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What Size Trailer Do I Need for a Dirt Bike, or 2? or 3?

December 16, 2021 1 Comment

What Size Trailer Do I Need for a Dirt Bike, or 2? or 3?

Dirt bikes are regularly subjected to tons of dirt and terrains that are challenging for any typical ride. But most of those terrains are not in your backyard, but somewhere that you need to haul the bikes off to.

In this sense, if you have multiple dirt bikes or even just one, you better get yourself a dirt bike trailer.

Dirt bike trailers are intended for dirt bikes typically used in trail riding or motocross. The trailer size required for 2 or 3 dirt bikes depends on the size of the bikes and the type of trailer you are eyeing for in general.

If you’re wondering what trailer size to get if you have 1, 2, or even 3 dirt bikes, stick around to learn more.

Motocross trailer

What Is a Dirt Bike Trailer?

A dirt bike trailer can be just a normal utility trailer that is multipurpose and gets your bikes from A to B, but the most likely scenario when a trailer is referred to as a dirt bike trailer is that it is purpose-built for towing dirt bikes and the appropriate gear.

This will mean that the trailer has specific hardware attached to it designed to keep your bike safe. Hardware like tie-down hooks, tire chalks or channels, and the cream of the crop: a dirt bike transport system like theLock N Load Pro.

A dirt bike trailer will hopefully also have the space necessary to bring extra items like safety/riding gear and extra fuel containers.

Some dirt bike trailers can even be very elaborate and have living quarters as they will be more of an RV or travel trailer, but with an attached garage off the back.

Moto transport system

Do You Need A Trailer for a Dirt Bike?

That’s really up to your situation and circumstances. If you are just going out riding trails for a couple of hours and already have a decent setup in the back of a large truck, then you can just throw the bikes in and head out.

But if you are planning a long weekend of practicing motocross with a couple of buddies and all of your gear bags and utility jugs or even just have a large SUV as a pull vehicle, then you need to be using a dirt bike trailer.

Types of Dirt Bike Trailers

Much like dirt bikes, you also have few choices when it comes to trailers.

Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed trailers, as the name suggests, are trailers with walls and a roof, keeping your dirt bike safe and protected from the elements. Having walls gives you the opportunity to hang tools and gear to keep them secure.

Keeping the dirt bike in place is also pain-free. Most riders use supporting accessories such as theLock-N-Load Pro Moto Transport System that keeps the bike grounded and immovable in the trailer.

However, the downside of an enclosed trailer is that it can weigh quite a bit more than a standard flatbed and can also be more expensive than other trailers.

Also, because of the design, an enclosed trailer can block the rearview of the driver. Hence, transporting the dirt bike can make for a more difficult drive.

Motocross Transport system

Open Trailers

Open trailers lack the walls and roof and make your dirt bike exposed, but it comes with several advantages. For starters, it is more fuel-efficient and much easier to pull than enclosed trailers. They are generally also cheaper yet still highly customizable.

You can fasten the dirt bike depending on the availability and position of railings. But, of course, you can also go for alock-n-load accessory.

While open trailers are budget-friendly, but they do not offer much protection, from preying eyes or harsh weather conditions.

dirt bike trailer

Folding Trailers

If you are looking for a budget option that doesn’t take up a lot of space back home, then folding trailers may be the way to go.

Since folding trailers are compact, they are more affordable.

These trailers are constructed with a very minimal amount of materials and are generally just a channel or multiple channels that the bike’s tires ride up into.

Because of the minimal approach, you will not have much room for riding gear and will need more space in the pulling vehicle for your riding or camping accessories.

dirt bike hitch hauler

What Size Trailer Do You Need for 2 Dirt Bikes?

Two dirt bikes can fit a trailer size of 5x8 feet. It’s the average size for the job as the dimensions are enough to have a little bit of breathing room between the two bikes. On the other hand, if we’re talking about kid’s dirt bikes, a trailer with 4x6 feet dimensions could suffice.

Both dirt bikes are loaded vertically following the length of the 5x8 trailer. Therefore, positioning the two dirt bikes is crucial. You may have to load them in opposing directions from each other to maintain sufficient spacing and avoid handlebar contact.  

A lot of the questions surrounding ‘will it fit’ have to do with the hardware you use to secure the bikes in place on the trailer. If you are using the ‘old-school’ system of ratcheting nylon straps commonly even referred to as motorcycle tie-downs, then you are going to need to accommodate for that large nasty web at the front and back of each bike.

Those tie-downs coming off at an angle to the bike give it even more width and make securing multiple bikes a chore. That’s where transport systems come in to make life easier and safer.

With the Lock N Load Pro, two metal arms pull down on your footpegs with enough force to keep your bike safe, but not so much that it does any harm to your suspension. (unlike tie-downs that can ruin your fork seals from the excessive front-end compression)

How to transport dirt bikes on a trailer

What Size Trailer Do You Need for 3 Dirt Bikes?

A trailer measured at 6x10 feet suits three dirt bikes. This can allow you to load the dirt bikes diagonally with extra space to spare. You can even put other items in the trailer, such as your gear and equipment.

If you want larger space, go for a trailer measured 6x12 feet. The extra space guarantees that you can transport equipment, tools, and gear needed for the event. Likewise, you can position the dirt bikes in any position you like, not just vertically or diagonally.

Can You Fit 3 Motorcycles in a 5x8 Trailer?

Yes, you can fit three dirt bikes in a 5x8 foot trailer. It’s a very tight fit so you will have to be extra careful when loading the dirt bikes. 

This will definitely be made easier using 3 Lock N Load Pro transport systems as they are the most minimal tie-down solution that takes up the least amount of trailer real estate.

The space will be very cramped, so you lack the option of adding additional gear.

Best way to transport dirt bikes

How Much Does a Dirt Bike Trailer Cost?

The cost of the dirt bike trailer depends on the size and type. For example, a 6x16 trailer may cost anywhere between $1500 to $5000 depending on if it’s a flatbed or enclosed. Smaller trailers will probably cost less, but it still depends on the type of trailer and whether it’s new or used.

Trailer Accessories You Will Need

Having a trailer for your dirt bikes may not be enough. You will have to make sure that you also bought the necessary accessories to secure and protect your vehicles. Check out the essential tools and accessories you need.

Lock N’ Load Pro

TheRisk Racing Lock N’ Load Pro continues to be a top choice for many riders as it minimizes the need for intensive labor when loading and securing the dirt bike.

With a mounting plate placed on the trailer’s floor, you set the bike and slide the Lock N’ Load assembly towards the middle of the bike. Let the extended jaws hit the footpegs evenly and attach them thoroughly.  

Lock-N-Load Pro

Tie Downs and Ratchet Straps

If you don’t have the Lock N’ Load in your trailer, you’ll just have to secure the dirt bike by using the classic tie downs and ratchet straps.

Although these are relatively cheaper, it might take you longer to put on the straps and still not be as secure as a transport system.

Plus, you really have to compress the front suspension to make it feel like a secure load with tie straps and that’s not the most ideal situation for your forks to be in repetitively and for long periods of time.

Loading ramp

If your trailer doesn’t have attached ramps or a built-in ramp door, then getting ramps is a necessity to load and unload your dirt bike. Likewise, it also keeps the process shorter and safer.

You don’t want to be lifting a 200+ pound dirt bike up into anything!

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are designed to help secure the front of a dirt bike during transport. Wheel chocks are placed under the dirt bike’s wheels and are used in conjunction with tie-down straps to keep the front end of the bike from moving around.

EZ Utility Jugs

If you're headed to ride you're guaranteed to need fuel, and in almost all cases you'll need to transport that fuel. This can be a headache because fuel jugs slide around, tip over, and spill out in transit. But with Risk Racing EZ Utility Jugs we offer a Floor mount to which you can secure our gas jugs to prevent this. And furthermore, both our Hose Bender and Vent Cap have seals to prevent fumes form escaping into your trailer. They are a must if you are building a motocross trailer.

Motocross Gas Can

The Bottom Line

Dirt bike trailers were birthed out of transport necessity. Therefore, it’s safe to say that they are needed for dirt bike riding especially if it concerns competition as the number of extras you need to bring go way up.

However, deciding to purchase a trailer means you need to consider space capacity, number of dirt bikes, towing capacity, and interior options.

Moreover, you have to secure the right accessories to maximize the purpose of the trailer. 

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Anna Collins
Anna Collins

June 14, 2022

Thanks for letting us know that utility trailers for dirt bikes have specific hardware attached to them that is designed to keep your bike safe. My brother has been into dirt bike racing, and we need a utility trailer for his bike to use for races. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find a trusted utility trailer dealer soon. https://www.dutchmanenterprises.com/utility-trailers

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