are completely different. Arenas used in EnduroCross competitions are smaller and tighter in terms of space.

Arenacross is closely similar to Supercross except that its location is slightly smaller. Therefore, comparing EnduroCross with Arenacross has almost zero difference when you compare the former to Supercross.

EnduroCross Vs Trials

Motorcycle Trials assess the skills of the rider instead of speed. Hence, the obstacles are critical elements in the evaluation process.

Each section of the event has different levels of challenges brought by obstacles such as logs, boulders, water holes, etc.

Still, Trials are different from EnduroCross because the event focuses solely on the abilities of the rider to perform flawless maneuvers without the need for footing or support.

EnduroCross encompasses not just the assessment of skills but also measures the rider’s speed and endurance. Nevertheless, EnduroCross imitates the tracks used in Trials to level up the challenges for each station.

EnduroCross Vs Enduro

Enduro is a type of outdoor dirt biking event that follows long off-road courses. The goal of the sport is to test the endurance of the rider and the dirt bike over long-distance travel.

As a sport, Enduro is done as a group. Riders should arrive at designated checkpoints while adhering to a strict schedule. 

As the name suggests, EnduroCross primarily takes after Enduro. The time elements are critical for the sports. It adds pressure for riders to overcome the challenging obstacles of the track with haste.

Unlike Enduro, EnduroCross does not take place outdoors on extended cross country. It also goes beyond endurance and time management as the sports include speed and skills on its standards.  

How Safe is EnduroCross?

The terrain and tracks used in EnduroCross can be intimidating, but the sport itself is secured and safe as long as the rules are followed religiously.

riders are screened based on their dirt-biking ability through their credentials and competition history.

Qualified riders are required to wear AMA-approved helmets and appropriate garments in the form of a long-sleeved jersey or suit.

Technical screening is also conducted for the dirt bikes that are going to be used during the event. There should be no damage or missing components in the bike. 

Endurocross racing

What to Expect in an EnduroCross Racing?

If you’re planning on watching an EnduroCross racing event, expect nothing less than entertainment.

The entire event will leave you at the edge of your seat as riders showcase their exceptional skills in surpassing obstacles that could make your heart drop.

Prepare to have your jaw drop with as racers traverse some of the craziest obstacles you can imagine. Overall, you can expect a great time during EnduroCross racing.


EnduroCross racing is a hybrid motorcycle event that every dirt bike rider should be familiar with. It is the complete package if you’re looking for an event that tests your capacity and talent as a rider. Check out the AMA Enduro Cross National Championship Series.

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