How to Keep Mud From Sticking to a Dirt Bike? - Risk Racing

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How to Keep Mud From Sticking to a Dirt Bike?

May 11, 2021 2 Comments

How to Keep Mud From Sticking to a Dirt Bike? - Risk Racing

Nothing is better than riding on an MX track, slinging up mud as you go. But after just a few laps the bike can start to weigh a ton and it can be disheartening to find it covered in mud when you pull into the pit. So, what’s the best way to keep mud from sticking to your dirt bike? 

You can spray your dirt bike with a silicone-based aerosol spray or some SC1. This will not only make it harder for the mud to stick to your bike, but it will also give the plastic a nice shine. Once you have finished at the track, clean the bike thoroughly every time. 

There are a few things in life that are inevitable. Death, taxes, and getting mud on your dirt bike. But spending a little time preparing the bike will reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning the bike. And putting in the effort to wash your bike after every ride will keep the debris from piling up keeping your bike nice.

mx 777 hand scraping mud from a muddy honda dirt bike using a Mud Axe by Risk Racing

Why is Too Much Mud a Problem? 

No matter what you do, you will get muddy when you’re riding a dirt bike. But is this a big problem? Surely avoiding cleaning the bike would save a lot of time and effort?  

It’s never a good idea to leave too much mud on your bike. The longer you take to clean it off, the more stuck-on it will be. This means it will take more effort to get rid of it in the future. But there are more immediate problems that you will face. First, the more mud on the bike, the heavier it will become. This will limit your speed and make the bike harder to control. 

The more mud you have, the harder the engine will need to work. This can be a big problem because the mud will make it more difficult to suck in oxygen. Because of this, there is a risk that it will overheat. If this happens, you could be looking at the cost of replacing the engine. 

can of maxima sc1 spray coating

How to Reduce the Amount of Mud on Your Dirt Bike?

As we’ve discussed, too much mud on your bike is a recipe for disaster. There are a few simple things you can do to reduce the amount of mud you accumulate during your ride. 

You might want to consider using a spray. This will deter mud from sticking to the fenders and frame of the bike. There are a few sprays that you might want to use. For example, some people might like to use Teflon wipes. 

However, one of the best sprays might be SC1 by Maxima Racing Oils. It’s easy to apply. You’ll want to spray the frame, fenders, plastics, and any other locations that mud might stick on.It is very important that you do not accidentally get spray on the seat or grips.Because SC1 is designed to be water-resistant, most of the mud should slide off. When you get back home, you can spray down your bike. The rest of the mud should fall off. As a bonus, it will stop the bike from rusting.

mud axe sitting on the track in some ruts

How to Remove Mud From Your Dirt Bike? 

As we’ve seen, there are a few ways to minimize the amount of dirt that sticks to your bike. But, no matter what you do, you’ll find yourself in the garage trying to remove mud. If you aren’t, you’re not riding hard enough. While cleaning your bike is annoying, it doesn’t have to take forever. 

First, you’ll need to try and clear as much mud as you can. It’s best to do this as soon after you come off the track as possible. Once the mud has set, it will be a lot harder to remove. You can use a stick or your hands to do this. But I prefer to use the Mud Axe from Risk Racing. It’s been designed specifically to make clearing mud from your dirt bike easy. 

The larger curved head makes it easy to scrape away the mud from under the bike. This is perfect for cleaning under the fenders. At the other end, you have a small double-axe head shape. This is ideal for tighter spaces. For example, you’ll be able to use it around the engine and pedals. The handle ensures that you have a tight grip. It’s also been designed from strong rubber, so you know it will last for a long time.

When you have cleared away most of the mud, you can use a power washer. This will let you clear away the rest of the dirt. If you don’t have one of these, or water is scarce at the track, you can always use warm soapy water and a sponge. 

Finally, you’ll need to wipe down the bike with an old rag. As you’re doing this, check that you haven’t forgotten any specks of mud.

close up of a male motocross riders helmet completely covered in mud but vision clear via auto roll off by Risk Racing

How Do You Keep Mud From Sticking to Your Riding Goggles? 

Another common problem is mud sticking to your goggles while you are riding. It can be very hard to win the race if you can’t see where you are going. Stopping to clean them every few minutes isn’t a good solution. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that you are using the right type of goggles. 

There are a few options that you can choose from. First, you might want to use J.A.C. Goggles. These have been designed to give you a wide field of vision. They will be scratch-resistant and won’t fog up as you are riding.  There is moisture-absorbing foam, so your sweat won’t be able to trickle into your eyes. The lenses come in either clear or mirrored tint. 

The second option that you might want to explore is The Ripper automatic roll-off add-on. This is best to use on a very muddy track. In this case, you’ll have a button on your handlebars. When too much mud and debris is choking your vision, you push it. It will then slide over some clean roll-off film, clearing your vision. This process takes less than a second and your hands never need to leave the handlebars.

Motocross racer coming straight at camera through heavy mud wearing black and yellow Risk Racing moto gear

Final Thoughts

Every dirt bike rider knows the feeling of wheeling a mud-covered bike back into the pits. There are a few ways to prevent the amount of mud that accumulates on the bike. But you will still get it dirty. It’s important to learn how to clean it off properly. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how to deal with mud. 

2 Responses

Risk Racing
Risk Racing

March 28, 2022

Hey Taylor, Thanks for telling us about your bike washing routines and your go-to tools for keeping your bike race-ready. Always good to hear different strategies from fellow riders.

Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas

March 28, 2022

I never ride before spraying down the bike with Maxima SC1! I’ve tried stuff like pledge which seemed to work okay but SC1 is the beast. Don’t use anything like WD40 unless you’ll regret it. I do have a couple of tools that I also use like the tool in the picture to scrape off the mud and I always use a chain brush to clean off the mud and then use Maxima Chain Wax after I clean it. My grandpa and I always bring our power washer for when it gets really bad. As far as when I practice before a race when they watered (I mean flooded the track) I just wear an old sweatshirt or if it’s pretty cold I’ll throw on an old flannel. Flannel seems to be getting pretty popular right now and a lot of guys think it’s cool. I like my old sweatshirts. I love my FlowVision Goggles and always have a supply of tear offs. Take a look at my personal blog at and make sure to read about Daxon and his GoFundMe page. Last weekend he was in California trying to qualify for Loretta Lynn when some scumbags stole his trailer which had his brand new Honda 250, all of his riding gear and tools then slashed his dad’s truck tires so they couldn’t look for them. Help him if you can.

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