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What is the Best Motocross Gear? 

May 11, 2021

What is the Best Motocross Gear?  - Risk Racing

​As you have probably noticed, motocross requires ultra-protective gear. When you see a motocross rider ripping around the track, you will understand why this is necessary. As safety should always come first, the right gear is made from the best materials. If you are a fanatic yourself, you might wonder what is the best motocross gear to buy for your adventures.

In motocross, proper gear is crucial. Items such as a helmet, motocross pants, goggles, and dirt bike boots are the most important. Items such as knee braces and neck braces are not a requirement but highly recommended. Most important is that your gear is comfortable and offers good protection.

To make your career come off the ground, you will need the best motocross gear. Safety is extremely important and will offer you the freedom to give one hundred percent when crossing the track. In this article, we will have a look at the best motocross gear and its specifications. 

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What Do You Wear Under Motocross Pants?

​In contrast to what you might think, motocross pants alone don't offer enough protection. You will need extra protective gear underneath the pants. Let's have a look at some of the required and recommended items.

Knee braces

Underneath your tough-looking motocross pants, there is more gear attached to the lower part of the body. Under the motocross pants, it is highly recommended to wear knee braces. This brace offers the protection that is necessary for the knee to stay in a healthy condition. As motocross riders have to endure lots of abuse on the knees, driving without them would be irresponsible. 

When looking for knee braces, it is advisable to choose the adjustable one. This way, they will always fit perfectly and feel comfortable at the same time. Nowadays, the market focuses on producing knee braces that are as lightweight as possible. Materials used in good quality knee protection can be carbon composite, titanium, or high-quality polycarbonate. 

extreme close up person wearing all blue and orange risk racing gear showing off vents in mx pants

Base layer pants or long socks

It is important not to wear knee braces on your bare skin. The friction might irritate you, which won't make your riding enjoyable. Therefore, always wear a brace sleeve underneath. You can buy these in many motocross gear stores. Wearing base-layer pants underneath would also be a good option.

The base layer pants are a kind of legging, sometimes with extra build-in protection. Many riders wear these leggings underneath their motocross pants. They offer extra comfort, as the motocross pants are often made from rough materials. To prevent irritation of the skin these base layer pants are extremely useful. Sometimes, they even have built-in hip and knee pads. For your safety and to prevent bruises, these pads are very helpful. In winter, many riders enjoy wearing thermal underwear, which is also a good item to wear under your knee braces.

At all times, the base layer pants should be comfortable and flexible. Some riders prefer long socks over leggings. These socks come to hip height and offer all the same comfort as the base layer pants. Some believe that these high socks offer more movement space. However, this is a case of personal preference. 

num 3 Risk Racing factory rider in full gear whipping up into the air jumping outdoor track

What Should I Look For in a Dirt Bike Boot?

Another important part of the motocross gear is the boot. It is safe to say that it is an indispensable part of your motocross gear. The boots offer protection for the foot, ankle, and lower leg. When riding your bike, your feet and legs are exposed to a lot of dirt. Let's not forget, they call it dirt bikes for a reason.

Mud, stones, branches, and other objects will fly towards the lower leg at high speed. If you wouldn't be wearing a boot to protect you from this all, you might get an injury. Besides this, a dirt bike boot offers a good grip. This can be especially useful in bad weather conditions. 

After reading about the importance of the dirt bike boot, you might be wondering what to look out for when purchasing this product. Let's have a look at the most relevant features to take into consideration when buying a dirt bike boot.


It is tremendously important for the dirt bike boot to be a good fit. A poor-fitting boot can be dangerous and might hold you back from performing your best. A dirt bike boot must sit comfortably on your foot to provide the best support. 

Remember that you will wear different kinds of socks in each season. Therefore, don't make the mistake of buying a boot that fits exactly. Afterward, you might realize that your winter socks won't fit in the boot. This is obviously something you want to prevent. 

num 164 Risk Racing factory racer tearing into the top of a berm turn throwing dirt in a wave


A good quality dirt bike boot has the best materials. The best boots have sturdy soles for both comfort and support. Also, the material around the ankle should be sturdy to prevent it from twisting. Many boots have steel plates processed in the sole. This provides extra stability and prevents the feet from accidentally bending under pressure.


Another feature of the dirt bike boot to take into consideration is its weight. The boot will have a higher weight than a regular shoe. However, more and more brands introduce lightweight dirt bike boots. These boots provide maximum flexibility and won't hold you back from performing your best!


It is crucial to maintain your dirt bike boots very well. This way, you will get the most out of your gear and give your dirt bike boots the longest lifespan possible. Now you might wonder what is important in the maintenance of your boots. Let's have a look. 

The first and most important piece of advice I want to give you is to clean your boots after each ride. After cleaning them, preferably with hot water, you should always dry them. Putting boots away while they are still wet, might cause mold. Besides, storing your dirt bike boots with all the mud still attached to them will weaken the material. Your boot will therefore offer less protection and support on your next ride. 

Never leave your boots out in the sun for too long. This might result in damage to the leather. To prevent this, always store your gear in a dry and dark environment.

When taking all of the above into consideration, it is safe to say that you should not save on a pair of good quality dirt bike boots. A good quality pair of boots can last for years. Cheaper boots have less quality and will force you to buy a new pair each season. Prevent this by investing in good quality boots. Also, make sure to take proper care of your dirt bike boots; they deserve it!

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Essential Motocross Gear

Besides the motocross gear that we discussed so far, there are a few other required pieces. The most important one is definitely the helmet.

A motocross rider always wears a full-face helmet. This helmet protects the most important organ you have, the brain. You obviously want to protect yourself by investing in a good quality motocross helmet.

When tearing up the dirt, rocks might jump up and fly in the direction of your head. To prevent any injuries, a full-face helmet is required. It protects the entire face, including your chin. Wearing this kind of helmet can prevent injuries on the jaw or teeth.

Speaking of those rocks and the mud flying around your face, a pair of goggles is also indispensable. As your eyes should always be protected, riding without goggles is irresponsible. Riding without them is not only dangerous but also very impractical. When it's raining and the wind is strong, you will have a problem with proper sight.

dirt biker wearing black helmet Goggles and jersey by Risk Racing hills tress in BG

When buying goggles, make sure that the foam around the frame is soft, comfortable, and has good ventilation. As the goggles are adjustable to any size, it won't be too difficult to find the proper size for you.

Another piece of gear that is highly recommended is the chest protector. Most riders wear this under their jersey for extra protection in case they were to fall or bump into anything. These body protectors contain a combination of lightweight, shock-absorbing materials. The chest protector is usually made of foam layers with carbon fiber or composite shells. The average weight of this item is around 2lb. When you choose a full-body protector, the average weight is 5lb.

mx num 112 person sitting on dirt bike wearing blue and orange risk racing jersey land n tress in BG


As motocross can be a dangerous career path, it is crucial to wear the best gear possible. In this article, we discussed the most important gear and their qualities. A full-face helmet, motocross pants, goggles, and dirt bike boots are the most important pieces of gear. Make sure to always ride with a full-face helmet covering the entire face, except for the eyes. It is best to wear your motocross pants in combination with base layer pants and knee braces, as they can prevent serious injuries. 

When choosing your dirt bike boots, make sure to look for a good fit and sturdy material. It is highly recommended to clean your boots after each ride. This can extend their lifespan by many years. Furthermore, avoid leaving your dirt bike boots out in the sun, as this might damage the leather. It's best to keep them stored in dry places to prevent mold.

Never ride your dirt bike without the necessary gear. Visit our page for the best motocross gear available!

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