sponSOREd Broken Arm Motocross T-Shirt


If you ride motocross, you know it isn't a matter of when you get hurt, but how bad. The sport we love doesn't always love us back, but for some strange reason, probably too many concussions, motocross riders come back for more.

Our injuries are a badge of honor, and we discuss them proudly in the pits, always trying to one-up the other guy when comparing who has been hurt worse. Normal people look at our scars, and scratch their heads wondering why we would risk so much for our sport. The answer is only known to those few who are willing to risk it all to swing a leg over a dirt bike. To experience the true rush of adrenaline as we soar through the air, or rail a berm, is indescribable. Lining up to the gate with 40 other motocrazed racers knowing that in 30 seconds you could be wadded up in the first turn with a new Badge of Honor, or puling the holeshot is a rush that only motocrossers will know. Our life is about risk...Motocross is sweetened by RISK.

Have you earned your Badge of Honor? If you race motocross We are sure that you have in one way or another. At Risk Racing, we say Let the world know about it!, by wearing our new SPONSORED shirt. You know you want one..We know you want one. When we tossed the concept out to our sponsored riders and friends, you voted for it, so we made it just for you!

This shirt is NOT a cheap T-shirt. It is a high quality, 100%, pre-shrunk, combed and ring-spun cotton. For those of you that aren't up to date on your nerdy fabric talk, that means it is high quality...and so soft you won't be able to stop touching yourself! Strange...We know!

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